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Hakan Erkan
Last Activity:
Aug 21, 2016
Apr 2, 2012
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May 18, 1992 (Age: 27)

Hakan Erkan

Well-Known Member, 27, from T?rkiye

Hakan Erkan was last seen:
Aug 21, 2016
    1. Erkan12
      korsanfan var mesela oraya bakabilirsin
    2. Erkan12
      olmazmı t?rk forumları var bir s?r?
    3. Erkan12
      sıkıntı yok, bende askerden d?neli birka? ay oldu işte, istanbul tarafında olduğumdan buralar pek etkilenmiyor, doğu tarafları her zaman ki gibi sıkıntı sadece
    4. Erkan12
      T?rk m?s?n ?
    5. Beckman
      Another game, another win. This is starting to look damn good :bury
    6. Beckman
      Amazing :catsalute

      Haven't seen them that good since the Real CL semi.

      Might be a great year this, if we can just avoid all the damn injuries :catflip

      Bayern also looked damn strong tho.
    7. Beckman
      Ye :catcry

      Altho in all honesty, don't think you were alone in that call.
    8. Kaan
      Only because we let it.

      Stupid goal to cop at Fener's ground considering a draw would've pretty much knocked em out of the title race. The 2-2 at home was even more stupid.
    9. Beckman
      It' might be time for a new voice in the locker room. Wanna see if he can turn it around before the season ends before I jump the kick Klopp train.

      I still consider him a top trainer :catprone
    10. Raid3r2010
      Where are you brah ? Join us !

    11. Kaan
      Hamza what a gun so far. 6 from 6 in domestic matches if we don't count Arsenal.
    12. Vɑnƶ
      I finally went back to school after 2 years

      So i have been real busy with studying too

      Need to catch up with my pals who are 2 years ahead of me now
    13. Kaan
      Hamza is the best Turkish manager available I reckon. Would've preferred Ersun but we were too slow.

      I don't think he'll do something stupid like bench Sneijder because he'll lose the fans.
    14. Vɑnƶ
      Holyfuck, almost got a heart attack

      How is life, mate ?
    15. Beckman
      I still have hopes for Immobile, he would need some time to get used to Dortmund & Bundesliga and probably won't reach his full potential until next season. Ramos was never really supposed to replace Lewy but rather to be a better backup than Schieber which he is. Aubameyang can also do a good job up front.

      I think we've been really unlucky in the league tbh. Like against Hannover we had 17 shots on goal, hit the post, hit the bar etc, etc but just couldn't get that one goal. Still think we can reach a top 4 spot as long as Klopp manages to adapt to the defensive style the BL teams use against us.

      But yeah, losing Reus would be disasterous, could be what opens the floodgate and Hummels/G?ndogan and the rest of our stars might doubt our ambition and chose to leave aswell. Really hope he will sign a new contract but it seems unlikely. Especially now when we might miss the CL next year.

      Is that Elmander in your avy?
    16. Beckman
      Wish Dortmund could play as well in the league as they do in CL.. we're second last now...
    17. Beckman
      I'm an important man know, you need to make an appointment. :noworries

    18. Kaan
      Prandelli and Albayrak are such dumbasses for dropping Sneijder, who does something like that.
    19. Kaan
      Most fans wont accept it but we should bring in Ersun Yanal.
    20. Kaan
      You were right, we suck.

      Why is it that only the traitor Fatih Terim can get this team to play properly, I don't get it.
    21. Raid3r2010
      Its alright.I got a job too.

      Of course I did.Top quality mangas.Just to mention some ... Akira,Hungry Joker,Samurai Deeper Kyo,Law of Ueki and Rave (10 V or so ... got bored to read it on pc so im waiting for VIZ to do a remake or something to buy all volumes.What have u read lately ?

      And btw,post more often on TMF !
    22. Raid3r2010

      I see.How's life ?
    23. Kaan
      That's too bad. Hopefully we bring in Mondragon as the goalkeeper coach.

      Really happy with Prandelli though I reckon it's gonna work out.
    24. Raid3r2010
      Hello,u still active here ? xD
    25. Urouge
      I don't know bro the ligue 1 highlight had it for a while now

      Why you gotta show a vid of the shitty club :pek Lyon and asse hate each other as much as fenerbace hate gala
    26. Admiral Kizaru
      Admiral Kizaru
      Hey I'm good. Busy with shit these days so less time on NF ..... which is a good thing though.

      How are you?

      Yeah we better fucking win tomorrow, or should I say today as it's past midnight now. I honestly will probably have to go into hiding if we fuck up the FA cup final. I'll just be getting abuse from all quarters. :(

      Can't wait for the World Cup. As Turkey aren't in it who will you be supporting?
    27. Kaan
      Thing with Mancini is it would take like 10m to pay him out and that's a lot for us. And Unal Aysal wants to keep him next year anyway.

      We're in trouble next year coz of that foreign player rule going down to 5. Muslera-Telles-Melo-Sneijder-Bruma is probably the 5 that will mainly play so we don't even have room to buy a striker. Maybe we will loan Bruma and get a striker?

      Oh and happy birthday for tomorrow :)
    28. Kaan
      Sneijder <3
      How do you compare the new OP to the other 2?

      And seriously dude, how many OraOraOras can you do in 5 seconds? Full swings with your body going into each punch, and your voice howling from your gut with every Ora. In front of everyone you know to boot :maybe
      How many OraOraOras can you do in 5 seconds?

      (it's back! smile-big)
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  • About

    May 18, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Sir Crocodile, Yoshikage Kira, Polat Alemdar, Dark Schneider, Gutts, Piccolo, Kenshiro, Alucard
    Soccer,Linkin Park.
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