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May 31, 2013
Jul 20, 2005
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Jan 27, 1986 (Age: 34)


Banned, 34

Grrblt was last seen:
May 31, 2013
    1. Overhaul
      Crazy like this chick or just crazy in the Revy way....The good way.:)

      :rotflYou're a bit kinky Grrblt.:hehee

      I wish I was there to see your epic post.Darn my inactivity.:(
    2. Overhaul
      Oh,I forgot, you can't see some vids on youtube.lol.......not that hot. Take a close look at her face.:notrust

      You act like I can't get you back.:smoke
      You and Soph aren't cool anymore?:uwah

      I read that as fuck school in the ass at first. Damn anal sex threads in my bathhouse!

      *her*........Looks like Suzume got the last laugh.:laugh
      Suzume was fun. You gotta admit Suzume started a lot of shit in the Bathhouse which made it more interesting. Lets not forget grandmasterkane.:love:LOS:love

      Shall I put you to bed.:suzuhiko
    3. Overhaul
      The music sucks,what's not to get. I agree, and finally someone who doesn't think fergie is hot.
      Oh Grrblt, this is the reason why I luvz joo and will hate to lose you.:hug
      I think Suzume has posted some interesting things that would make a lot of people rage if you don't find good guro.:hehee
    4. Overhaul
      Is an awesome guitarist. I won't hold this or this against him.:pek

      Fuck you! Then you won't leave and that means no guro porn posting.:tomasulk
    5. Overhaul
      Where is the slash Grrblt?....don't make me cum over there.:pek

      I'm sorry.:(:):(

      Really....:druul You'd do that for lil ol' me?:wtf Even though I'm always inactive on here and treat you like shit?:tomacry
      I'm touched in more ways than one.:cry
    6. Overhaul
      Too bad you're not a chick, Grrblt or you'd be able to multitask like the rest of us.:suave

      Maybe she doesn't like you anymore.:(

      Is it good porn?:pek Cuz if it isn't..........and you post fucking animu porn, it would all be for nothing!:mad
    7. Overhaul
      Message me back when you're on your knees. :3
    8. Overhaul
      lol, she doesn't pm you regularly like she does me. FAIL!:rotfl
    9. Overhaul
      *So I take you've been well.*:3
    10. Overhaul
      lol,so you finally open your messaging page for me. That's a gewd Grrblt.:iria Maybe I'll give you something special in return....maybe.;3
      So I
    11. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki

      Enjoy it faggurtz :ho :fu
    12. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Yeah, best part of the day amirite? :lmao
      Don't miss it :fu

      Also, how the fuck, do you... shave in front of the comp, lolz?

      I don't know, can't explain this shit system of mine. All I know is that I had... around 7 and I have 2 more final final shits :/ so a total of 9 bombs.
    13. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      That's like... the very best step of all dud.

      I mean all the good shit' is about to come man!

      1. had the "before last" exam today
      2. got home & lunch
      3. read on my thesis
      4. small headache and break
      5. porn
      6. /wrists/

      I'm at 3/4 now :uwah

      I wish I'd do something else but I'm runnin' out of time and I need to work on this :I

    14. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Hello Gurubitz, how are you mang? :awesome
    15. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      Customer Support: Yes sir, I'll take a look! :awesome
    16. suga
      I gotta go sleep :redface Uhm, nyyyaa ~
    17. Anjali
      I don't want to.

      You'll get what you want, now be happy. Good night.
    18. Anjali
      I'm not eating pizza, I'm helping my mom with a powerpoint presentation now :apathy
    19. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      Sir, I have passed your request to the rest of the Staff, I'll inform you what the result is. :salute
    20. Anjali
      But I cannot watch BBT and eat pizza while msning >:

      I'll come back after eating, k ? ~
    21. Anjali
    22. Anjali
      At least it's money ~

      I watched all the episodes, online. :hurr

      Okay !
    23. Anjali
      Yup !

      Also, to answer to your PM: no, I have no more exams, I'll just slack off and look for a job. Did you find one already ?
      Also, since when are you watching Big Bang Theory ?
    24. Anjali
      Hello and no, my parents are home today so it's impossible :tomato
    25. Anjali
      Good night, and try to survive boredom :tomato
    26. Anjali
      And I'm dead tired ! :sniff

      Don't you have a girlfriend for your entertainment ?
    27. Anjali
      Actually, I'll go to bed soon. Will reply to your pm tomorrow ~
    28. Splintered
      Oh you and your negs.
    29. Splintered
      No way, I get free name changes.
    30. Splintered
      I gots no powers Gerbil. I ain't even Shadow mod :'(
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    Jan 27, 1986 (Age: 34)
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