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Halloween Fanatic
Feb 29, 2012
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    1. Cobalt
      Nah it's all good don't worry about it!

      Thanks! I appreciate it hopefully all goes well, I'm just waiting for this semester to end..after Thanksgiving I only have about two-three weeks.
    2. Zorp
      Ouch. A knee injury sounds rough. I've never had one, but my knees crack every time they bend and I get the feeling I'll be a hobbly old man by the age of 50, sporting little to no cartilage. Are you just going to rest your leg, or take other measure to get better? It would be hard doing your job with that injury.

      I've been doing the same as well. Work hasn't been as stressful as usual and I'm getting more support from my boss, which is a comfort. He even paid for me to go out and have a nice $30 dinner just to reduce the stress (personally, I don't think it's an effective stress-reduction method, but I won't turn down a juicy streak). I've been playing Bravely Default, which is a 3DS RPG and it's a great callback to old Final Fantasy games. I'm also re-watching the anime Durarara!!! so I can remember what the heck happened before diving into season 2. Oh, and I've been on an audio book kick for the past few months, devouring Dresden Files books while driving. Makes me feel like I'm using my commuting time productively.
    3. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      You should watch the "Resurrection of Jake the Snake". Dude's in a good place now, which is great since he's one of the all time greats.
      1. Halloween Fanatic
        Halloween Fanatic
        I cannot tell you how hard I marked out when Ambrose finally won the title.

        I'm guessing he drops it Sunday though.
        Jul 22, 2016
      2. Grand Cross
        Grand Cross
        It's been a weird time. Goldberg main eventing Mania in 2017.
        Mar 30, 2017
    4. Zorp
      Thanks for the rep, bud. How've you been?
    5. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Here's what I remember from back then: "This is so cool! I wanna be like Undertaker, Kane, Austin and Rock!"

      So I tried out their moves on my middle school friends. Realized I wasn't strong enough to chokeslam or tombstone anyone. I tried stunning people, but it never seemed to do any damage. I thought I was doing it wrong because when Austin did it shit like this happened. That just left the Rock Bottom. That I could do, and did a LOT. :lmao

      But yeah, I'd say wrestling was the shit from 97-2006ish. A lot of people give vince Russo crap for his stories, but the man understood that people came for the stories first and maybe the wrestling second. Right now the industry has some of the most athletic wrestlers ever, but they just don't have any story. I'd take a Jake Roberts, who had amazing ring psychology and a defined character over guys like Sin Cara any day of the week.

      I can't see this business every churning out a heel on the level of Triple H or Vince McMahon ever again since telling stories has taken a back seat to "THIS IS HOW YOU USE THE WWE APP TO ORDER THE WWE NETWORK".

      Lucha Underground I've been keeping my eyes on. It has its own faults, but it's getting better as it goes along. They started shooting season 2 last weekend.
    6. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      That shirt is BA, but I'd never get it because I'd know I'm directly supporting Reigns :pek

      Got a King of Bad News shirt doe :del

      You know, looking back I think the N.W.O. might be the most successful wrestling brand. I still see their merch being sold, and lots of people that wear their stuff don't even know it's a wrestling group.
    7. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      It's not my fault my dad didn't dick my mom in the 80s, man. "It wasn't my fault." (lol, Snitsky)

      I'd actually be totally down for Cena ending the streak... last year. This video convinced me why. That storyline would've been so hype
    8. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      I really hate Reigns, especially after the stuff he's said in interviews. "Hey, I'll just do what they tell me and make a lot of money," and "If fans think I'm so bad, maybe they should get in the ring with me and see how long they can lock up," etc. I'm really not feeling him, and Ambrose has been booked pretty terribly all year, so I'm not interested in his character at all.

      I've been skipping Pay-per-views like crazy because none of the storylines are even decent. The only thing that made me watch HiaC was Taker vs Brock, same for Summerslam. Likewise, I'm only watching Survivor Series because Taker and Kane vs Wyatts.

      I've been a fan since I was like 5 in 97, strictly WWE (Taker, Rock, Austin, Kane). I'm mostly just a Wade Barrett and Kevin Owens mark right now.

      I don't want another boring Sheamus reign unless it turns over into a feud with Barrett for the title.

      Speaking of boring and title reigns, Del Rio being back also severely hurts my interest in the product. :lmao
    9. Cobalt
      Hey! How's it going?

      Ahh you know it's been going alright, I changed my major from Computer Science to Secondary Education because Computer Science requires to many math courses and I'm terrible at math. Plus, I've been considering becoming a teacher for a while now so I think this is the major I want to stick with.

      I wish haha, next year a few friends and I are looking to get a house off campus because it is a lot cheaper compared to living on campus :tomato
    10. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Seriously didn't know you were a wrasslin' fan all this time.

      When Edge and Jericho revealed that he fucked up Barrett and Nexus' storyline at Survivor Series :lmao. So much fucking hate lawl.

      Get ready for your new Roman overlord.

    11. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      Waiting for Wade Barrett to become World Champion :noworries


      Other than that, same ol' bullshit.

