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  • Hey gurb, do you still have the photobucket account for the sex pixels?
    Oh I never feel gross, dirty is my constant state, I ride my bike everywere so im constantly covered in sweat/dirt/rain/street goop
    lives there for now. and lol as long as you get sweaty enjoying/jumping/going cloon for jens its all good.... even if you feel gross
    lol oh! my sister is planning on going too... she keeps talking crazily about how she emailed him like 3 weeks ago askin him when he was coming to portland and then it happened.
    but that sounds awesome
    mmm he is coming to portland soon i hear... isn't that where you are at? or did i mis-read or fucking pretend i read that?
    lol our compatibility is very high it says. i just wanted to see how compatible you were to me... thanks for sharing.
    do you have a last fm account?
    I am right now obsessed with Animal Collective, Fever Ray, Asobi Seksu, Joy Division (again) , and the knife.... oh and new yyy's of course.
    lol las vegas.... but its not that they don't come... its more so I just haven't been yet... >.< i mean jens has come to vegas a few times from what I know of it.... however not beirut.... I have this profound love for beirut... its almost religious
    T_T you seen beirut live too!?!?!?!!? i fucking live for beirut.... now i am hella jealous of you
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