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Jun 26, 2013
Apr 19, 2007
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gonen was last seen:
Jun 26, 2013
    1. Megaharrison
      I would leave Jin-E be, he's on our side and didn't mean anything by it.
    2. Momoka
      thanks XDDD
    3. Degelle
      Awh, you know me well. :ho

      Though, I'd like to see your condem the acts against Palestinians aswell, it's just common deceny to recognize when something is wrong.
    4. Degelle

      I don't like when you call me anti-semitic. I'm not. :hurr
    5. Degelle
      Not at all.

      Though you claimed I was inferior, perhaps you hate, just a little bit? :hurr
    6. Degelle
      You don't hate me, right? :)
    7. Griever
      Hey gonen, thanks for the rep!
    8. StephenIII83
      Definitely! Plus there is this 4th great ninja war. Awesome! Yeah I have this feeling that Naruto and Sakura's talk won't really involve their feelings though, but about sasuke and the dropping the POAL. Yes I can't wait to see some Killerbee action. Enka baby yeah!
    9. StephenIII83
      Well I am glad to know that. So how about them new spoilers?
    10. StephenIII83

      Yes we are at last. I'm so happy. :p
    11. StephenIII83
      Hey Gonen! Would you like to be friends? I have sent you a friend invite.
    12. The Pink Ninja
      The Pink Ninja
      The difference ebtween a news thread and the debate thread:

      News threads are posted in the Cafe. In the OP contains a post from a news website, an article on something that happened that day or very recently. People may talk about and discuss it but it is still a primarily a news thread that has debate about it.

      Threads for the debate section are ones intended for debate. The OP posits a position that everyone agues for or against (Or both).

      "Israeli air-strikes kills 15" is news

      "Israel is unjustified in it's attacks on Gaza" is debate

      Not to say however that you can't debate in the news thread or that a debate thread can use an news article.
    13. Mael
      Actually he is a she...FYI.
    14. Smokahontas
      hi fellow NaruSaku member :)
    15. LegendaryBeauty
      Nice to know xD

      It truly is. We'll see how it develops. :amuse
    16. LegendaryBeauty
      Thanks. I requested quite a few myself, as others did to me. :)

      Hmm...my favorite pairing. I don't really give them much though, but I'd probably say NaruSaku is probably the most canon and probably my favorite.
    17. LegendaryBeauty
      Thank you. Seeing as Sakura's Tsunade's apprentice, and the incredible hate, she had to be defended. :awesome

      :lmao They probably don't. So they just take it out on Sakura. Sad really.
    18. LegendaryBeauty
      Absolutely amazing how ignorant people can be. Seriously annoys me to hell. Thank you for the rep and your post. :) Some sane people are good for NF.

      Replies might be slow because NF is messing up for me, and it shows something one second, then it's gone the next. Especially on the profile.
    19. Griever
      Thank you for the Rep :beer
    20. universal loli expert
      universal loli expert
      thanks for the rep
    21. Peter
      'Allo thar, bored, so I thought I'd drop by and leave this visitor message. :awesome
    22. Bahamut Slayer
      Bahamut Slayer
      Really? May be I really will think about writing NaruSaku. Usual NaruSaku fan fics are one shots, short or long. So probably this possible fic might be a one shot too seeing as I have my own main fic to work on.
    23. gonen
      Your little fan fic was really great :)
    24. Bahamut Slayer
      Bahamut Slayer
      Thanks. Appreciate the compliment. Thought I messed up, like I said, I'm not a mushy writer (never tried writing NaruSaku) since I''m more of an action/adventure writer. Great respect to those great NaruSaku writers.
    25. gonen
      Thanks , happy you enjoyed it :)
    26. Sorenai
      Hey, I read that "essay" of a post you wrote in the Naru/Saku/Sasu/Hina pairing debate thread, and although I saw it too late to comment on it, it was pretty awesome, and I'm glad you wrote it :amuse / :kthumb

      Keep up the great work!
    27. gonen
    28. 【Temari】
      hello, so I'm the first one to give you visitor message :nuts
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