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Guy Gardner
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Mar 26, 2016
Aug 1, 2005
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Guy Gardner

"I'm the crazy one."

Guy Gardner was last seen:
Mar 26, 2016
    1. Banhammer
      I'm banking entirely on my good faith in MS and knowing the brothers wont let me down
    2. Banhammer

      Also, just so you get an idea: Captain Marvel is to nova, the same way Wesley Crusher is to Captain Jean-Luc Piccard. Or the same way Jinora is to Aang.
    3. Banhammer
      I'm kicking myself for not getting it earlier
    4. Banhammer
      And after he made all that show about putting me on ignore list
    5. Banhammer
      deleting posts because ears everywhere
    6. Banhammer
      Yeah, but that was the specific solution to earth bending.

      It's a bad thing that she learned the same way. Should have done the opposite, the same way air opposes earth.
    7. Banhammer
      Yeah, that chick is voiced by Zelda Williams (that zelda)

      It's a set up for book four. Yes, its awful and awkward for now, but hey, what're you gonna do.

      And Korra's main philosophical belief is that her boyfriend's a pain in the ass, and she should avoid drama around him, mostly.

      Remember how she unlocked airbending by realizing that the secret all along was her need to accept that she really wanted to falcon punch bad guys?
    8. Banhammer
      My bad. I didn't realize this was Avatar: Legend of Jinora
    9. Banhammer
      Katara has that water because she made choices at the Oasis and that means something
      She gives the water to Aang and not Zuko and that means something
      Aang goes into the AS because he makes a choice and that means something
      Zuko makes a choice that allows for that context and that means something
      Azula manipulates those choices into an opurtunity and makes a choice to strike and that means something


      The poison is metallic
      Oh that's convenient I just so happen to be a metalbender.
    10. Banhammer
      The healing of Korra, vs the Healing of Aang for example
    11. Banhammer
      I know, right?

      I'm still recovering from "oxygen being a mineral"

      Its okay though, another day Banhammer goes into a thread and is made out to be satan
    12. Banhammer
      The villains don't get much of a spot light, and it becomes really ironic when Bo Lin is inventing back stories for each of them, but they're also not so stereotypical and strictly one note that you can't tolerate them either.

      Mostly. Of course Zaheer gets a bit more, but you mostly are okay with it

      Its still beautiful, and there's still a lot of love in it. A lot of people say its miles ahead of S1 and S2, and since most of those story lines are abandoned anyway, that might just be a good thing
    13. Banhammer
      Its definitely worth finishing.

      It has some huge drawbacks, but I only looks like I'm cleaving on them so harshly because of the company and the comparative nature of the issue at hand
    14. Banhammer
      I think I just gave myself superman feels again.

      I'm going to go watch Superman Vs the Elite 50 more times, brb
    15. Banhammer
      "Why hasn't anyone listened to me? I'm a bloody Ninja!"

      Not that Sinister was the end of that master class

      "There are no snowflakes in hell"
    16. Banhammer
      "Marrying into power is a fine english tradition"

    17. Banhammer
      "Your move, summers"
    18. Banhammer
      you? I doubt it, you would probably blow up very elegantly and no one would be thhe wiser

      You do have to know some tricks though
    19. Banhammer
      You should see me on the caf?

      I have like five different bans from the caf? only
    20. Banhammer
      Oh no, I was exceedingly disdainful of dc for no reason back when, but in my defense I was still high on avengeriffic goodness
    21. Banhammer
      i at least had the ability to concede to people who I thought knew more about the issues than i did back then
    22. Lucaniel
      welp, since this is neutral territory, i'll just post the link collating the event

    23. Lucaniel
      oh, did you catch those screenshots? in reply to your wesley question?
    24. Ennoea
      Nah I wasn't that crazy over MoS. We've had so many adaptations of it. At this point I'm okay with whatever I get.
    25. Ennoea
      Sadly nothing has really stood out in the Summer yet. Iron man 3 was okay because it had elements that I enjoyed, but overall it suffered. Not a fan of Star Trek and its writing. I guess Fast and the Furious was probably the best out of the releases.

      Really looking forward to Man of Steel, Pacific Rim and Elysium. That's where it will be. I have high hopes for Elysium, I feel like we're getting our generations Terminator.
    26. Slice
      Have you read Johns' final Green Lantern issue?
      He did a few "what will happen in X years" pages for each of the human Lanterns.

    27. Ben Grimm
      Ben Grimm
      Is Frank Miller crazy or just doing satire in your opinion?
    28. zipzapbirdo
      Mrs. Peenman will peen on your head!.
    29. Ben Grimm
      Ben Grimm
      I'm in Grad school, kind of in a tight spot. Trying my best to keep my 3.0 gpa so I don't get kicked out.
    30. Guy Gardner
      Guy Gardner
      ... Seriously?! Holy shit, I wish I knew that.
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