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Feb 18, 2012
Mar 14, 2009
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HappyGawl was last seen:
Feb 18, 2012
    1. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Momentary NH FC, check it out when you can :quite
    2. Skeith
      First Sakura yell at Hinata because she became more popular than her just by saying Nartuto. Now we have her yelling at Hinata because Hinata has her own ending.

      Seems like the Anime team are not only Hinata fans, but Sakura haters.
    3. Fr?t
      Random hello :hurr
    4. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Thank you Gawl! :hi5
    5. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Thanks amigo :hi5

      I´ll make sure not to let you down! :gar
    6. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Hi Happy.

      I´d say it is due to the fact that we are reaching the final stage, pairings are bound to be ultimately adressed this time, for the better. Also, we´ve been very comfortable the last couple of weeks because we haven´t recieved any kind of pairing development since 457-458-459(well, if you can even call to what Sai did as "development" and how it made Sakura cry of joy and euphoria for the "discoverment" of Naruto´s feelings, 457 I do consider it as NS´s only development in Part II)

      Some members felt a little nervous, specially Vermilion. He is very proud and stubborn in what he believes and he had a hard time coming to accept that 457 had romantic innuendo(but I must side a little with him there, I know romance when I see it and that scene of Naruto seeing Sakura walk away didn´t made me feel anything :oh) He only expressed his doubts, but later everything calmed down.

      It is natural to feel anxious regarding these, we are about to face the moment of truth and since we are all humans, some just showed their insecurities. That´s all. Believe me when I tell you that he atmosphere that we had in ANS FC when 457 came out was way more gloomy than the one we had this weekend.

      I feel fine so far. Kishi is not the best mangaka that has ever lived, but he follows a pattern and I trust him. I´ve made a post in ANS right now exploring a certain possibility of how Kishi might troll NS in the next chapter. :hehee

      As for the Juubi, I doubt he took it out from fanfiction because I´ve heard that for the company in which Kishi works for and takes care of selling his manga does not allows him to read fanfictions.
    7. Celebrianna
      I found it more than a little odd that Eruru is the reincarnation of Mikoto. I didn?t understand the connection there. I thought that Eruru was a person that was created or something so I didn?t foresee that story twist. I didn?t want a sappy ending either, but I would have liked a more definitive conclusion. *winks* But I guess the way it ended wasn?t bad anyway.

      Yeah, I know about real life. But its good to have it interfere sometimes to break the cycle of fantasy.

      I keep hearing of Fushigi Yugi but I don?t know it. I think I?ll make Story of Saiunkoku my last shoujo. While it?s an interesting story, the author put a lot of ?depressing? obstacles in the way of the female lead and the male lead. And they aren?t obstacles that can easily be removed. Therefore, right now I don?t see a happy ending for this story as far as love is concerned. It?s sort of depressing. I even heard this is the story that people love to hate because of that.

      Shuurei is quite different to regular Shoujo females. She is strong, intelligent, hard working, direct, etc. She isn?t in love with anyone. She values her career above everything except maybe her dad and Seiran. Therefore, she can also come across as unemotional and unfeeling. In contrary, Ryuuki is more like the shoujo girl. LOL It?s so funny to actually write that. Yet, he?s a character that can be an idiot, comical, serious, solemn, emotional, clever, discerning, intelligent, etc. It?s like he wears many faces?like an actor with different roles. That?s why I say that he?s a rare character in anime and he?s quite multi-faceted. You can?t really fit him into a box. Seiran, who is probably the second male lead, is more like the Sasuke/Itachi/Sesshomaru type minus the arrogance. He?s clever, quiet and intelligent. I think he's more like what they call a prodigy.
    8. Choco
      Yes yes :gar Epic fanart is epic

    9. Celebrianna
      I finished watching Utawarerumono on Friday evening and I must say that the ending was bittersweet. I wish there was some definitive answer about whether Huruhi (not sure if I spelt it correctly) did indeed come back. I understand that in a game or something the mask fell into Elulu's hand to signify that he came back.
    10. Celebrianna
      Hi Happy Gawl, here's a new anime for you. You might like it. All the guys in it are gorgeous too. (I'm not exaggerating, they are all very good looking) It's called Story of Saiunkoku.

