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Last Activity:
Jun 5, 2013
Jun 13, 2007
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Feb 9, 1990 (Age: 30)


Freakazoid, 30

HEATAQUA was last seen:
Jun 5, 2013
    1. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      I'm so swamped right now. If you guys wanna start it up that would be great. I just can't do it right now. I'm really sorry.
    2. UzumakiMinato
      ah, why you making me jealous now? :p

      anyway, I read the whole Bleach Manga in a 2 days so I started watching all the episodes as well ^_^ I skipped about 2-3 episodes of the fillers though, and now am on the last episode xD

      I liked my names on caps as well... before I figured they looked really long and big :p your ones a few characters shorter then mine so yours look pretty decent xD
    3. UzumakiMinato
      Hey HEATAQUA :p

      btw, why is your name is full caps lol xD anyway, how have you been?
    4. UzumakiMinato
      uhm, I wish I had that much free time too! :O
      oh, I just started watching bleach, so yeh.. need hell lot of time to read the whole manga and watch all episodes :D
    5. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      Ah yeah, that. I keep forgetting about it... I might do a quick vote right now. I'm not sure if people are interested. Not many nominations this time...
    6. UzumakiMinato
      uh, that-is-cool!
      how do you ever make time to watch all of them -.-
    7. UzumakiMinato
      thats cool!
      I haven't had time to watch them all D:
    8. UzumakiMinato
      uh, you watch them too? :p
    9. UzumakiMinato
      ugh, now I am turning curious.. can't decide which anime I should watch T.T Bleach, One Piece, digimon... xD

      haha np, I am looking for new friends here xD
    10. UzumakiMinato
      aaaa! my cousin watches it non-stop I think T.T
      but I never figured why he liked it so much xD
    11. UzumakiMinato
      hehe okey :)
      btw your sig, which anime are they from?
    12. UzumakiMinato
      heyy :D
      how are youu? =)
    13. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Hi! Thanks for the friend request. :amuse
    14. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "For normal members, your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your signature (540 x 665) is over the allowed height and needs to be removed or resized.
    15. DestinyDestroyer
      Check my album, I'll be updating it with some cool pictures from time to time
    16. Sol_Blackguy
      Darkstalkers is not dead
    17. Vei
      Yay, I'm glad to hear it. I'll keep your name on the list! :D
    18. Vei
      I recently took ownership of the Luffy/Hancock FC. Are you still interested in being a Co-Owner?
    19. BassGS
      Yep, not a lot of megaman fans still around. Especially those that like battle network.
    20. BassGS
      Nice sig. Megaman battle network 6 is awesome.
    21. Hidden Nin
      Hidden Nin
      Ooooooh, Megaman Battle Network. I like.
    22. Koroshi
      Mind if I take The Darkstalkers FC off your hands.
    23. Sorairo Warai
      Sorairo Warai
      Oh.....It all makes sense now. I don't know why but for some reason when I first glanced at your sig, I was thinking about Bass. Yeah, don't ask me how I got that. It took me a moment to realize that it wasn't Bass.
    24. Sorairo Warai
      Sorairo Warai
      Hey, question! The person in your sig, which Megaman character is that? I'm having a huge blank on the name.
    25. Brooke Logan
      Brooke Logan
      Okay, thanks!:)
    26. Brooke Logan
      Brooke Logan
      Are you still running the Zomari FC? I just asked to be added to the list.^^
    27. Wisely
      HEATAQUA do you mind if I take over as owner or the Nami X Robin FC? I already asked a mod. Luna said it's fine if you don't mind it. You can stay Co-Owner of course.:amuse
    28. CaloricMoon
      ahhh heat my man, the capcom fc is back in business
    29. Marmite.
      On behalf of Mider T, we would like to thank you for voting for the Banana Republic Party. Would you like to formally join this great party? Just ask and you'll be added to the party's member list.
    30. Mider T
      Mider T
      Make sure you vote Banana Republic Party http://forums.narutofan.com/showthread.php?t=494147

      BRP, where your opinion counts!
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