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Last Activity:
Apr 29, 2015
Jul 30, 2006
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I'm alive, sob


You're gonna hear me roar, from I'm alive, sob

Hagen was last seen:
Apr 29, 2015
    1. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      another butthurt person :LOS

      your pathetic really 1neg = 1 badge of butthurt
    2. Overhaul
    3. Overhaul

      So just now I saw your post in the Kimi fc. You gonna get banned some day?:uwah
      naughty boy.:hurr
      Now is that gonna be a permban on request or suicidal permban. I couldn't read the rest of your post clearly due to tears.:cry Wrrrrry, must all the good ones go.:-(
    4. Overhaul
      Good night, sweet prince.:(
    5. Shibo Hebihime Uirusu
    6. Anego
      lacks of my glamour...?
      what's that suppose to mean? :D

    7. Anego
      lockieeeeeeeeeeeeee! i miss uuuuuuuuuuuu! *waves* (>.<)/
    8. Shibo Hebihime Uirusu
      Shibo Hebihime Uirusu
      He's more like an idol to me:hurr As odd as that sounds, I'm a real Oto-tard:lmao
    9. Shibo Hebihime Uirusu
      Shibo Hebihime Uirusu
      Yeah, I is now teh owner of the Oro fanclub!:iria
    10. Shibo Hebihime Uirusu
      Shibo Hebihime Uirusu
      Hey Locard I has happy news :iria
    11. Overhaul
      Wut'chu gonna be doing on Halloween,luv?:3
    12. shadow5050
      Oh man. It's good to see kim fans. He was one of the greatest created character. I sure miss him.
    13. Tay
      Yeah that is true.

      Posting more would definitely help, but actually doing it would be the difficult part. I talked to some people on Skype a while ago, but I doubt they remember. :lmao
    14. KidQuick
      That is definitely a good thing!
    15. KidQuick
      You're right, I'm not new. In the past I had an NF account handle named Solar. I started that one in late 05/early 06 I think. But I was spending too much time on NF, so I asked the mods to ban me. Now I'm back, out of college, and with a little more self-control.
    16. Tay
      Ohh, never been to the OBD.

      Haha, I know not to post, some of them don't take to newcomers well.
      However, they do care about each other a lot, so I can respect that.
    17. KidQuick
      I'd don't post anywhere but here. But the best forum is easily comicbook resources. (CBR for short).
    18. Tay
      Hmm, my favorite section used to be the Chatterbox.
      Now I don't really know. I like reading posts in the blender when I'm bored. They're such a funny group of people.
    19. KidQuick
      I'd say that I used to read a lot of comics. I began collecting them in 1995-ish and did so on and off until 2005. But when I was collecting it was on a pretty epic scale. In college I would spend about $5o a week on comics. Are you currently collecting?
    20. Tay
      I know it's pointless to be shy on the internet, but I still somewhat care about how people will perceive me.

      In real life, I can be very outgoing or very shy, it just depends on the situation.
    21. Tay
      Nah, I like it here.
      I would post more, but I'm incredibly shy.
    22. Tay
      Wow, that's really generous!
      Congrats on 4,000 posts.
      I doubt I'll even get 1000. :lmao
    23. Distracted

      Did you not look at the link I sent you? There I fixed it. Be closer to that size and you'll be all right.
    24. Distracted
      Your signature is still slightly over.

      There is a 3 strike rule we have when it comes to signatures. On the third strike you get a signature seal for a week. You can read the rules and see an image of how large your signature can be here:

    25. Distracted
      Your signature is over size limits by a tad. Put the bottom stuff under one spoiler tag and you should be fine. I'm giving you a chance to fix it without losing a strike :zaru
    26. Tay
      Ohh, I see. I thought it would be something similar to H1N1, a lot of people here are getting it.

      That's good that you like where you live. I've always wanted to visit California, and I think I'm going there in November for vacation.
      Hot weather is the worst.

      I wouldn't say it was better, they are about the same, but I was born in Austin so I automatically like it.
    27. Tay
      Yeah, I'm glad it was just a day. Do you know what you were sick with?
      When I was sick in February, I thought I was going to die, too. Not a good feeling. Good thing you didn't crash on the way to the hospital.

      You know, I would rather live in Dallas than any other part of Texas, except Austin, Austin is awesome. There's nothing wrong with it here, but I have lived in Texas my whole life, so I would like move. Maybe to a state that has cooler weather.

      Ohh, California, I have always wanted to go there. Do you like it?
    28. Tay
      Oh man, sorry you were sick! I had a fever on Saturday, but I'm fine now.

      Yes, I'm from Texas. The Dallas area to be exact. It's ok here, but I don't plan on staying. What about you?
    29. Tay
      Hey! I'm doing great, what about you?
      No scary bug encounters recently... just annoying mosquitoes.
    30. Overhaul
      You really can't see your rep/neg comments anymore?!:uwah:wth
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    I'm alive, sob
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    Too ashamed to disclose
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    dunno lol
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    busy guy

    watching paint dry
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