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Dec 22, 2014
Apr 23, 2010
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Shipping NaruHina


will not come back., from Shippingland

hannah was last seen:
Dec 22, 2014
    1. Suit
      Hannah! It's all over! You gotta come back! :catsad

      NH won... :catroll
    2. Shoukry
      Something interesting.. SHOCKING?! EVEN SCARY??!?! http://www.narutoforums.com/images/smilies/series2/swtfpm5.gif

      Isn't that a bit much? :maybe :hehee
    3. CA182

      Are you still alive? :uwah
    4. Suit
      You can though! Come onnnn. You can do it. We miss you! And RedChidori can't keep HoU active by himself! :cry
    5. Suit
      Hannah. If by chance you just drop by and read your VMs, please read this one.

      Come. Back. Now. That's an order.
    6. Revolution
      Haven't seen you on NF in a while. Are you really not coming back? Naruto got ridiculous from Kaguya showing up?
    7. Bontakun
      Sure :grin

      The World Cup is basically a big fat competition to see who could out-guess who about the winner of the whole thing (with some betting more often than not, even it it's just betting a dinner as in my case :laugh). I'm banking on the Germans finally getting the championship after coming very close for the last few World Cups. Mainly because among the big guns, I like their efficient style of play. You probably already know Brazil is the host and also the favorite to win the tournament.

      England, who is a fan favorite all over the world due to their Premier League, disappointed again this time by losing out on the first round.

      We're about at the end of the first round, called the group stage.

      People in the workplace think the (macroeconomic) forecasting team should be able to forecast the winners more accurately than the average. Well so far so good for my personal predictions. Except that today German tied with Ghana instead of beating them, which was unexpected :angrywife
    8. Suit
      You'll come back. You better come back :maybe:gun
    9. hannah
      Goodbye NF. (you know who you are) :33

      I'm going to miss you all. :stfu :cry
      Unfortunately my favorite section in the forums: HoU is absolutely ruined by its moderators Kenneth and Rinoa.

      I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly, but I feel made fun of and just can not stay here any longer under their rule.

      It's been fun hanging out in HoU. Thank you for being my friends all these years. :hug

      I wish you all the best in the future. :hug

      Really, thank you. :cry
    10. Bontakun
      I wouldn't put much stock in Muslim culture. Almost all the military conflicts in the modern world involve Muslims on at least one side. Most recent for example are Muslims vs Buddhists in Myanmar, Muslims vs Han Chinese in central China, Muslims vs Secularists in Egypt. Perhaps the lack of a female voice in the home leads to violent choices. Makes sense when you think about it from the evolutionary point of view. Why are men, who don't need to bear children, more powerfully muscled, faster healing, and larger than women? We are made for war. When you allow men to run rampant, they will go to war. And on the opposite side, I've lived in the Gulf, in a country where the women are western educated and have feminist beliefs. The country is peaceful even though it's Muslim.

      I'm not saying there's a simple relationship between male dominance and acts of war in Muslim culture, but there's certainly a whole lot real life of cases pointing to that.

      I'm happy you found female friends :hug

      Thanks for the resources.

      Has the thread been fetched out of the rubbish yet? I'll put in my opinion to help.

      Do you follow the World Cup by the way? Quite a lot of surprising defeats in the group rounds :faint
    11. Suit
      Oh, I read the message before you deleted it :laugh

      I was just wondering what the "guilt" reason was about.
    12. Suit
      Guilt? Lolwut?
    13. Bontakun
      Read your replies. An acceptable point of view, and very unique for the free and modern world. Would discuss further but thread is closed :zaru

      How did you draw this conclusion about male authority by the way? Personal relationships? Observed family? Or reading academic studies?

      (maybe I'll show the studies to my girlfriend when I need to convince her to follow. hohoho :hoho)
    14. ch1p
    15. Suit
      Thread got closed. Bleh. Guess we should have seen that one coming.
    16. bluemiracle
      its just my opinion because I think the treatment this pairing frequently gets is quite unfair and misunderstood. I don't intend on debating or reply to anything :)

      Thanks for the rep anyway
    17. ch1p
      You deleted my comment here. That's hillarious. :rotfl
    18. Revolution
      I wouldn't call Karin violent. Irrationally horney and emotional maybe, but not violent (other then against Suigetsu or that guy who tried to "have his way" at her first appearance)
    19. Zyrax
      You are not kawaii :stfu
    20. Zyrax
    21. Shoukry
    22. Shoukry
      I'm alright. xD
      Been awhile. :sweatdrop
    23. CyberianGinseng
      What? Is your sig supposed to represent soul mates or something like that?
    24. dinamo
    25. Dominus
      You mean you miss the "old" South Park? The new season is coming out this year.
    26. Dominus
      It's probably at the same time the funniest and the weirdest game I've played. I highly recommend it.

      Thanks. I wanted it to be a unique name and I thought of it while I was watching South Park of course. :)
    27. Dominus
      Respect me! :lbj

      You watch South Park? Have you played The Stick of Truth? :distracted
    28. Zyrax
      Let the smile off your mind
    29. Shoukry
      How are you? :33
    30. Shoukry
      OMG that movie! :rotfl
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