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Great Potato
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  • Hey Potato, what's the update on TMF's situation?
    Great Potato
    Great Potato
    It's down because of copyright issues from linking manga chapters. PoPs talked to hosting and they were supposed to have it back up already, but it seems they're incompetent and have been generally unresponsive. Sadly that's been the situation for a bit now and I don't have much of an update to give from there.
    Long time no see friend, how's it going? Is this even the VM page? I dunno, I can't even see a PM option, man this forum's weird.

    I heard what happened with TMF. I've been keeping the TMF discord active in the meantime, hopefully we can get back on the forum soon though.
    Great Potato
    Great Potato
    Yeah, we got suspended because the Government caught wind of the CyK military strategy you had planned for the finals and want to steal it for their own use in the real world!

    As far as going back up again, PoPs talked to the host again yesterday, so hopefully sometime soon.
    Well that sounds way cooler than the explanation I heard, so yeah let's go with that.

    It's been a while since I logged in, so is it now normal for people to butt into conversations here, or is this Tanno guy your stalker?
    It's pretty normal if you can get in a good comment! :lmao
    Welcome back in any case, more activity in the Kingdom section is always good :dillon
    Hey, GP. You're one of the best posters here. I would like to know which is your favorite manga? Do you prefer Dragon Ball or One Piece?
    Great Potato
    Great Potato
    I'd probably have to stick with One Piece there, though a large part of that is just how much time I've invested into the franchise. I can't exactly say the list of Shonen I've read is the most expansive either; I think Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star, Toriko, Naruto, Kenichi, Shokugeki no Souma, and Dr. Stone just about make up the list for that demographic.
    Yeah, I think the same. I've invested too much time in One Piece. I think it's a well written and well planned out story. Are you enjoying Wano? Do you think it's gonna live up to the hype the arc has been recevieng throughout the years?
    Great Potato
    Great Potato
    I'm enjoying aspects of Wano, but I also have a fair share of complaints. Judging Wano as a whole is difficult because even by One Piece standards it's in a deep meticulous slow grind. We're coming up on 70 chapters of setup and how all of that stands in retrospect will largely depend on the payoff. I've probably been floating the border of cautiously optimistic and cautiously pessimistic.
    Are you the same Great Potato who got banned from One Piece Bay for spamming gay porn?

    How shameful.
    A Optimistic
    A Optimistic
    I posted gay porn on One Piece bay, told the admins it was Great Potato's idea (this was a lie) and we both got permed in 2015.

    You are a true demon child :skully
    Great Potato
    Great Potato
    He went the extra mile to photoshop a PM of me as the mastermind. Didn't even give me a chance to defend or appeal, I was just gone.
    I see. Don't use that widescreen orange one use the regular orange, it's the best. I haven't been on TMF in a while but I noticed ya'll got a lot more members now :pimp. Also thanks :brofist
    Hey, this is PoP's fault. He somehow thinks he can intimidate those who want to watch the forum burn by burning the forum.

    I honestly forgot about that place with everything that's going on. I'll be back over there. :sweatdrop
    Let's see here, to include all my BS in the past:
    -Smoker could give aokiji a good fight
    -Lucci Post TS Zoro

    Let's see here.
    The Kuma>Mihawk thing is not far-fetched. Mihawk would probably win, but not with low-diff like some people say. He is underestimated for his powers.

    Luffy is not>The other two. Individualy, he wins.


    Lucci<Post TS Zoro.

    Anything else :tomato

    And as for the Kuma vs. Vista, I'm sticking with Kuma no matter what :giogio Again, people act like he has not chance in hell... when... acutally... he does :giogio

    I'll back that statement up too.
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/showthread.php?4721-Will-Garp-fight-Akainu/page2


    That's from when I first joined! :(
    Ha! Yea, I was new, so I didn't know what flaming was, ahahh!

    I'm just making random scenarios :hehee

    They'll be bros I'm sure :brofist
    What exactly are you talking about?

    Ha! Yea, it sure is :noworries

    Lucci vs. Moria PTS :maybe
    Ha! Yea I do :nod

    When I first joined I was at -2k :lmao Now I'm at about 35k or so.

    Moria: Well yea, I didn't mean it like that. Hahh! Let's just say I can't wait till' he comes back and curbstomps shit in the NW. Those damn moria haters are going to be eating their words :gun

    Lucci: I posted in that thread actually. If he comes back independantly... I'm not sure how much I'll like that. I mean, yea, I'll like that hes back, but I'm just not sure how Oda would make it happen.
    I'm still sticking with my Revo theory :hmpf

    But yea, I was just going through my VM's from when I first joined, and you were one of the first people to message me.

    Back in my Noob days :tomato... :sweatdrop... I mean, back in my Less-noob days :tomato
    Not much, not much.

    But yea, Avalon is a bitch :lmao

    He negs me a lot.

    He actually made a thread a whle ago (A horrible one at that), so I commented saying that it's funny how he negs me, yet he makes shit threads.

    I encouraged him to neg me, so he did :lmao

    :tomsulk... Moria needs to show up already... And Lucci!
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