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    If there is a direct password to Heaven, that password is Xiammes.
    Rest In Peace and thank you for all your work.
    Thank you for all the time you dedicated to the forums. ★
    Until We Meet Again.
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Aug 31, 2015
Jan 17, 2005
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Sep 3, 1985 (Age: 33)
Northboro, MA
Electrical Engineer


Join us, 33, from Northboro, MA

Gooba was last seen:
Aug 31, 2015
    1. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      Living or Dead

      You earned my respect

      You are still missed brother

      Rest in Power
      1. NW likes this.
    2. Selena
      Rest in peace, Gooba. ):
    3. Raiden
      RIP my man.
    4. Blind Weasel
      Blind Weasel
      See you man... I'm sure you won't need that boomstick and chainsaw where you are now, but keep them just in case
    5. Ral
      RIP dude....

      Every time I log into an Admin CP I will think of you my brother in Admin arms....
    6. Yasha
      You will be missed.
    7. Kate Bishop
      Kate Bishop
      Rest in peace, man... thank you for everything you've done for people here, for being as truly awesome as you are.
    8. Detective
      Hail to the King, Baby!

      Rest in peace, my friend. And give CMX my regards when you two hooligans sit down, and talk shit over some questionable yet appropriate music choices.

      God Speed

    9. Undead
      Thank you for being a big part of my integration into this community so many years ago.

      See you on the other side my friend. RIP
    10. Mider T
      Mider T
      Til we meet again.
    11. ane
      Rest in peace, Gooba
    12. martryn
      Gooba, God, I was hoping it wasn't true. I finally found you on Facebook and... Shit. Wolverine can't die. I'll miss you, man.
    13. Deleted member 73050
    14. Louis-954
      Rest In Piece, Chris... too soon. :(
    15. tari101190
      You need to read Marvel Now stuff.

    16. Revolution
      How do I change the name under my username from "Kage" to something of my own choice, like "革命"?
    17. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy


      Thread in the Comics section.
    18. Ernie
      Yo Gooba, thanks for the rep!
    19. BigBoss
      can you change my name to: Big Boss


      i have never been in trouble here before, and i never plan on breaking the rules, i dont have an alt. it would mean a lot to me. this was the first forum i ever joined. the staff has always been nice to me, and i have always been nice to the staff. i never asked for a name change before.

      EDIT : sorry , i just found the name change thread. sorry for bothering you.
    20. Golden Circle
      Golden Circle
      Hey Gooby-kins, sorry to bother you like this, but if you could change my user title text color to #D35620, that'd be really good. :33 It doesn't show up on light skins at the moment is all because I mistakenly requested too much fancy css for my forum prize. Sorry about that.
    21. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna
      Hey Gooba, you know your I'm with Gooba title? Mind giving me one that says "I'm with Kira" with Kira being soft pink?;33
    22. DragonHeart52
      Thank you so much. It was great seeing all those old reps and remembering the gang. Many crazy silly hours up late at night.
    23. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      Thanks for the rep page thing.
    24. Gibbs
      KEEP IT!!!!!!
    25. Zaru
      Are you the reason why my browsers almost crashed just now :mad
    26. Akatora
      Just a suggestion to a change to the topic ranking.

      Could you guys make it more apparent if more people rate the threads?

      Since as it is now 1 person giving a thread 5 stars is faster to catch the eye than 10 people giving a series 4 stars...

      Perhaps make the stars change color once a certain number has voted
    27. Havoc
      You still post here, you ol son of a gun?
    28. Sansa
      Can I get a Gooba name change? :wtf
    29. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Can you please approve my saw game in the arcade?
    30. Xin
      Hey, do you plan on making an entire rep history day sometimes soon?
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    Sep 3, 1985 (Age: 33)
    Northboro, MA
    Electrical Engineer
    Favorite Character(s):
    1 Asuma
    2 Sarutobi
    3 Jiraiya
    4 Kakashi
    5 Zabuza
    6 Kisame
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode 70


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