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Jul 15, 2019 at 8:24 PM
Oct 2, 2006
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Freshly drenched in coochie water, Male

~Gesy~ was last seen:
Viewing thread Pixar's Toy Story 4 [June 21, 2019], Jul 15, 2019 at 8:24 PM
    1. Trinity
      What's the set from
    2. balboass
      Currently, she's on a world tour. But shes working on her 5th album. Idk when its gonna be released tho. All she said is 'new music soon' and the sound will be authentic.
    3. balboass
      Yaaaaaasss boo! :hurr
    4. Detective
      http://180upload.com/n31zfbi9io7q - 720p(just remember that the original film itself wasn't made with modern cameras) multi language dubbed. Need to click the 3rd option to get the English dub.

    5. Detective
      Hmm, do you absolutely need a subbed version or are okay with dub?
    6. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      her name is Mikalah Sultan. She's got some stuff on a modeling agency site and the like.
    7. Lucaniel

      here you go

    8. Keollyn
      That she is :pimp
    9. Keollyn
      Oh how I wish I knew. I'll just have to join you in death.
    10. momo
      Hey stranger :p I knew I'd know where to find you
    11. momo
      Its pretty big, actually
    12. Detective
      A team of Batmans aided by the most advanced AI in the world, take on the greatest rogues gallery of villains in TV history.

    13. Detective
      For real, watch Person of Interest. It starts slow(world building) but if you are not hooked by the first season finale, then I don't know what to say. And if you are not a heroin addict by the S2 finale, then goodbye world.

    14. Stunna
      Yes, but not perfectly rounded. When I do the, the curves have small little edges where you can sorta tell. They're not perfect like a lotta dudes around here can do.
    15. izzyisozaki
      Well, after the Naruto catastrophe I've been doing the usual, tho I visit the forum a lot less!
    16. izzyisozaki
    17. Vault
      I know :rotfl

      What rustles me though is the fact people will still see that as the right course of action to take
    18. Vault
      I got trolled man :catflip

      Hook, line and sinker :catghost
    19. Kusa
      I know. I love creepy avas so much. To creep people out is very exciting. Though i don't want to cross the line and have avas that are just tooo disturbing.
    20. Kusa
      I think it's a pretty shitty pairing and i was not happy about it at all, but after a while i did not give a fuck. I was even in the anti SS fc, but i stopped posting there because meh who cares.

      I have found a new sooo much better show anyway(i mean GoT).
    21. Kusa
      Pairing retards going nuts was a huge Lmao
    22. Kusa
      I see. That is understandable.

      I don't post in those sections either. Got pretty boring, meh.
    23. Kusa
      Yes, i am. Why is that ? Did you study law too and realised it might be not your cup of tea afterall ?

      Ah, i see. Cool.

      How old are you ? I have seen you around since a pretty long time. You used to post more in the nardo section, right ?
    24. Kusa
      Life is fine i guess. I fucked up my first sample law exam very badly. I will have to work very very from now it seems. On sunday i will go to a wedding and i just started to watch GoT and finished the first season and fell in love with this show.

      What about you ?
    25. Kusa
      I would take her over Iggy any day. :datass
    26. balboass
      yaaaas she is. :brofist
    27. balboass
      is it rita ora in your avi? she's a fine ass
    28. Yahiko
      wait what? lol i had forgotten that you had send me a vm and i responded to it, this is what happens when you dont respond to someone for so long :smoke
    29. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      It's fine, I can't complain.
      Just enduring a mild blizzard :zaru
    30. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Oh. Well it worked :zaru
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