      Here is the link to the first season:

      It's about a girl name Shuurei who wants to become an official during a time when women were not yet allowed to become officials. She meets the Emperor and through their friendship, he sees how much she wants to become an official and he makes it so that women are allowed to become government officials so that she can realize her dreams. Anyway, she ultimately becomes an official and is on her way to realizing her dream. The anime follows her story as well as several of the guys whom I know you will love. Tomoya has nothing on them. :amuse

      Although I love almost all the characters my absolute favorite is Ryuuki. He is the emperor and is nineteen years old. His character is so multi-faceted. You'll understand once you see the first twenty episodes. He's now my all time favorite character of any anime. Although he's the emperor, his story is a sad one. I guess it's something like Naruto's story in that Ryuuki was never loved and constantly beaten by his mother and half brothers when he was a small child. Just like Naruto eventually found Iruka who grew to love him, Ryuuki met his elder brother Seien (gorgeous guy) who grew to love him. However, ultimately, it still seems as though Ryuuki is destined to continue to walk a path of loneliness and sadness because he's the emperor. I think even a horse gets more love than him. Poor guy. And he's sooooo kind. I want to hug him so much. He makes me cry all the time when I reflect on the episodes I've watched. :cry Also, he was the "underdog" for the throne because his elder brother Seien was smarter and overall would have made a better emperor according to the people, but Seien was exiled through no fault of his own. So Ryuuki is an underdog on all sides, even politically.

      Anyway, fortunately this is a heroine story so as long as she gets her happiness in the end, I suppose it will be a good ending. Her choice could be "any" of the males just like Tomoya's was any of the females. I think I remember you said you don't like "unhappy" endings so my advice would be just to root for Shuurei. Unfortunately for me, I became more emotionally invested in Ryuuki instead of Shuurei and is more interested in his happy ending than hers. :cry And since the story is not finished yet, I don't know how things will end for all of the characters.

      My other favorites are Seiran, Koyou and Shuuei. They are all gorgeous guys who might harbor an affection for the heroine. Oh, and Ryuuki is gorgeous too.
    11. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Thanks amigo. I´ll keep my head up on the road. :hi5
    12. nightmistress
      Thanks for the b-day rep, H-G!!:iria
    13. Celebrianna
      Oh my! Thank you for all that information about the game with Tomoya and Nagisa. I think it was awfully silly of Key to eliminate "all" of the physical affection between them. A simple kiss would have suffice for me. Ah well...too late to gripe. I saw some fans complaining about it though. smile-big

      So Clannad and Kanon wouldn't be considered harem? I thought they were when I read the definition about harem on wiki.

      Yes, Emma is a little slow in the beginning until you get invested in lives of the characters and want to see their happy ending. :amuse

      Another anime...great. Thanks for the link. I've never heard of this one. I'll definitely check it out.

      I just finished watching the Full Metal Panic anime. It was great (minus the foul language).
    14. Hikui
      Indeed Clannad is one of the most heart-breaking series out there. I cried my eyes out with it. And hell, I just love Nagisa. I cried a lot when she died and when...Ushio died too. :cry

      It is awesome. I would watch it all over again. :)
    15. Celebrianna
      Hmm. Well, I'm not really knowledgeable about the games part of Kanon and Clannad. A while back I did read on wiki or somewhere else that Kanon? started off as an erotic game or something along that line. I've never really thought too much about that.

