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Sep 29, 2016
May 9, 2005
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Jun 6, 1983 (Age: 36)


Active Member, 36, from nyc

geminis was last seen:
Sep 29, 2016
    1. Amanda
    2. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      Hey geminis do me a favor and add a vote in for Shinsekai Yori - From the New World. I'll owe you a rep.

    3. KingBoo
      a little late but, i'm from brooklyn to be more exact
    4. KingBoo
      thank you for the rep my good man
    5. PoinT_BlanK
      Nah bruh, I'm just trolling :lmao
    6. Nidaime Mizukage
      Nidaime Mizukage
      another new yorker, wassup! lol
    7. Darth Xanatos
      Darth Xanatos
      Dear brother, we assemble in the church in order to mourn the loss of two pure souls who ended as martyrs! I am just the messenger of this order which is in fact a command of pope Brickstyle I.
    8. Tobirama Senju
      Tobirama Senju
      he sure is, i just dislike the fact that "very few ppl" bash him so much because we've seen so little of him, not to mention the fact that every time he's mentioned in somethin he gets a hype.
    9. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Yes, it is okay.
    10. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "For normal members, your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your signature (540 x 461) is over the allowed height and needs to be removed or resized.
    11. trigimon
      thank you sir
    12. eyeknockout
      thanks for the rep :)
    13. PoinT_BlanK
      Cool bro. I just thought you was actually putting them two up there with Itachi..Glad to see that's not the way you intended it..I get what you meant now..My bad fam..

      Can't wait to see Itachi rape people up in this war though..Gonna set alot of shit straight on this forum..I've got faith kishi will deliver..:LOS

      anyways, peace.
    14. is a
      is a
      Highschool of the Dead :awesome
    15. alcoholmixture
      Thanks, man. I'm glad that someone agrees with me:)
    16. UltimateDeadpool
      Wow, you really teared up? I was really taken by it too.

      Do you think Kishimoto's going to troll Itachi? Some people probably think Itachi losing is trolling him, but I mean like what happened to Deidara.
    17. UltimateDeadpool
      Once again, I agree with you. Minato and Hashirama are definitely in a tier higher than any other character, along with Madara and Kabuto.

      I know I'm a big Jiraiya supporter, but that's all I really am, a supporter. I honestly don't care if people think Jiraiya would lose, I think a fight between any of them could go any possible direction at any possible time so the winner comes down to preference. I just "support" Jiraiya when people make bias or strange claims.
      If you ever noticed, I don't go around saying "Jiraiya GG" or anything, I just present all the facts to consider so that people make informed judgments.
    18. UltimateDeadpool
      Hmm, maybe your post was deleted. I forget exactly what you said, but it was something like Jiraiya/Itachi/Pein are in the same league and we should all get along. I totally agreed.
    19. UltimateDeadpool
      Can't you see it under User CP which post you got repped for? It was in the Telegrams.

      I really don't like arguing over this stuff, I wish fandoms could get along better.
    20. UltimateDeadpool
      What you said was true. And you're welcome.
    21. Mist Beauty
      Mist Beauty
      Can you explain what you just typed to me in the thread?
    22. Uchiha Asura
      Uchiha Asura
      Thanks for the rep :amuse
    23. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      Here's the third commercial
    24. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      Here's the second commercial
    25. Amrun
      His death marked the final, final end of me treating the manga seriously. I read it for the lulz and because I've read it for so long, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

      It just confirmed that Kishimoto has NO idea how to handle the themes and concepts he's introduced. Until that point, I had held out some hope that it was all somehow in his master plan. :D:
    26. Amrun
      That's a complicated question. I think he was despicable, morally, but I thought he was one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting, characters in Naruto.

      He represented an ideology that was a counterpoint to everything else we've seen. I was sure Naruto was going to confront it until he died. :tomasulk

      I thought the arc of his death was stupid and lulzy.
    27. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      Anything for a fellow Berserk fan :del
    28. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      Will do, here's the official website to keep you up to date

      And the twitter page
    29. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      No date has been given nor any info as to what format it's being released in (TV series or OVA) but another commercial is suppose to be airing on the 30th hopefully with more info
    30. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      Berserk, it's a commercial for the new anime
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