      I slowed my posting down after you and some of the other old dudes left. I only post when threads get real bad nowadays to call everyone faggots :lmao
    12. Halloween Fanatic
      Halloween Fanatic
      Around. I peak in here when a new chapter is out or about to be. Had to sign in after this last one with the shitstorm it caused. This place came back to life and I was enjoying the reactions. Cannot wait to see what happens if Nanao takes down the God Chicken.

      This was completely lolKubo, but still entertaining at least.

      Otherwise, just same ol', same ol'. Working, fighting the urge to stab idiots, waiting to see the full havoc Rollins injury will unleash upon the WWE.

    13. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      So wazzap, brah. Where you been?
    14. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      No, worse. Defund planned parenthood!
    15. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      I'm a super edgy lone wolf now, dawg.
    16. rocconorth
      Always nice to bring something knew to anyone's perspective. Thanks for the compliment.:)
    17. azoba
      Thanks for the rep!
    18. rocconorth
      Thanks for the rep and acknowledgement that Nanao is, indeed, a grade A piece. :wink
    19. Cobalt
      Thanks man!

      Yeah I'm getting up there :lmao
    20. Grand Cross
      Grand Cross
      6 Arms to Killing You 2 :LOS
    21. CA182
      it's alright man. :brofist

      And I've been good. A bit tired and lazy but good. wbu?
    22. BreadBoy
      Yeah, Zombie Yammy would be the perfect solution. Plus, Mayuri stated interest in the body that Yammy had, so it's not like it wouldn't make sense, especially since even after Ken and Byakuya returned to SS, his body was still intact.

      Plus, Toshiro's an actual problem now. Most captains are out of commission when you think about it (Komamura, Soifon, Rose, Kensei, Unohana, Kenpachi) and the vice captains aint doing jack diddly against any captain, sooooo...... :maybe
    23. CA182
      Woah hey there bro.

      Aint talked to you in agesss. :lmao
    24. BreadBoy
      Thanks for the rep mate. Zombie Yammy would be amazing, and we would get a chance to see what his enraged state could do XD. And since they're not in the soul society entirely, they don't have to worry about damage to the place! :zaru
    25. Zorp
      I have a feeling that Yumichika and Ikkaku are going to be passive observers until the current fight is over, like Renji and Ishida were in HM. Heck, they may even be done for the arc. Mayuri is such a criminally intelligent beast. One-shotting zombie Bambi with prep. I have no idea what Giselle thinks she's going to accomplish by controlling a horde of fodder. The Arrancars should tear them apart, easy. I would lose my mind if Mayuri pulled out his Yammy card. :LOS

      Thanks for the encouragement and moral support. Everyone can use a little more of that in their lives. Volunteering at the library has been okay so far, but gathering materials from the shelves can be a painful process of finding the needle in the haystack. The music is almost always guaranteed to be unorganized due to people misplacing them haphazardly. There must be around 60 categories, too, so the challenge is memorizing the library's layout in order to navigate the sections quickly. I must say that it is a calm environment, though. Who doesn't like a quiet, air-conditioned, knowledge-filled place with staff members who believe in their cause? Still looking for these hot librarians you speak of, haha. Most of the people working at the library are middle aged or older. Some of the volunteens, on the other hand...

      I have 16 days of vacation per year, although I only used about 7 last year. Every day I take off puts me 3 days behind. It's hard to relax and enjoy your vacation when you know it is only creating more work for you when you return. But never taking vacation isn't a healthy answer, either. We are experiencing what is essentially a non-stop busy season right now. It might cool off in late October, if I had to guess. I'll make sure to take a couple days in August so I don't lose the vacation and to ease my wearied mind. I'm putting more thought than ever into a potential career move, which is a challenge when you don't have strong feelings toward anything in particular. I learned that dental hygienists are some of the highest-paid people who can do their job with an Associate's Degree. They average $70,000.00 across the nation. In my area, the starting wage is around $50-58,000.00. The flip side is that they have to fight to get hours and they get little to no benefits. My dental hygienist has 5 kids and pays $1,900 per month for his own medical insurance. That's a hearty chunk of pay. Even so, he likes his career and it speaks to the lucrative income of the job that he can provide well for 5 kids and his wife who is a hair stylist. I wouldn't mind cleaning people's teeth, although I hear you have to make sure not to injure your back leaning over all those patients. Did I mention that most dental hygienists earn that amount only working 30-36 hours per week? I love me some free time.

      Way cool that you are looking at a supervisory position! Would it be any harder than what you are doing right now? Less time for NF at work? I agree that a good vehicle is an investment choice for you given the fact that you'll be spending a lot of time camping out in your ride. Would you prefer a car, SUV, or some other type of vehicle? A fuel-efficient vehicle might save you some cash in the long-run, even though they are more expensive. You'll have to let me know how your real estate adventures go. I don't know jack about that. The idea of maintaining my own house doesn't especially appeal to me at this point. But if you are willing to take care of it, a house can become a solid asset. More power to you.
    26. Shakar
      Thanks for the rep :datass
    27. Shakar
      Thanks for the rep :ryoma
    28. Deathbringerpt
      No prob, if I did is cause you're having fun in the Telegrams instead of being a malcontent pissant so that's always good.

      Why did I rep you, btw?
    29. -Z-
      Your welcome! :thumbs
    30. Ghost
      no problem. ^^
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