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Oct 17, 2011
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Apr 17, 1986 (Age: 34)
Made in Wonderland
    1. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      G are you alright? Are you anywhere near the Earthquake zone?
    2. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      That's good to know! I pray you will be back to full health.
    3. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Hello, how are you feeling?

      I wanted to discuss with you on Naruto's taijutsu level, the only reason why most people thought Naruto sucked at Taijutsu or not in the same feat as Lee, Kakashi, Itachi, or Gai, because we rarely seen Naruto doing actual real Taijutsu battle in his Base form. I know that Naruto's taijutsu was able to hold his own against Deva Pain but it was only for a short while, until Sage Mode made him a taijutsu beast and chakra mode was able to match with Itachi's taijutsu. But the thing is that Naruto's Sage Mode has its weakness time limit and Kurama chakra mode can be absorb by any users who can absorb chakra.

      Until we seen the Last Naruto the movie is where he really showed a amazing Taijutsu feat where he can handle multiple enemies without the need of Shadow Clones or his Enhancements, and became very skillful with his FRS without the need of clones or his enhancements. And during his final fight with Toneri he bested him with using like a chakra fist and his normal form.

      What I'm getting at is that my theory is Naruto despite after his fight with Sasuke, Naruto didn't feel like he actually bested him with his own skills and power due because he relied on Shadow Clones, Kurama or Sage mode too much nd wanted to train even more harder like become more skillful in Taijutsu than Gai, Stronger than Tsunade, Better Ninjutsu than Kakashi. If there be anime original arcs after the War, I like to see where Naruto gets motivated become stronger without relieving on his clones or enhancements, wouldn't that fit with the theme of hardworking achievement? I mean during the War arc he received a free power up from Six path sage, I'm sure Naruto might felt he didn't use his own power and which its why he wasn't Hokage statues.
    4. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I just thought about a theory about why Sakura would want to support Hinata to be with Naruto?

      Well I had thought about something new that back when Sakura was a major Sasuke fangirl, there is possiblity that she might have sneaked into Academy files room where she found one Team 7 file case where Hinata's profile is shown next to Sasuke but didn't see Naruto behind it and looked at team 8 knowing her was going to be part of it which she wouldn't want to be near a dog lover or bug lover. So she switched Hinata with Team 8. Knowing with her juvenile love for Sasuke, she would do whatever it takes to be with him.

      Its only speculation, because I don't recall Hinata and Sakura being that close friends or that supportive at least in manga otherwise she wouldn't be doing that fake confession.

      I mean isn't odd to how Sakura was made to be the Main Heroine yet from the start she bashes Naruto and favors Sasuke, and was said Sakura was made to be part of a love triangle.
    5. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      As much I like your idea but I will respectfully disagree with a doubt about the Boruto manga, we can't always rely on these interviews that much especially if Boruto will be that even popular and Kishimoto said he doesn't want a recycled story of Naruto. I mean Boruto feels more like a clone where the Main character is now taking back seat of the front seat of the series.

      Whatever the reason, I still didn't like how part 2 manga never showed Naruto any cool battles before Pain or War arc. Sasuke took all the battles like killing Orochimaru who was supposed to be Antagonist to Naruto the hero, Deidara was like wanting to payback against Naruto since their first battle but decided to fight Sasuke, And Danzo who was anti-Will of Fire and against all previous Hokage ideals would've made best counter with Naruto but wanted Sasuke to kill him. Now before you even counter these, I know you told me before it before but its the story sense I'm talking about Danzo, Deidara, and Orochimaru i had like big roles almost 3 arcs throughout the series but Nagato/Pain only seem to have served only one major arc after his full appearance that was first time for Naruto to have a character centric of himself that doesn't have Sasuke in his friggin mind.

      Also Hinata has said to Toneri that Hamura power flows into her as well, the movie was totally rushed anyway, but I think if the anime series planned to expand the Last in the tv series it will have its slow paced and give Hinata more to explore of her abilities. Remember that Hinata's twin lion fists chakra changed from Blue to Purple.
    6. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I had difficult time how Naruto had a hard time blocking that Bijuu Bomb from Momoshiki, possibility that according to Kurama that his skills became rusty.