      However, with both series, I'll admit that the idea of one guy and several girls (Harem, they call it?) has never sat well with me. I'm just not accustomed to that type of story especially because it's sort of unrealistic with rivals being chummy and so forth. I don't know how well that kind of story works for others but it was new to me. :)

      Also, I understand that the reason why Tomoya and Nagisa never kissed on the show is because Key wanted to maintain the purity of that relationship (Okay this is me grumbling over that decision). I understand their point but if they could have Tomoya kiss the girls in the other arcs, why not in the main story as well. I can appreciate demonstrations of love without the physical aspect (I watch a lot of period pieces) but I think they should have shown Nagisa and Tomoya kissing even once because they showed him like that with the other girls. Also, if they could have Nagisa tell her parents that she and Tomoya are being intimate, why the heck they couldn't show them kissing? Ah well, I might as well get over it because it's done.
    16. Celebrianna
      Ah, I see. From glimpsing through some Kanon forum discussions, I do get the impression that Nayuki is a favorite of many but the other girls also have their fans. I didn't particularly care that much about many of the girls to be honest, but still I like them. I like the overall story.

      A lot of people seem to feel very sad about Makota's story but as soon as I found out that she was a fox, I cease to be personally invested in her story. I just don't relate to animals well. Mai story's, as far as her mother is concerned, touched me. Sayuri's story about her brother also made me shed a few tears. Ayu's story, to me, is also Yuuichi's story because they were so intertwined. I actually like Ayu but I think the animators made her look too young. They should have made her look at least like Fuko's age (Clannad). I adore Fuko, by the way. She's so crazy. I also liked Yuichi. He's not as handsome as Tomoya (who is so hot) but I still like him and fortunately, most fans of Kanon seem to like him too...otherwise it would kind of suck to actually watch a show that is all about him. What I didn't like about Kanon is that somehow the protagonist comes off sort of capricious with the girls. Like he likes them and then his feelings suddenly evaporates when he goes into the next story. With Tomoya, it was Nagisa and Nagisa alone (excluding, of course the alternates that were not a part of the official story).

      As to Tomoyo's After Story, I didn't watch it. I'm not really interested in Tomoya's alternate relationships. While I do love Kyou, and I heard she's been given an arc with Tomoya, I just stick to the Tomoya/Nagisa romance. I also don't play video games. smile-big I've got too many other diversions so I've never gotten into them although I have a lot of friends who play them. :)

      Oh yes, Emma has a happy ending. She and William really loved each other and later in the story, William really fought to win his bride so I don't think you will be disappointed. There's someone on youtube called Missyxiong who has the complete season 1 and 2 on a playlist to watch consecutively.
    17. Choco
      Okay. Got it :thumbs Thanks again!
    18. Celebrianna
      HappyGawl, thank you for that thorough explanation. I have read a couple blogs and forums and it seems as though most think that after the miracle, Ushio will not have the illness...while Nagisa probably still have the illness. I'm not sure why some take this view though because I don't remember an explanation. All I remember is that in episode 24, which most people don't consider a part of the story itself, Tomoya says that Ushio has never been sick.

      Regarding Kanon, I just discovered that as well back in May or June and I bought the dvds. I really adore the theme music and the voice overs or introductions with Ayu talking about she's in a neverending dream. It's a really nice anime. I shed a few tears with several of the stories. I think Sayuri's story about her brother made me cry a lot. She wasn't even a main girl but for some reason that story touched me a lot.

      Did you watch Air? A lot of people rave about how good it is but I was disappointed. The episodes at the beginning just seemed pointless. I expected a better series.

      Have you ever watched "Emma: A Victorian Romance?" It seems to be a anime made a while ago, but I watched the whole thing last weekend on youtube. That made me cry a little too, but it was a decent story. It was about a maid and a british gentleman who fell for each other. I guess you can say its forbidden love. It was really weird to watch british characters who had japanese voices. :laugh
    19. Choco
      THANK YOU!! :ohpek You actually went through all that trouble :kloff I must rep you immediately. So, I'm going to stalk you for some posts :hurr
    20. Choco
      I loved the anime/manga. It made me cry like a baby.

