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  • > 10 idiots
    > An admin had to close a thread because what you said was so incredibly retarded that there was no saving that thread.
    You're a fucking joke ^ (use bro). Don't worry though, we'll be there to laugh at you again if the oportunity arises.
    The way you revenge-neg gives away how beta you are.
    A Optimistic
    A Optimistic
    revenge negging is what real niggas do
    Levels of Bitchmade:

    Level 1: Negging someone.
    Level 2: Negging someone on the XenForo reputation system
    Level 3: Being butthurt and revenge negging.
    Level 4: Being butthurt you got revenge negged and taking it to a ^ (use bro)'s profile.
    Level 5: Responding to said profile post with more than two words.
    Level 99: Reporting a ^ (use bro).
    A Optimistic
    A Optimistic
    Have an informative. :yousmart
    hmm, i'd argue that there wasn't a massive strength difference. I'd definately give the edge to ichibei tough.
    I noticed it when I was debating about the SK in another Bleach thread (which got locked up as usual). It can't be a coincidence that the shaking starts when the SK is vulenerable and stops when Mimihagi wraps around him, then it starts back up when Yhwach rips the arm off. The arm is clearly holding back the planet level energy.
    Keep the fine bitches coming.

    @Maerala So Christ is watching? Thx for the heads up. Was wondering who said "Dat ass" when I was checking out that girl in the pic.
    Thanks for the reps yeah 8th gate guy delivered despite kishi running on fumes at that point in the story.

    Glad you think it looks nice(the fight in the anime itself was kinda underwhelming).
    All you thirsty ass children coming to this profile to find out who "that girl"'s name is, Christ is watching.
    Thaks for the rep man! Have to admit, loving the USA Kobe Pic almost as much as the boobs :maybe
    I guess my neg struck a nerve :lmao You know someone's pissed when they revenge neg you. Oh well :zaru
    Actually, stick with the 3D girls. Everyone, makes anime set, but you're one of the only one's who makes good human sets. At least, that's what I think...
    Knock...knock...dude. I'm leaving you gold in your albums...at least acknowledge the fact...and, maybe, return the favor. We've both put work into putting together albums so I don't think I'm asking that much.
    I understand your reluctance to change up your sig...especially when it comes to the girl used in your avatar as well, but I'd be interested to see what other beauties you've got stowed away on your hard drive...:maybe
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