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  • It's pointless because the Drei Ritter are weaker than the Miroku's but have heavier weapons so the Miroku's are at a minimum that powerful. Getting numbers lower than 10 teratons serves no purpose.
    Been long so I don't know the link.
    Google is your friend though and I found them the same way.

    As for whom they can fight?
    Supersonic stats along with some wall level fighting abilities. Whoever you think can fit that bill.
    Sousuke's suit is small arms, fall, fire and knife proof. Albeit it apparently cannot protect against assault rifle shots or above.
    It's kind of sad that the adaptation very much ends before the plot gets really interesting.
    BTW, did you read the few side stories which are actually translated.
    On such short details some about Sousuke's past, for example.
    Until I play FSA, I'm not really comfortable fucking around with the Four Sword.

    We waited until Skyward Sword before it was confirmed the power to repel evil wasn't just some kind of hax for the Master Sword for example though.

    Maybe FS, MC, and FSA have something in it combined with Hyrule Historia that suggests the same, but I wouldn't know for sure
    Blue/Red Mail/Blue/Red Ring/Great Fairy Enhanced I suppose.

    And if you follow Taco's logic about the God's putting the items there for the Hero to pick up, they probably should be higher I suppose end of game.

    Would probably want to go fishing for multiple quotes before pursuing that though
    So... I've always been curious about this because I see you everywhere but how many accounts do you have on different forums?
    It's interesting, but I'd be hesitant to really conclude anything about it until we get more information.
    Majora's Mask is more plausible given the power of Ganon and Majora are similar enough

    Even if Onox didn't scale to it already? Powerscaling fodder bosses to an end game boss as powerful as Onox, even in base, would be a baseless comparison to draw.
    Its possible

    I mean, you do have ALTTP bosses surviving at least one blow from shit like bombos

    That said, these are bosses that were created by a stronger Ganon (full triforce and all)

    So, not sure about this really
    If I ever do, it'll be after I finish with the various series I'm still doing blogs for.
    I don't think that's very practical. First all the heads of all 4 sections would have to agree. Then you'd have to pray everyone got along. Arguments over how to do things. Etc
    I know, yeah.

    Its listed on the timeline and it's part of Before Crisis... even if that part of the game can't be found in video format.
    Well, you can powerscale their ultimate limits to the Turk that offed a gimped Zirconiade anyway.

    Durability would probably be about the same too.
    I can direct you to anri okita, julia (no last name given, just specify via "julia jav" in a web search), and akane yoshinage
    Nothing much really.

    Like I said, Rauru could have feasibly created that barrier over an extended period of time. It certainly makes more sense than a mortal sage possessing more power than Hylia's mortal avatar, control of powers or not.

    ToC just means MM Link gets powerscaled to things like WW Link's level I guess.
    Could also just be that he poured more power into it over an extended period of time too now that I think of it.

    Still, not a bad feat. I'll look it up.

    And I want a reference page for that too.
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