      I don't think that it will be shown in Boruto manga since its gonna center around Boruto, I don't know anymore.

      I really do want Toneri's return at some point but not in Boruto manga but maybe a return Dragonball Super like.

      It never made sense after Hinata gained Hamura's chakra that could possibly awaken her own Tenseigan.
    7. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      It still left us unknown or untold about Naruto's current powers it's very hard to even say whether or not it's Narutos Six Path Senjutsu, why would he even have a lower form when not go full out on Momoshiki who was never at the level of Kaguya?

      I think Toneri was more powerful than Momoshiki because unlike him, Toneri used natural power of Byakugan evolved form Tenseigan and his own chakra. He was like the purest strongest opponent I will say.

      I'm very skeptical on Momoshiki being someone as a threat to Kaguya, I mean even the Kages were able to give him a hard time.

      Boruto felt more like GT than its actual canon.

      It was still wasteful having Hinata put out in the side lines where that Kaguya the final villainess who carries the Byakugan and her second son Hamura was involved in the past with Hagoroma defeating Kaguya but it took two halves of Six path sages power to seal her without Hamura. It doesn't make sense, I hated how the whole manga was all about brother shit and all about Uchiha. Believe it or not
    8. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I'm sorry but thats hardly any excuse to where Kishimoto never given not just Naruto but characters like Lee, Hinata or other clans story. I mean the Hyuga clan should've been brought back to the story for connections of Kaguya instead it was wasted on Uchiha clan and Senju clan!

      Its how I view in the manga, and it isnt the fans that bothered me its the manga story itself. You had no idea how long I been going through reading lot of crap on Sasuke story, to me it was a wasteful development where nothing really changed him just made him worse. The fight should've been settled sooner than in the end. I mean looked how many clans we never get to explore the Hyuga and Uzumaki clan. Please don't expect it in Boruto manga, because we don't know if Kishimoto will allow it.

      I prefer the Naruto series continue during the Blank Period like Dragonball Super not GT. Boruto felt like GT to me. Its already to be a Spin off than a sequel.

      I would like it better if Naruto fought Madara one on one than having Sasuke with him, also liked Naruto would use his chakra to connect the others while they were in IT to help break the Genjutsu. You saw how the Last made the story whole different level without Sasuke involved whole lot of it, It would've been better having Hinata the heroine to uncover secrets behind Kaguya than Sasuke.

      I hate that Boruto movie because Sasuke stolen the show again, and Hinata didn't get to show much of her latest skill and gets one-shotted by the villain. Also how could Naruto been struggling against Momoshiki Bijuu Bomb expecially he didn't went to Six path Sage mode and never used flying ability. Doesn't make sense.
    9. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      And regardless of any case the final chapter had Sasuke stolen the story that it felt more about him rather than Naruto. To me it was the worst ending of the manga series, that Sasuke story is done and he is redeemed thats it. The characters like Lee, Hinata, Tenten, Kiba, didn't get their share of battle or story and Naruto story was skipped to where he becomes Hokage.

      Naruto and Hinata never developed especially after Pain battle but neglected and only seen married with kids without exploring what happened until the Last movie. Don't get me wrong I loved it but I can't help but feel that manga was more Sasuke centric than Naruto to where Naruto own story was minor compared to Sasuke own story.
    10. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      But it was still a wasted moment where Naruto should've confronted Hashirama and Hiruzen.

      Remember that one scene where Hashirama had put his faith in Sasuke by giving him his chakra to seal Madara, and thought only he can stop him and look what happened. It still should not be wasted on teaching Sasuke that history, it didn't help reform him at all, it only made him worse and selfish than before.

      The Hokages should feel more ashamed for putting and added faith in Sasuke for the ninja world right when he started to act on his own.

      He declared defeat yes, but it was seen as a draw where they were both out and their arms were blown off, it should've been the other way, where Naruto stood up over the fallen Sasuke and there was no need for his arm to be lost since he got a new one but Sasuke left his out.

