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Sep 17, 2020 at 10:13 AM
Oct 11, 2005
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Gairyu Isle, Japan
The path on which you must gamble your life and wa


The Legendary Samurai, Male, from Gairyu Isle, Japan

Haohmaru was last seen:
Sep 17, 2020 at 10:13 AM
    1. hgfdsahjkl
    2. hgfdsahjkl
      first half of OP 382 had really good animation
      also ep 383 will be great see the preview for it

      both are filler and there is no sub for them :zaru
    3. hgfdsahjkl
      usually it was only those rare moments by naoki tate

      but in this arc the quality increased there were several great episodes
      next time i will tell you which episodes to watch if you want :wink :)
    4. hgfdsahjkl

      one piece sakuga clips
      lately one piece got great animation moments
      i dont know if you watch it or not :)
    5. hgfdsahjkl
      sure :wink
    6. hgfdsahjkl

      do you know what episode of Seirei No Moribito at 2:51
      i remember i saw that part in the promotion only
    7. hgfdsahjkl
      ah i see
      but as an anime only viewer i didnt find anything wrong (still i dont find it a big deal)
      the style they give for kakuzu movement was great
      as an anime viewer i can say that this episode made him look more badass for me :)
    8. hgfdsahjkl
      the animation suprvisor is Hirofumi Suzuki (amazing director)
      but he had several big animators working with him in this episode one of them is norio

      why are people complaining about kakuzu and kakashi one on one ?
    9. hgfdsahjkl
      did you see shippuden 85
      that was crazy

      one of anime best episode ever ever
    10. hgfdsahjkl

      wow i hope they are new for you :)
    11. hgfdsahjkl
      i wonder from where it was too
      yeah i dont know it but i remember watching something with similar art may be same studio or something

      i saw episode 82 and it was masterpiece
      i was speechless

      looking forward to ep 85
    12. hgfdsahjkl
      no it wasnt TTGL i was just mentioning it :)
      it exactly starts at 1:57 where you see a girl jumping is that too Tsukikage Ran :)
      Kishi changed his art style according to Hirofumi SUZUKI during part 1 you can notice that his character designation is different from the early chapters (Hirofumi SUZUKI art scares Kishi lol)
      i really like Hirofumi SUZUKI art style :)

      i am more excited to watch ep 82 since you said it was great i am just waiting for the sub :)

      i wasnt able to make a Nicovideo account :cry
    13. hgfdsahjkl
      thanks man :) badass scenes
      i was going to tell you about naruto episode 82 but i saw you in konoha tv so i knew you know about it
      dont forget episode 85 is supposed to be done by Hirofumi SUZUKI too which is a fighting episode
      if so we will be seeing some orgasmic animation :)

      damn it takeshi koike is some series stuff

      do you know what anime at 1:57

      TTGL works i think it is the last one
      was mind blowing
    14. ~Shin~
      Just wanted to share this with you since you also like well animated scenes:


      I'm not specifically referring to that video (though it is a nice video), you can see all the related videos and it has quite a variety of different animators' work.
    15. ~Shin~
      Do you mean where I got it or what series is it from?

      If you're asking what series it is from then they are from a fanart of Johan from Monster.

      As for where I got it, I just searched around in google.jp for some fanart (I just put in the name of the show in Japanese and add "fanart" in the end) and found it. I don't have the exact website name right now though.

      But yeah I'm loving the artwork too. It's probably the best Monster fanart I've seen.
    16. hgfdsahjkl
      yeah it might be him
      i will try to search about it

      but from 2004 - 2008 he evolved greatly now you can easily know him in soul eater:)

      the uploader wrote 00:35 is yutaka i dont know if he means before or after
    17. hgfdsahjkl
      i wont be watching it too
      but this is good animation
    18. hgfdsahjkl
      it says yutaka nakamora but i am not sure :)
      what do you think
    19. hgfdsahjkl
      as i know Chiyo & Sakura vs Sasori wasnt norio
      some people who can read japanese said it wasnt norio
      also i think it isnt norio :)

      it was aomeone new called something matsumoto:)
      also the guy i told you about was in the credit (but i didnt notice his art in this episode maybe he changed it to be similar to other animators who worked on this episode):)
    20. hgfdsahjkl
      he is regular he works from time to time if i find something good i will link it to you:)
      you do the same :pek
      and damn at yutaka nakamora doing the kishin awakening scene awesome :)
    21. hgfdsahjkl
    22. hgfdsahjkl
      after first 10 seconds
      also there are other scenes for him on youtube :)
    23. hgfdsahjkl
      i dont know if you watch shippuden or not but it has an new animator called Hiroyuki Yamashita as animation fan you must check that out
      his art is amazing
    24. ~Shin~
      You should check out Giant Robo. It has some real good action scenes for an anime of its age.
    25. ~Shin~
      The comment in my rep got cut off but what I meant to say was, you should check out some of Takeshi Honda's works too. He's an amazing animator. He's done the key animation for a lot of good anime.
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    Gairyu Isle, Japan
    The path on which you must gamble your life and wa
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    The Invincible Samurai Sake Expert

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