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Jan 20, 2010
Nov 11, 2008
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Feb 7, 1990 (Age: 27)
Waiting in the Mist

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I ♥ You Zabuza, 27, from Waiting in the Mist

hakushiro109 was last seen:
Jan 20, 2010
    1. Stephen
      Well well hello long time no see stranger ^^
    2. CaloricMoon
      yay haku fan :iria there is a wonderful hakuXhinata fc that needs new members who love either or even both :wtf care to join?
    3. Darcy
      Hmm, I'm very unobservant. :wha I didn't even see you sent me a message (on the 18th! :arg) till today. Sorry 'bout that. Umm...I'm alright. How are you? xD
    4. Lucrecia
      Hello :awesome
    5. IshimaruMinako
      Thanks, I'm better now, the doctor drugged me up and I can hardly feel anything......0_0 XD Urgh, studying is nasty.....T_T
    6. Shikinodara5
      well it wasnt actually drool it was Jamba Juice! :lmao This is the first time i actually had no cavities! So i got lucky. (no dentist for 6 months!) Oh twilight? Ive read one of the books. it acually wasnt bad. i didnt do nothin friday. (its fun to listen to other peoples though :amuse) Today i actually went to Knotts Berry Farm, with family (family tradition)
    7. S?phi?
      :lmao It's actually alright, they pay me overtime so i'm all good. :amuse

      I actually just woke up.. It's 6AM here.. :LOS

      I have tons of homework too but i did it at work yesterday. :amuse
    8. Shikinodara5
      Me and my bros were actin really imature with our numb lips. He kept drooling and didnt even kno till everyone laughed at him! :laugh :rofl Speaking of the dentist I HAV NO CAVITIES!!! (for once) WOO HOOOO!!! finally luck hits me! no fillings!!! :naruko :naruko :naruko So how was ur friday?
    9. IshimaruMinako
      Hey, sorry for the late reply, been busy...hehe....:D I'm good, but I got a nasty ear ache. How about you?
    10. S?phi?
      Hey thar!!! :iria

      Yeaah sorry i had a busy ass day.. Worked more hours than i wanted too and passed out as soon as i got home.. How was your day? :iria
    11. TatsuBon
      am alright
    12. kushina710
      ok SPAZ i know your on, cause i sense a presence, an appirition among us.. oh wait it is just Haku's spirit... love you :<3
    13. Shikinodara5
      the dentist is HELL!!! :D: they gagged me twice! the only fun thing is playing with ur numb lips afterwords. :rofl
    14. Shikinodara5
      Oh its nothin. :lalala Wait till u get to know me! Ur gonna get alot of these questions. :del And its good ur doin wonderful too. The only thing making my day a tad less than wonderful is that hell house- i mean dentist!
    15. kushina710
      here is the link that you asked for.....
    16. Shikinodara5
      Im pretty awesome at the moment! :del So hows life treatin u?
    17. kushina710
      here is the link
    18. izzyisozaki
      :LOS Nice tastes you got there
    19. TatsuBon
      hai :awesome
    20. Cuntacular
      Well, I'm fine..:iria
      How bout you,.?:hurr
    21. kushina710
    22. kushina710
      yep, things are going very well... i am so glad that you like it here, and i am glad that i found you on here. you are the best. :iria. i think i am going to go to bed right now. so talk to you laters.. but i will talk to you in the am. deal. :glomp:naruko:hug:sleepy:pajamas
    23. Soldier
      Oh okay! :iria And thanks ^^ Your Profile Consists Of My Two Favorite Naruto Characters, So You've Already Made It To My Good Side. Welcome To The Land Of Kai. :X3
    24. Soldier
      Uhm.. Sorry, but who are you? ><''
    25. IshimaruMinako
      I'm awesome, it's a friday! XD
    26. IshimaruMinako
      Yo homie! XD How are ya doing today?
    27. kushina710
      just stoppin by to say hey, hope you are likin the NF so far, i see that you have met one of my friends.. they are great... anyway, join more FC's, learn more about naruto and your favorite characters... talk to you later... love your pics...
    28. Cuntacular
      Hi, welcome to this forum. Wish you luck!:tem
    29. Shikinodara5
      Welcome to NF my friend! :thumbs
    30. kushina710
      i think that i am going to finish that itachi pic in the am, o wait it is am... :rofl how you like my hair in this smiley 0 look like someone we know.. lol...
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  • About

    Feb 7, 1990 (Age: 27)
    Waiting in the Mist
    Favorite Character(s):
    Haku, Zabuza Tayuya, Tsunade, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Asuma, Kakashi, Kurenai, Shikamaru, and Jiraiy
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 12


    Made By: Red Sands​

    Proud Member Of:

    The Tsunade FC
    The Gallant Jiraiya FC
    The Kakashi FC
    Sarutobi Asuma FC
    Asuma X Kurenai FC
    The Dead Characters FC
    The Pairing Peace FC
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