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Apr 1, 2020 at 1:18 PM
Feb 9, 2012
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Well-Known Member

harurisu was last seen:
Apr 1, 2020 at 1:18 PM
    1. DemonDragonJ
      What is the origin story of your username?
      1. harurisu
        Didn't see that coming.
        Euhm, it's actually the Japanese equivalent of my real name.
        Apr 29, 2018
        DemonDragonJ likes this.
      2. harurisu
        What about yours?
        Apr 29, 2018
      3. DemonDragonJ
        I chose the words "demon" and "dragon" because those are two of my favorite types of beings in medieval fantasy literature, and the letter "J," because that is the first letter of my real name.
        Apr 29, 2018
    2. DemonDragonJ
      I really like your avatar and signature; where did you find the image in your signature?
      1. harurisu
        Hi, I made the gif myself, it's from a promotional video for the BBS game.
        Dec 27, 2017
      2. harurisu
        At around 1 hour 54 minutes
        Dec 27, 2017
      3. DemonDragonJ
        That is very awesome, and it is very unfortunate that Kubo spent hundreds of chapters hyping Unohana, only for her to have only a single fight, which was used merely to make Kenpachi even more powerful. I dearly wish that she had had more opportunities to show her powers, and that Kubo had revealed the abilities of her bankai.
        Dec 27, 2017
    3. Uraharа
      You died out of laughter last time when I called PE a sukkeltje, so that's why
    4. Uraharа
      Niks, wilde gewoon weten of je dezelfde persoon was.
    5. tari101190
      You were right!

      edit: I guess only partially right.


      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/bleach/605/8
    6. Bonly
      Hey by any chance are you the same Harurisu from SI?
    7. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Sasuke is the real main character of Naruto. :LOS
    8. Aeiou

      What website/program do you use?
    9. Aeiou
      You're pretty swell at making gifs. Maybe you should open your own gif shop and get fame, fortune, and rep. :maybe
    10. UchihaSasukeSama
    11. UchihaSasukeSama
      I guess I'm the one who recieved a 5 days ban for off topic posts like there was nobody flaming and spamming at the Non Understandable Naruto Shitstorm 3 (NUNS3). I guess I'm the one who has a similar name from SI :cool
    12. UchihaSasukeSama
      Are you Harurisu from SI :cool
    13. rac585
      nice. thanks.
    14. rac585
      hey. just curious where can you find the rankings for latest issue of jump?
    15. Orochibuto
      When I tried to move between pages it didnt let me read, but its solved now.
    16. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Sorry, my mistake.
      We had others making threads off of the RAWs.

      Also, while a picture may be worth a thousand words, I'd ask that you have more than just images in your OPs. Try to get discussion flowing with your own comments. Thank you.
    17. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Please, wait until a translated script or a full scanlation appears before making threads in Telegrams.
    18. Mangateers
      Hopefully we will have them soon! :D
    19. Mangateers
      I posted up the title page, just for you xD
    20. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "For normal members, your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your signature (540 x 588) is over the allowed height and needs to be removed or resized.
    21. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "The absolute maximum filesize limit is 1MB (1024KB). This is also for the entire signature, not just individual files. Stuff within spoiler tags do...count towards the filesize Limit."

      Your gif (1.84MB) is over the allowed filesize and needs to be removed or reduced.
    22. Icegaze
      Thanks for sharing!
    23. Icegaze
      Who is Rock Lee fighting in your sig? And what show/game is it from?
    24. Summers
      One with some golden dancing transforming magical girl
    25. Summers
      quite the energetic sig, were it from?
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