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Oct 20, 2020 at 1:29 AM
Jan 31, 2009
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Oct 16, 1990 (Age: 30)
Mays Landing, New Jersey, USA
Restaurant Manager


a synonym for greatness, Male, 30, from Mays Landing, New Jersey, USA

hehey was last seen:
Viewing thread Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 Preview, Oct 20, 2020 at 1:29 AM
    1. Death-kun
      I'll add your 3DS FC, mine is in my sig. :quite
    2. Fayrra
      Yes, I absolutely adore it. Though I've only read it once (can't wait until I have enough time to re-read it), I consider it my favorite manga. Come to think of it I still have to read the author's other works as well. Who were some of your favorite characters (you might have to indicate them by their plot-function as opposed to simply their names, it's been a little while)? What about favorite plot points, which part of the manga did you like most?
    3. Fayrra
      <3. Edennnnnnn! Love your avatar, =3
    4. alcoholmixture
      Thank you for the reps!:)
    5. SAFFF
      Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
    6. Freechoice
      You mean IF it happens :zaru
    7. Freechoice
      Oars Jr + Vegapunk = Supa Pacifista

      :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh
    8. Spy_Smasher
      No worries. That's what I'm here for. :)
    9. Spy_Smasher

      Some people are getting warnings from their browsers because of the image in your sig from apforums. Could you wear this one instead? I uploaded it to imagur.

    10. Darking Rayleigh
      Darking Rayleigh
      I gotta read this manga :) Thanks a bunch :)
    11. Darking Rayleigh
      Darking Rayleigh
      Il turn your name into a synonym for weakness

    12. Lee-Sensei
      It is obvious.

      Same thing with Big Mom. Yet she's obviously strong.


      Mines the official one.

      Same thing with Big Mom. Whether they were holding back or not they curbstomped him.
    13. Lee-Sensei
      It should be obivious. Like Big Mom being strong.

      That's true. And for all we know there are more Vice Admirals who chose not to be promoted. The fact that their strong should be obvious.

      He attacked alone. When Luffy got up and tried to fight again the other one put him down. It's not like they attacked him at the very same time.

      Wrong. You're using the word "jobber" without even knowing what it meant?:huh

      But it's probably true. And they were kicking his ass. They have good hype (from Jinbei, Ivankov, and Buster Call), and they're probably really strong. Right?
    14. Lee-Sensei
      Do you think that those are the only techniques that they know?

      Monkey D. Garp.

      Momonga was beating him. Easily.

      Who knows. When the Strawhats fought Aokiji wasn't he holding back. And when Kizaru faught them couldn't he have taken them down easily and quickly before Kuma and Rayleigh showed up? Probably for plot reasons. Not that it matters. They were winning anyways.

      I never said that everyone was holding back during the war. But they were all beating Luffy. The MHQ ranked Marines and the Shichibukai.

      Jobbers are people who fail to make the mediocrity of others look good.

      If you want to believe that that's your choice, but the statement "the VA's were curb-stomping Luffy is true."
    15. Lee-Sensei
      Momonga and Dalmatian were way out of Luffy's league. He couldn't touch them. At all. They probably were, unless you think that Soru and Geppo are the only techniques that they know?

      Ivankov said that Luffy couldn't go to Marineford because the Admirals, Shichibukai and Vice Admirals were way out of his league. Jinbei said that anyone if a Vice Admiral would have been an obstacle to their escape. Absolutely nothing puts Luffy at a Vice Admirals level.

      They have feats too. Tell me, do you think that Big Mom is weak without feats?

      Lucci had Rokushiki and Sandersonia and Marigold had Haki, but neither of them had both.

      The fact that you called them jobbers proves that your biased.

      The statement that "Momonga and Dalmatian were holding back against Luffy" is true. And yes, they both easily powned him.
    16. Lee-Sensei
      Shichibukai dealing with VA's? We don't know what rank they were? Shichibukai can fodderize Lacroix? Yeah. I can see that. Shichibukai can fodderize VA? Sometimes, but not all of the time.

      From what I remembered, he actually pinned Marco down. That is more impressive then what Akainu did. Although, I doubt that Onigumo is his equal. I am just pointing out that that is an impressive feat.

      Kaizeruhige is a filler name. That was filler and so we can not call him a VA just yet. Furthermore, I looked the character up on the OP wiki and in each picture the guy looks very different. And even if he is a VA and Doflamingo was playing with him, he was doing the same thing with high ranking Whitebeard commanders.

      And pin down Marco.

      I am not saying that you should praise them, but I remember you saying something that was completely ridiculous about them before. That they were weaker then Pre-Skip Luffy, or Smoker or something.
    17. Lee-Sensei
      Whitebeard would fodderize just about anyone. He would do the same thing with almost every Shichibukai, and he was even doing that to Akainu when he was half dead. Losing to Akainu means absolutely nothing.

      You can't use VA's that seem low tier to represent the entire group and then use the stronger Shichibukai to represent their group. He was playing around with VA's? Can you confirm that they were VA's? Onigumo is a good example of that.

      I never said that the VA's would win. In fact, I think I said that the Admirals would win. I just don't like to see them underestimated.
    18. Lee-Sensei
      According to Jinbei, a VA would have been a serious threat to their escape from Impel Down and Ivankov grouped them with the Division Commanders, Whitebeard, the Shichibukai, and the Admirals as the people who would make a difference in the world. And Onigumo handcuffing Marco was pretty good too.
    19. Lee-Sensei
      You can't possibly think that all VA's are as strong as Lacroix, do you?
    20. ...
      Thanks, I love your username too.
    21. SageMaster
      Kat Dennings is her name. :datass
    22. Draelok
      Great signature :lmao
    23. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      Hehe, check our conversation history. ;)
    24. The Virgin
      The Virgin
      oh. sorry, cause i saw you as one of my profile visitors...
    25. The Virgin
      The Virgin
      yes? how may i help you?
    26. hustler's ambition
      hustler's ambition
      Click on the number of votes.
    27. hustler's ambition
      hustler's ambition
      There's a option where when you're making a thread with a poll, you can decide if the poll's gonna be public or private.
    28. The Red Gil
    29. Judge Fudge
      Judge Fudge
      Gintama episode 103
    30. suga
      Your birthday is one day before mine.. :LOS
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    Oct 16, 1990 (Age: 30)
    Mays Landing, New Jersey, USA
    Restaurant Manager
    Favorite Character(s):
    Kabuto, Hinata, Suigetsu, Karin, Dosu & Juugo
    I like watching the outer space and astronomy related shows on teh science channel or discovery.



    "Il turn your name into a synonym for weakness"

    Oars Jr + Vegapunk = Supa Pacifista, called it on October 2010

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