      Naruto said that he wanted to fight him for real but not the way Sasuke acted. I know all the Bijuu's powered him up but it should've been shown where Naruto demonstrated real strength against Sasuke rather than being in a draw and having Sasuke declared his loss. That felt like Kishimoto is making an excuse to now to be physically beaten by Naruto in strength, skill, and speed.

      I know its been clear with manga but it doesn't feel right how Naruto was nerfed for fighting Sasuke, that it should've been settled before the real final boss like Kaguya or Madara. That Naruto should've had a final battle with the final boss and his battle with Toneri was the primary example of showing Naruto's power. But that fight was so unappreciated and that they considered Toneri as a weak opponent.
    11. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Yeah but still its ironic that Naruto became Hokage without having a chilling with the Hokages like sharing their wisdom or given him a test of battle as proven his worth. Naruto never given a talk with Hiruzen or anyone of them except his father. It didn't feel that Naruto didn't receive any of them.

      I mean it would make some sense to have Hashirama meet someone who similar to him in personality and Hiruzen which of course who been in Naruto's care since birth but never been given a chance to chat with him including an apology to how he should've told him about his parents or left something to inform him about his parents.

      Ironically Sasuke had time to chill with the Hokages and learn all about Madara and Hashirama story, that Naruto didn't learn from it and they all minus MInato and Tobirama put their faith in Sasuke as if he was the destined hero or meant to be Hokage if they had made agreement off panel who knows.

      The most epic fail was when Hashirama gave some of his power to Sasuke that he believed only he can stop Madara which get stabbed in the end and soon after the Battle of Kaguya when their souls ascended to heaven after how they thought to have changed Sasuke , only he now acted on his own and betrayed his friends and wanted to kill the 5 Kages..

      What wasted opportunity.

      Also I know Sasuke stated he lost to Naruto but from which battle? The last on-paneled battle, which it wasn't a real battle according to Naruto and merely a draw and just Sasuke given up. Now lets recap this, the first battle from the flashback when Naruto had a skirmish with him, he lost quickly against him and 2nd battle Naruto lost to him again, and next meeting he lost again to Sasuke. Not once we ever seen Naruto bested him for real, in Ninja skill and strength. I would prefer where Naruto was at his normal form where he beats Sasuke at his full Susanoo using his chakra punch similar to how B won against A.

      Naruto and Sasuke said that they will have another battle and its likely during the Blank Period, in their Last versions.

      It was more wasteful
    12. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Hey How are you doing?

      Did you see this video if you played Nnja Storm 4

      Hinata's a real angel compared to the girls who were technically demons which the irony that Naruto was called a demon.

      Another Irony despite how much Naruto has done for them doesn't seem to want to give him some special treatment from all of his hard work and how he lost his arm for them.

      Also I'm not looking forward with Boruto manga becuase since the movie ended with Boruto wanted to follow Sasuke's footsteps. I mean what the hell the guy was a total douche who cared less anyone but himself and everything in the Ninja World centered around him. Until after Naruto had to beat him down mentally and changed him.

      I didn't like it how it ended with just Sasuke's story ended and skipped to where Naruto became Hokage, the last Naruto the movie had a more Naruto centric compared to the manga.
    13. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage

      Having Hinata in Team 7 would not only make sense from all the connection from Kaguya but also would make a steady balance seeing how Hinata was nice to her team compared how Sakura was more into Sasuke and ignore Naruto like he was a pest to them, until like after Sasuke left the village Sakura now sees the light with Naruto.
    14. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I was scared about the thought for one of our fanclub members going through these difficulties, but I'm happy that your staying positive about it and hope this will keep killing it.
    15. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I'm fine how about you! I heard you are almost there beating thus this thing. I still pray for you to be cancer free.
    16. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      II hope that during a blank period that Naruto will fight Sasuke and really beat him as it said final chapter that they will have a skirmish one day.
    17. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Hey am I the only one who thinks that Naruto vs Sasue final batle should've been done better? I mean It felt nerfed or rushed and the battle should've been settled before Kaguya or Madara's defeat. It doesn't make sense for Sasuke now suddenly being the final villain after he got his ass beat by Kaguya many times. Naruto's powers were nerfed and battle ended in Tie but only had Sasuke mentally lost.
    18. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Well I'm talking more about in Gaara vs Naruto moment where after Naruto met with Jiraiya and changed his life as a ninja, and finally gotten to know about Hinata after how she talked about how great he is despite all of his failures, that made Naruto happy after showing his depressed side where he never showed it to Team 7.

