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Dec 29, 2012
Jan 8, 2007
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Treats Objects Like Women, Man, from Dark Side of Jupiter

Gigantor was last seen:
Dec 29, 2012
    1. nick1689
      Hey man, you need to rego a team soon :O If not Ill rego a placeholder for you which can be edited later on
    2. nick1689
      Hey man, post some ideas for some teams :D ...other than what you already posted >_>
    3. Kuya
      One Piece Registration

      Registration for the very first tournament in the 2012 season is up! Come join the fun :pirate
    4. Chainer
      You've been subbed in for the Trial Tournament! Your match is up, and you have 48 hours to post a strategy.
    5. Immortal
      Not interested at stocking up on points atm, perhaps later in the trading session or if we both progress to the next round.
    6. Soul
      Fair enough; sounds reasonable.

      I will see what I can do, if VBD decides to extend it.`
    7. Soul
      IIRC, no; it is not legal.

      Actually, that is why the KC had a huge problem with a match.
      Darth asked someone to vote, and all hell broke loose.
    8. Soul
      I would mind, since it's against the rules to do it.

      Assuming that I go through it, someone would notice that you VM'ed me, and would be suspicious, making this a clusterfuck.
    9. nick1689
      ah im about to go to bed though, early work tomorow. Next time :D
    10. Kuya
      Davy Back V Registration is open :iria

      Come join :pirate
    11. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      LOL @ the dialogue in your sig, is that from a Youtube video or something?
    12. DreadTalon
      Yo, you're up again.
    13. Suu
      GL for your match against Andy, Balwyn boy! *waves flag*
    14. nick1689
      Duuude you got your strat ready? :awesome
    15. Distracted
      Unless Rags is available, I think you and I are the only people good to go this week.

      I'm cool with it, let me know if you want to go.
    16. DreadTalon
      Hey dude, Aggressor's match was mistakenly posted early, we need a replacement match. At this stage only you or Rag's are possibilities, are you good to go?
    17. Sanbi
      Please reconsider. I would extremely appreciate it, and I think alot more people would want to see an actual match then someone just moving on : P.

      You would have my eternal gratitude if you did.
    18. Sanbi
      Since I need to go to bed I will end with one comment.

      I'm not asking for a second chance, since I never was able to use my first chance. Instead of just watch myself get DQ'd for reasons out of my control, I am asking if you give me the chance to actually play my match. That is all, and nothing more.
    19. Sanbi
      So because you have never been given a second chance, you aren't going to let me? Is that what you are trying to say?

      I've never been given a chance to redo my matches either, yet when Franky didn't submit a strat due to IRL issues, I gladly gave him a chance to do it again. Because he has the right to play. It wasn't his fault, so why should he suffer and miss out on a match? Same applies here.

      Is it really asking that much to ask for a match redo because I couldn't make it? Is giving me the chance to play my match too much?
    20. Sanbi
      Just because we replay doesn't mean you aren't going to win.

      Please dude? I had no choice on my disqualification, my family issues came before this, it's not like I was too lazy to play you. But if I had a choice I would still like to participate. It's not like I am asking you to give me another chance, when I was too lazy to post the first time, I am asking you to give back my chance, since my only one was lost to RL issues.

      If I lose by you outplaying me, I lose. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't at least give me the chance to play.

      But if you truly want to win that bad, go ahead. Disqualify me.
    21. Sanbi
      Could you please at least answer?
    22. Sanbi
      Couldn't make our match in time, due to RL issues. Link.

      However, StrawHat is letting us redo it, if you want. It is all your decision.

      I'm sure you can understand, and I would appreciate if you gave me a second chance.
    23. Bungee Gum
      Bungee Gum
      Yes, great match, congrats on winning :)
    24. nick1689
      Sorry man im just about to go to bed, long ass day tomorow
    25. Bungee Gum
      Bungee Gum
      God, why are you so good at arguing lol, its not fair my first match is against a pro!!! damn it all.

      anyways, good luck with the match, ill probably lose, or i feel i will by like a couple posters swooping in and voting for you, and ive had fun debating you and am looking forward to the outcome, and debating you is giving me very good practice for future tournaments. always love tough competition :)
    26. nick1689
      Hey. For the sake of the trial your team has been changed to Shunsui, Byakuya (shikai), Dordonii and Kira. Are you cool with this?
    27. nick1689
      Preferably either Shunsui, WW, Hitsu or Kenpachi
    28. nick1689
      Hey man, you need to edit your rego'ed team in the SS with a normal team :del
    29. Juri
      lol @ team. % menos grande max though
    30. Bungee Gum
      Bungee Gum
      Good luck in our match in the future.
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