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Aug 25, 2019 at 8:56 PM
Oct 2, 2006
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Freshly drenched in coochie water, Male

~Gesy~ was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Aug 25, 2019 at 8:56 PM
    1. Ae
      If you must know.
    2. Rukia
      Looks awesome dude.

    3. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      It is from the movie "Superman/Batman Apocalypse"--a very good movie!.

      And yup, its Supergirl! :ohpek
    4. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna
      Thinking about it. I've never talked to you before:hmm
    5. Giorno Giovanna
    6. emilm
      you're probably the most down to earth dude on here
    7. Lupita
      It was awesome! It actually made me cry a few times.
    8. Detective
      After witnessing the awkwardness of your rep, I predicted an explanation would arrive in the form of a PM or VM shortly afterwards.

      Just as Planned.


      P.S: :brofist
    9. Lupita
      Mine is going good. I'm about to see What to expect when your expecting. It is supposed to be funny.
    10. Lupita
      Hola Mr mean guy! I hope your day is going good :amuse
    11. Lupita
      No, don't worry. As you get to know me, you'll see that I'm a very light hearted person. I can roll with the punches & have a good sense of humor.
    12. Lupita
      Well, I only have one friend who actually reads manga and all of the other ones think it is stupid. Obviously, when I think something is cool in the manga, I can't talk to them about it. So I went online to see if I could find a place to do it and stumbled across this place.
    13. Lupita
      I bet, I'd be pissed if someone played that kind of joke on me and I was a guy.
    14. Lupita
      :oh :amazed :laugh

      Nooooow I get it. That is funny and sick at the same time. So it is basically a guy flirting with other guys. No bueno.
    15. Lupita
      Wait...what? lol. So they pretended to be a girl and one day was like, "Yo, got you guys, I'm a dude"? :huh
    16. Lupita
      I don't really mind talking to people, I'm a social person. People do seem pretty paranoid here though. Guess you guys have allot of guys pretending to be girls....which seems kinda...you know... :oh
    17. Dattebayo-chan
      That could be. I'm not good at remembering people I talked to online a long time to go. My apologies. :amuse

      How's life? :33
    18. Dattebayo-chan
      I'm good, thank you. I'm enjoying spring-time. You? :amuse

      I don't want to be rude, but I don't remember that we talked before. :argh
    19. Dattebayo-chan
      I didn't know I was famous. :urahaha

      On a serious note, I'm the only one with that kind of name as far as I know, I guess I can answer yes to your question. :hurr
    20. Jena

      Fuck waiting for the pizza to cool off.
    21. MajorThor
      Gesy!! Is the Konoha Theater, down?! I can't seem to access it at all, its not even listed as a subforum on the main page!
    22. PATRON
      yea, working my tail off an had to get a new comp, still need to get some software for it. anything new on your end?
    23. PATRON
      sup gesy, hows it going?
    24. Psychic
      Well mine is not hard to type in through post.
    25. Psychic
      My profile is beautiful!
    26. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      I have a feeling she will get better. She's Arya, and one of George's favorites. She just has too. :cry

      Agreed. :nod
    27. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      Alright then. :ippy

      She will and she will not be a badass. She kicks some ass for what she knows, but then she gos to the Land of the Braavosi and trains with the servants of the God with Seven Faces (whatever its called) so she can be like Syrio Forel.

      Well, I made it smaller, but that's basically it so far in the series. :nod
    28. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      Do you really want me to spoil it for you? :ano

      I like that too; its so realistic, too. :ohpek
    29. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      It would, it would. :hurr

      I just finished the series, and I miss it. It was such a good show. :(
    30. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      Oh, I thought you meant intentional civilian beating. :hehee

      It did? :D
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