      Kinda wished Tsunade was the one given him some advice, I mean she knew what love was when she was with Dan. I hope though during the blank period we see more with Naruto and Tsunade moments where he kinda needs an adult who experience more love. Though Sakura was better in the movie than how she was back in the manga, well Sakura knew during the Pain arc that Hinata loved Naruto and look what happened during the Iron country arc, it was wasteful and I never get why Kishimoto never given the opportunity to have NH develop more after the confession, and twist things around made red herring of NS.

      I cannot tell you how much the Last Naruto the movie made us fans the greatest taste than we ever dreamed about. Not only that I was happy to see to where Naruto finally shows some taijutsu fights in his normal form without the need of SM or KCM or even Shadow Clones.

      I had seen some cool fighting footage in the Buroto movie but I read spoilers that it showed nothing about Kaguya's intention or her goals were.

      My main concern is that I don't want having Buroto being the center stage of the series if there will be a new series and Naruto and his friends grown up being side character that will some will die for them to grow. I don't want a repeated cycle or story.

      Also what are your thoughts about Toneri Ootsuki?
    19. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Which do you like the most Naruto Last or Buroto Naruto movie?
    20. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I understand Naruto's POV that he considers them as his friends that saved him from loneliness but dont you think Team 7 been given too much credit? I mean the known people that saved him from loneliness was Iruka for one, but Konohamaru saw him as a older brother to hang out with, next one is Hinata who been willing to help him cheat, give him medicine and the biggest was one when Naruto felt down about his abilities and past failures that he never showed that side of him to everyone not even Team 7 but Hinata really brought his spirits up.

      And finally Jiraiya who became Naruto's real teacher that helped him improve his ninja skills, compared how Kakashi neglected his training over Sasuke.

      Wouldn't it make sense that Naruto and Kurama forged a bond sooner than near the climax of the manga? I mean Naruto could've had gradually develop bond with Kurama like most anime heroes forged a bond with the monster even if its not a good start could've done sooner. Better than Saving Sasuke that wasted alot and didn't give much Naruto's development.
    21. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I seen your interview about Kishi saying he likes having Sasuke and Sakurs focus, that's explains why in part 1 he showed many of Sasusaku while Naruto been treated as third person of a side joke character.

      It would've been better if Hinata were the heroine instead of Sakura that way that decendent chakras of Hamura and Hagomaro would've been really united to stop Kaguya.
    22. -Ziltoid-
      There is a total lack of equality. Sakura acts like a puppy, while Sasuke barely seems to give a shit about her. Sure, fanon Sasuke is a completely different story, but fanon is almost the complete opposite of canon these days.. fanon SasuSaku is so different that it could be considered as anti-SS :lmao

      And yes, they still have fans. Though I would really like to know what on earth is the appeal of the ship and the characters?

      Personally, I just do not understand how Naruto could win a war by flooding the entire battlefield with clones, yet can't create a single clone to handle the paperwork for him. He can leave the village for Sasuke, leaving a clone in charge, yet can't get out of the office to spend some time with his family because he suddenly cannot leave a clone in charge of the village? It just... It seems to OOC for Naruto to put Boruto in such a situation. Or Boruto is indeed stupid enough to cause all that trouble by himself.. but considering how Naruto apparently admitted he was a bad father (?) and all the stuff from Kishi himself how he used Boruto to show his own parenting problems as a busy mangeka...