      :iria Game? I want! Pretty please :wtf
    21. Choco
      Your Clannad sig is so beautiful :wtf I loved the anime/manga :cry
    22. Celebrianna
      I just discovered it recently too. I think I first watched it back in June. I downloaded all the After Story episodes from Perfect Sub. Now he/she is uploading the dvd version for people to download so I'm looking forward to getting all the dvd episodes while I wait for the US release.

      I have Clannad, itself on dvd but I really wish they had dubbed it because sometimes I'm too tired to read the dialogue.

      Also, do you have a good explanation for what actually happened in episode 22 of the After Story? I mean, is it that Tomoya and Nagisa got a new chance in a different world or were they just sent back in time?
    23. Celebrianna
      Are you new to Clannad? I absolutely adore it. I mean, I love the After Story more but nevertheless, I love the whole anime.
    24. Elphaba
      It certainly has. There are/were many people who find this chapter unsettling, and posts like those are what lifts their spirits again and rejuvenates their faith in NaruHina. :wink
      Kishi does seem to be milking this drama for all it's worth. At this point, though, I am rather firm in believing that Kishi had this scene planned out even from 437. If Sakura mentions or encounters Hinata in the coming chapters as a direct tie to 442, that belief will only be confirmed and thus resolve any anxieties that people might be having that Kishi is "pulling NS out of his ass on a whim."
    25. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Thanks for the details. ^_^

      Yeah, I would like to start with Sony Vegas and keep practicing until I manage it. If I do an AMV one of my first videos will be about NaruHina...and I think I have the perfect song for it. The only requeriment is to have Vegas, I want to make thing good, not so-so more or less, I like to do them good.
    26. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      I?m going down with his pairing no matter the ending. :noworry

      To be honest, I am feeling like you do, uncounciously of course. We are all human. And if Kishi decided to trash away the confession he will have to adress it, in the means of a rejection and I doubt that would happen.

      But it?s Kishi?s story. And I will still love it for all the other messages it has given to us. :love

      NaruHina is coming. :naru2 :<3 :Hinata (We need a Post Time Hinata emoticon! :X3)
    27. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Just bring it Kishi. :gar

      I doubt he will trash away all the development he have given to NH and SS.

      He delivered us a confession like none other. I trust him. :noworry
    28. Rinoa
      Yes i'm ready.:hurr

      Kishi really surprised me with the last chap, i don't know if he will show us something more right on this chap, but i hope yes.
      I don't like to see what NS makes with Sakuras and Naruto's chars.
    29. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      My thoughts exactly. Besides, there will always be something, an special feeling for the first girl one liked at the beginning, you will always care for her. That?s some that happens also in RL. It won?t be different with Naruto, but he is pretty fine with how things are.

      And I betting to say that flashback-report mission took place right after this mission. I could be wrong because in 457?s flashback Sakura said to report to Kakashi, but that?s the only thing I got. :oh

      It?s a shame some left but there?s nothing we can do. Some were supporting it for Hinata?s case like Fay and other?s maybe just wanted to be on the winning side. Who knows? I support this pairing mutually, for Naruto and Hinata, if you were wondering. Everybody is free to ship this as one likes but I think we have enough trustfull members to keep the pace. Something like 437 will never be forgotten. If they want to come back, they will be welcome. If not, so be it. Anytime a new fan joins the FC.

      Oh yeah, despite his ups and downs, this manga never stops to surprise us. I?m looking forward to the Summit and what?s beyond. :gar

      Lol, I also saw that! :hehee
    30. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      To my personal knowledge I think our FC was the one with the most panic attack. That is unless we analyze the word "panic" in it?s multiple forms, like excitement or joy or horror, etc.:edu

      TBH, this "panic attack" was nothing compared to 437?s events, that?s for sure. I was there. :noworry And when one of the Big 3 becomes canon, boy it will be a pandemoniun.

      I believe we are fine now. You seemed very happy with Binktopia?s translations, me on the other hand prefered to see the symbolism where Naruto saw Sakura in the distance and how it represented him getting used to the idea of not having a future with her. But he seems good with it and accepts it, he didn`t look troubled at all.

      That?s my take on it. :nod
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