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Garbage Haus
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Nov 19, 2013
May 22, 2013
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December 22
Rocket-Ship Scientist From Narnia

Garbage Haus

CrouchinMoronHiddenBadass, from Raftel

Garbage Haus was last seen:
Nov 19, 2013
    1. Freechoice
      test for vm convo
    2. Impact
      Merry christmas :scrooge
    3. kristibrud
      From 'American Psycho'. Really good film if you haven't already seen it!
    4. Halcyon
      1. Movie 6: This movie was incredible. The animation style was very interestingly minimal and yet beautiful, and fit with the overall tone of the movie. The way the plot started out happy, but transitioned into the the darkest and deepest of all of them, coupled with a main villain completely tragic and yet just plain evil to the core, were phenomenally done. I actually got the creeps towards the end of this movie, and got goosebumps as Luffy screamed for his nakama. Also, as you can see from my sig, I thought it had pretty good fight sequences as well, although there weren't many. I wanted to watch this movie again immediately after finishing it.

      2. Z: As you said, this movie had another tragic villain with a bittersweet ending to it. It also had great animation, a pretty good plot, excellent (albeit short) fight scenes, and some fleshing out of lesser well known characters. Also, I liked the fact that we got to see a bunch of outfits for most of the SHs.

      3. Strong World: I very much enjoyed this movie, particularly the intro. Brook smoking was hilarious and Zoro's purple jacket was too short lived (which is why I snipped it and photoshopped it :p). The fight scenes were straight up epic, and the SHs in suits w/ guns was incredible. I thought Shiki was an alright character; he wasn't great like the two above but he wasn't terrible either. The animation quality in this one was also top notch.

      4. Movie 4: This one I thought was pretty fun. It was all about adventure, and Shiraiya wasn't a bad filler character, so he didn't ruin it. The whole concept was fun, and the animation was above average; though the lack of fight scenes for everyone not named Luffy kind of disappointed me. Also the villain, while not terrible, didn't have much in the way of villainous schemes. He had a pretty big Enel complex, being a logia, but I still thought the movie was solid.

      5. Movie 2: This one was fun as well, though the animation was a bit wonky, flat, and kind of washed out. The SHs went pretty hard in this one, mostly Sanji, which I liked. The villain wasn't anything special, just another of OP's many "I wanna be PK" types. Fights were okay, though.

      6. Movie 11 (3D movie): I actually liked this one; although it was short, it didn't suck completely and had a decent enough story to it. The animation was better than I expected, and Zoro getting lost but somehow finding Luffy at the marine base made me lol. The fights were fun and interesting, but there wasn't much of anything here.

      7. Movie 5: This one had potential to be better than it was. It wasn't genuinely bad, it just couldn't really capture my interest and the villain was just another on of your average "Possessed by something evil" characters. I heard this one wasn't very good before watching it, but I figured it couldn't be that bad if it had Zoro as the main focus :winny. Well, I was wrong. Fights were meh and the plot was kind of boring over all.
    5. Halcyon
      Yeah, I looked up which ones to avoid before hand, and those were the main ones.

      I could give you my list if you want; though I warn you, I might get a bit carries away and leave a wall of text on your profile :lmao
    6. Halcyon
      Sure man, go on.

      I've already seen Z, Strong World, Movie 6, Movie 5, Movie 4, Movie 2, and the 3D one though, so you don't really have to explain them if you don't want to. I just wanted to know which ones you like best.
    7. Halcyon
      I know what you mean :groucho
    8. Halcyon
      Really? What would you rank them, best to worst?
    9. Halcyon

      Hey, have you seen any of the OP movies?
    10. Halcyon
      Can't help it man, good posts deserve reps :brofist
    11. x_danny_x
      ah i see. your whole design is different to what is shown from the others when posting. no wonder i didnt recognize your.

      sorry about that, it is just i dont get replies to be friends
    12. Axon
      Jessica Nigri is fkn hot!
    13. x_danny_x
      dude who are you? are you requesting friends out of the blue?
    14. Gibbs
      Who are you?
    15. thinkingaboutlife
    16. Admiral Kizaru
      Admiral Kizaru
      He won't care as long as it's not on the board.

      In any case I'm not sure why you're getting so angry when debating trolls on the internet. Just accept that people will have differences of opinions and interpret things differently. Debate fiercely defending your viewpoint but never start using names. Even if you're in the right, people will lose respect for you.
    17. BlueDemon
      Chuuu Chuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! :D
    18. BlueDemon
      Okay, I dunno who the hell you are, but because of that sig, we're now friends, buddy! :D
    19. MrWano
      No problem :) Should've done it a while ago tbh.
    20. StrawHat4Life
      Flaming will not be tolerated. Please remain civil when debating topics.
    21. Roƅ
      Just because he's lazy doesn't mean that he isn't smart.

      Wait till' you see Kalluto.
    22. Roƅ
      Hakoware is a bitch to explain...

      I actually forgot how it worked.

      Go to the HxH thread in Konoha Floor 2, and ask. They'll help ya out.
    23. Shiny
      no problem :LOS bitches should learn english :ippy
    24. Roƅ
      Johnny?... What?
    25. Freechoice
      You have a brilliant future.
    26. x_danny_x
      the fuck?????? nah man please tell me. unlike Lucy, she is real and alive :amazed
    27. x_danny_x
      who is the blonde girl in your sig man!
    28. Powerful Lord
    29. The Undying
      The Undying
      Oh, no hard feelings. I'm just trying to clarify what seems apparent to me, and I'm sorry if that seemed like I'm forcing my opinions down everyone's throat.
    30. Roƅ
      Those were good as well.
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    December 22
    Rocket-Ship Scientist From Narnia
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    Jiraiya Sensei
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    ''If you kill yourself, I?ll kill you''.
    Roronoa Zoro
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