      Damn, I avoid fanfics with self-inserts, and now Kishimoto abuses the manga by self-inserting himself? :defeat
    23. -Ziltoid-
      Thanks! :)
      Yeah, everyone depicts Himawari as the perfectly innocent cute little girl. I thought: what if she uses that image for her own goals? She is Naruto's daughter, after all.. :hoho

      That interview really took down the last shreds of dignity SS had. Especially when considering that Kishi used a very negative wording for the "addicted" remark (equalling it to 'poisonous') :lmao

      Then again, Gaiden already shows he really seems to hate Sakura and the SS fandom. Still, after nine chapters of ruining practically every headcanon the fans had, he got them celebrating when he revealed Sakura was actually the mother of Sarada. The analogy: he took nine steps backwards, then one forwards. Normally, one would conclude that the ship went eight steps back, but of course the blinded pairing fans were celebrating that one steps forwards while systematically ignoring the damage that preceded it :facepalm

      Though I still regret Kishi ignored the NH family during gaiden. And the Boruto movie seems to add a lot of unnecessary drama as well. Sadly, Kishi seems to think every family has to have some drama in order to be relevant :(
    24. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Thank you for the rep and the compliment. :amuse
    25. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      This movie was more than we dreamed of and really enjoyed to where Naruto show his Taijutsu skills something we never get to see much only with Sasuke, or Uchiha or Kakashi and Lee.
    26. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      ANd I loved how the Tenseigan is the evolved form of Byakugan that Hamura once had it and Toneri gave an example of its power. I hope for if the anime continues the series Hinata awakens the Tenseigan.

      I never get why he and the tenseigan was considered fodder despite being canon?

      Yes I read the summary though I hope we seen another epic battle with Naruto vs Momoshiki. Though I think Toneri was the best villian and arch rival for Naruto, because that was the best battle I watched to where Naruto developed a new taijutsu move like how he blocked a planet busting beam and made a huge impact of his fist caused a huge shockwave around him.

      Sasuke was totatly useless against Kaguya and he brags he is the strongest there is, his head really broken.
    27. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Well Im happy how Naruto was more awesome in the Last movie because I waited for Naruto to use some taijutsu fights in his base mode. Hinata was awesome too when she did some fighting with the Puppets right?

      Those puppets were strong compared to the Zetsu fodders.

      Also I had notice villains like Toneri and the new Ootsuki villains are getting more connected with Naruto than Sasuke, I hope movie villain for the next movie will beat up Sasuke at least. What were your thoughts about Toneri? I'm happy about a villain wasn't interested in Sasuke but actually interested in Hinata due of her having Hamuras chakra and her called the Byakugan Princess. This is something what Kishimoto should've had added in the manga early on along with Kaguya because she and her clan are chakra originators and the Byakugan proven to be stronger than rinnegan as we seen Sasuke got his ass beat.
    28. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Thats the problem of it, Kishimoto just won't focus on Naruto the hero of the story like all authors usually focus on the main character in other mangas. He continues focusng on Sasuke and giving him all the power ups while he nerfed Naruto and ruinged the hype of his Hokage status

      You watched the Last huf? Tell me your review about it to everyone.

      I hope your right though it said Boruto and Sasuke are gonna be active but also said Naruto will steal the show from them.

      I still would like seeing more continuation after the Last with no new generations but having more on NH development though I hope for NH moments in the Boruto movie.

      I'm happy more on the Last is where Naruto showed his coolest fighting moments in early parts of the story compared to how the previous movies only show him his very best in near end of the movie. I mean his taijutsu and using frs without clones showed his incredible improvement.
    29. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Now this is getting ridiculous Kishimoto is giving Sasuke all the Spotlight and skills while Naruto continues showing only his Bijuu Mode and shadow clones. Does Kishimoto only cares about Uchiha and Sasuke than Uzumaki and Hyuga clan.

      Now the Boruto movie is making favors with Sasuke being his teacher and using him to surpass his father. This ruins the whole legacy from Naruto's family, he became a strong ninja thanks to Jiraiya and carried his and fathers legacy.

      I dont know how this movie will be any higher than the Last Naruto the movie. You noticed how anime seem to try to gain Naruto and the characters much attention than Uchiha or Sasuke? Even when the manga ended they still continue making filler episodes or arcs.
    30. Danzio
      Thanks. The miniseries came as a nice surprise !

      Also no problem, you're a great poster. :nice
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