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Great Potato
Last Activity:
Feb 29, 2020 at 1:55 AM
Dec 18, 2010
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Great Potato

Well-Known Member

Great Potato was last seen:
Feb 29, 2020 at 1:55 AM
    1. A Optimistic
      A Optimistic
      Are you the same Great Potato who got banned from One Piece Bay for spamming gay porn?

      How shameful.
      1. Whitebeard likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. A Optimistic
        A Optimistic
        I posted gay porn on One Piece bay, told the admins it was Great Potato's idea (this was a lie) and we both got permed in 2015.

        Jun 15, 2018
        Schnarf and Bontakun like this.
      4. Bontakun
        You are a true demon child :skully
        Jun 15, 2018
        Yamato and A Optimistic like this.
      5. Great Potato
        Great Potato
        He went the extra mile to photoshop a PM of me as the mastermind. Didn't even give me a chance to defend or appeal, I was just gone.
        Jun 15, 2018
    2. Gibbs
      GEE PEE!!!!!
      1. Great Potato
        Great Potato
        Apr 29, 2017
      2. Gibbs
        How you doing GP?
        Apr 29, 2017
    3. Soca
      I see. Don't use that widescreen orange one use the regular orange, it's the best. I haven't been on TMF in a while but I noticed ya'll got a lot more members now :pimp. Also thanks :brofist
    4. Soca
      Last wednesday

      Where you been dude?
    5. Gibbs
      Hey Spud..
    6. Gibbs
      Hey GP. Just as a reminder 3.5 weeks from now is your slot to host on LF.
    7. Freechoice
    8. Freechoice
    9. Freechoice
    10. Freechoice
      GP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :gar
    11. Ultra
      The...entire parliaments?
    12. Ultra
      Hey, this is PoP's fault. He somehow thinks he can intimidate those who want to watch the forum burn by burning the forum.
    13. Freechoice
    14. Freechoice
      why r u a potato is it because u coulnt be a squash
    15. Gibbs
      The Gator strikes again my friend.
    16. Freechoice
      It's a rare sight to see you here.
    17. Garbage Haus
      Garbage Haus
      Potato thanks so much for confronting trigimon
    18. platypuss
      why r u a potato is it because u coulnt be a squash
    19. Freechoice
      How's TMF?
    20. tminty1

      I honestly forgot about that place with everything that's going on. I'll be back over there. :sweatdrop
    21. Roƅ
      And still... :tomacry those were harsh words man...
    22. Roƅ
      Let's see here, to include all my BS in the past:
      -Smoker could give aokiji a good fight
      -Lucci Post TS Zoro

      Let's see here.
      The Kuma>Mihawk thing is not far-fetched. Mihawk would probably win, but not with low-diff like some people say. He is underestimated for his powers.

      Luffy is not>The other two. Individualy, he wins.


      Lucci<Post TS Zoro.

      Anything else :tomato

      And as for the Kuma vs. Vista, I'm sticking with Kuma no matter what :giogio Again, people act like he has not chance in hell... when... acutally... he does :giogio

      I'll back that statement up too.
    23. Roƅ
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/showthread.php?4721-Will-Garp-fight-Akainu/page2


      That's from when I first joined! :(
    24. Roƅ
      Ha! Yea, I was new, so I didn't know what flaming was, ahahh!

      I'm just making random scenarios :hehee

      They'll be bros I'm sure :brofist
    25. Roƅ
      What exactly are you talking about?

      Ha! Yea, it sure is :noworries

      Lucci vs. Moria PTS :maybe
    26. Roƅ
      Ha! Yea I do :nod

      When I first joined I was at -2k :lmao Now I'm at about 35k or so.

      Moria: Well yea, I didn't mean it like that. Hahh! Let's just say I can't wait till' he comes back and curbstomps shit in the NW. Those damn moria haters are going to be eating their words :gun

      Lucci: I posted in that thread actually. If he comes back independantly... I'm not sure how much I'll like that. I mean, yea, I'll like that hes back, but I'm just not sure how Oda would make it happen.
      I'm still sticking with my Revo theory :hmpf

      But yea, I was just going through my VM's from when I first joined, and you were one of the first people to message me.

      Back in my Noob days :tomato... :sweatdrop... I mean, back in my Less-noob days :tomato
    27. Roƅ
      Not much, not much.

      But yea, Avalon is a bitch :lmao

      He negs me a lot.

      He actually made a thread a whle ago (A horrible one at that), so I commented saying that it's funny how he negs me, yet he makes shit threads.

      I encouraged him to neg me, so he did :lmao

      :tomsulk... Moria needs to show up already... And Lucci!
    28. Roƅ
      GP! What's going on man!

      Seems like You and avalon are friends as well :maybe
    29. Benjaminsen
      Hi. How are YOU?
    30. Roƅ
      I agree with pretty much everything you just said :p

      I was actually thinking the same thing. Having him and Dofla have a little Clash of some sort, you know. Obviously not a real fight or anything, since we don't want to see moria dying and not fighting Kaidou :maybe

      But if he gets that chin back.... who knows what he'll manage.
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