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Sep 15, 2018
Nov 3, 2014
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Jun 3, 1996 (Age: 23)
A huge faggot


Rush, Male, 23, from America

Haro was last seen:
Sep 15, 2018
    1. SwordsPlus
      Yo. It has been a while man.

      Gonna go watch a random Mecha series or something.
      1. Haro
        Sorry haven't been on in a bit.

        Awesome to hear! Miss talking to you bro
        Sep 28, 2017
    2. Jackalinthebox
      Just realized your set is Epsilon from Pluto. Easily one of my all time favorite manga

      Actually trying to get Iwan to calc a few of the series' best feats right now, figured it's as good a time as any since they just announced the anime
      1. Haro
        Yeah there are some good feats.

        Pluto creating giant storms and tornadoes and epsilon vaporizing the biggest city in the middle east
        Aug 6, 2017
      2. Jackalinthebox
        Those are probably the best two feats. If only we got a panel of the aftermath of Epsilon's city buster

        Series is lacking speed feats though. Only decent one I can think of is Gesicht casually dodging pistol fire
        Aug 7, 2017
    3. Suit
      not sure if tagging in a blog comment actually alerted you, but the reason for kortopi's ranking is that the tier list is based on nen proficiency. kortopi is master level because honestly, mass-producing buildings is insane. the amount of aura that has to use is immense, so he clearly has it mastered.

      also, the names in each list aren't in any specific order.
    4. kingjr9000
      Well as my last hope for someone other than me to calc this, I'm placing this one in your hands. With my odd way of scaling, I was able to get 95.9MT. I'm coming to you to see how close or how far off I was on that.

      If possible, could you also do Hashmal? I was able to around 100+MT
      1. View previous comments...
      2. kingjr9000
        Jul 15, 2017
      3. Haro
        Jul 15, 2017
      4. kingjr9000
        I just found a pixel scaler, now I just need to figure out how to convert it to meters. Could you tell me how?
        Jul 20, 2017
    5. Jackalinthebox
      You caught up with Hunter x Hunter?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Haro
        Never much cared for the PT myself. I do think leorio and kurapika's bromace will come back.PT are gonna die to pretty much every character. They have ran there course in the series. I want to get to know beyonds cre more
        Jun 6, 2017
      3. Jackalinthebox
        I liked quite a few members, that & the whole concept of the group

        It's hard to predict what'll happen with the Troupe. Togashi likes them quite a bit, especially Chrollo who he called his favorite & refers to as Danchou. Guess Togashi did say the PT & Kurapika would all die, so their deaths could be connected, assuming he was being serious
        Jun 6, 2017
      4. Jackalinthebox
        Ging & Pariston are the two I'm most interested in right now, the mind games are great
        Jun 6, 2017
    6. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Meant to say sig in my rep comment
    7. Extravlad
      Kamille is the coolest asshole protagonist ever made.
      1. NO
        lmfao, those were my thoughts exactly. What an odd character.
        Dec 23, 2016
    8. cingetorix
      are you still using your new skype?
    9. SwordsPlus
      What on Earth is going on with Tonathan now?

      I really need to give a stern talking to him or something.
      1. Haro
        All he said was like how its a total outlier and called the calcer (you) and the OBD as a whole an idiot

        Pretty much salty because we didn't accept omniversal baby clark
        Nov 5, 2016
    10. SwordsPlus
      You said that you and Vivi will be recalcing stuff from G Gundam soon. Mind if I hop in with you guys?

      It's been a while since I watched G gundam anyways.
      1. Haro
        Hell yeah my man

        Got a skype?

        Im semi rusty on calcing but il be able to get back into it like this
        Nov 3, 2016
      2. SwordsPlus
        Skype: Lina Shi3lds
        Nov 3, 2016
      3. SwordsPlus
        I am guessing Vivi is joining in this too?
        Nov 3, 2016
    11. Saint Saga
      Saint Saga
      Is Vivi dead? if not tell him to get his ass on skype.
      1. Haro
        >everyone PM's about Vivi because of the gay jokes about us.


        yeah he should be on skype dude idk why he aint replying

        Also this shiki?
        Jul 28, 2016
      2. Saint Saga
        Saint Saga
        ....how dare you call me that.

        And "joke"
        Jul 28, 2016
    12. TwulveGaighAutoLodeigh
      Sorry if this sounds sudden, jus wanna contact a fellow jojo fan interested in the guidebooks. If you do happen to find JoJoveller scans or just buy it yourself, I suggest you look out for this 光の速度 it means "Speed Of Light" if you cannot find this sentance try to spot 光 (Light) as it may include kanji's that involve surpassing sol.
      1. TwulveGaighAutoLodeigh
        Here's an example on a sol statement (from Stone Ocean Star Platinum page) https://gyazo.com/a626781a01103a1cc3fc1fe061fcc7fa
        Jul 10, 2016
    13. swandiveLmeistr
      Yo Ryo, you mentioned Star Platinum shaking an island?

      You remember where in Part 6 that was?
    14. NoYouCantChangeNamesOnNF
      How do you care a fuck anyways?
    15. NoYouCantChangeNamesOnNF
    16. NoYouCantChangeNamesOnNF
    17. Vivi Ornitier
    18. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      I uninstalled it earlier, going to reinstall it in a second
    19. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Why is Skyke so garbage? I've tried opening it no less than 12 times today and it only worked once only to immediately crash again :defeat
    20. cingetorix
      i sent you a request
    21. cingetorix
      sure thing man
    22. cingetorix
      thanks sexy
    23. cingetorix
      yo nig
      hit me up with requests when you want
      im bored
    24. magicalsieg
      Brago >>>>>>> :bury
    25. Imagine
      I would but effort :caticon
    26. iwandesu
      It was floating on a thread somewhere
      Maybe quick question?
    27. cingetorix
      then skype was wrong lol
    28. cingetorix
      Yo. Real, happy birthday to you man.
    29. Totally not a cat
      Totally not a cat
      I'm on the same boat as you here, I'm actually a few months younger and am just coursing my second semester at chemical engineering so my experience on the subject is a little limited :lmao

      I think the best advice I can give you is to make sure to apply yourself to what you really want to do once you grow up. The options in chemistry related degrees in my uni were chemical engineering, pharmacobiological chemistry and pure chemistry.

      I can't really speak much about the other two careers since I don't know much about them, but as far as chemical engineering goes, it is all about using mathematical, physical and chemical concepts and apply them to transform raw materials, microorganisms and such into a desirable product. It's the same as the other engineering careers in the sense that it is also strongly tied to administration, design of processes, construction and operation of plants, optimizing processes and generating a profit.

      I didn't really know much about the career when I first got into it, I had been conflicted on whether to enter a chemistry related course or a physics one, in the end chemical engineering seemed like the happy middleground, and the ample pool of work options did make me incline to it, but so far I'm loving it!

      Chemistry and Chemical engineering are far more oriented to physics and mathematics than Pharmacobiological chemistry, which is a lot heavier on organic chemistry and medicine-related concepts. Though pure Chemistry is more theorical and laboratory oriented than Chemical engineering, and as an engineer your work place will be in a factory or any kind of industry related to elaborating products, materials and energy where you'll work with applied science.

      Pick the one that suits you best, and if none do, you shouldn't doubt to try something different. I'm only parroting parts of some introductory classes I've had and talked from my limited experience but I hope that I can be of help :catsalute
    30. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
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    Jun 3, 1996 (Age: 23)
    A huge faggot
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