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Recent content by goldfish00

  1. goldfish00

    Son Goku(Dragon Ball) VS Son Goku(Naruto)

    And Yamcha's pitch
  2. goldfish00

    Art Appreciation Thread

  3. goldfish00

    Art Appreciation Thread

  4. goldfish00

    Strongest Sword/Swords in Fiction

    How strong are these three? For comparison to the Marvel sword of the same name
  5. goldfish00

    How strong is Amazo (Justice League)?

    Anything called Chaos Magic in comics is Broken look at Wanda
  6. goldfish00

    Art Appreciation Thread

  7. goldfish00

    Coolest Characters done dirty

    Shit got me feeling like a Ebony Blade possessed Bloodwraith after he got locked in a Country by Wanda because he was too stronk He was never mentioned or saw again Legend has it he's still stuck in Slorenia Truly Character purgatory
  8. goldfish00

    OBD Convo #363: A NEW YEAR. A NEW LEGEND

    These covers were pretty decent for the time
  9. goldfish00

    OBD Convo #363: A NEW YEAR. A NEW LEGEND

    I don't check my E-mail so my stupidity saves me there Hope ya okay bru
  10. goldfish00

    OBD Convo #363: A NEW YEAR. A NEW LEGEND

    Your reincarnation as a slime???
  11. goldfish00

    666 Satan (Goh) VS DC Earth

    Too much Dakka
  12. goldfish00

    Coolest Characters done dirty

    That Creature pretending to be She-hulk is gonna catch Excalibur right in her soul
  13. goldfish00

    Strongest thing/Being The Ebony Blade could cut/Kill

    Title I just tink we should establish an upper limit for DC cause the curse of the blade is a NLF going by statements
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