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Hello Panda
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Dec 6, 2014
Sep 2, 2009
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Hello Panda


Hello Panda was last seen:
Dec 6, 2014
    1. Benzaiten
      Yeah, it's the NS FC.
      At oo Pinoy ako. Ayos lang ako kasi nasa mataas akong lugar.
      Sana ayos ka din!
    2. Erendhyl
      Thank you! I'm glad that you like my posts. :hug
    3. Red
      It's from Zan sayaonara zetsubou sensei
    4. Hitsugayas girl
      Hitsugayas girl
      i know there are too many moments like if you read between the lines
      Sasuke: if you tell anyone i wont forgive even you (to sakura)
      and yea well im not sure i found it cute about Sakuras crush but then FoD THAT was were ALL the true moments were than got me to think about them and then what he always said to both him self Naruto and even Sakura there were just hints like "NAruto no matter what you've got to save Sakura even if it kills you." and all that stuff and when he's hurt he finds a way to get through it and save her
      i also like the hosblitle seen when Sakura hugs Sasuke
    5. Hitsugayas girl
      Hitsugayas girl
      yea me too! i mean really what is wrong with SS? in my veiw i dont know about yours but i think Sasuke liked Sakura but didnt know/want to show it and Sakur loved him (duh)
      what do you think? do you just like the pair?
    6. Hitsugayas girl
      Hitsugayas girl
      this is one person that likes SS but they dont think Sasuke likes her yet (but in my view i found he did just didnt know how to show it though he shows it a little)
      aawww! im sorry! i couldnt live in a all girls school and i mean it's hard when you dont know any Naruto fans because ive notice the people who read/watch Naruto are hyper (good way) and fun but the other people aren't
    7. Kael Hyun
      Kael Hyun
      Were alot of Art comes from... deviantART and yeah im a guy one of the main rules of the net "Alwase assume it's a guy"
    8. Hitsugayas girl
      Hitsugayas girl
      no problem and i know i mean it's something for me tjo meet a SS fan because everyone at my school is a NS fan
    9. Kael Hyun
      Kael Hyun
      Personaly i cant stand SS its just the way Sasuke treated her its just thats not how i was rased how to treat a woman
    10. Hitsugayas girl
      Hitsugayas girl
      youre a SS fan! yay!
    11. Liebgotts
      Oh cool!
      I love SS. :D
    12. Liebgotts
      Thanks for the add! I like your avatar!
    13. Big Fat Panda
      Big Fat Panda
      I tend to distribute them to nearby girls, I'm only interested in chomping their heads off and slurping up the juicy interior :kukuku
    14. Hello Panda
      Hello Panda
      they have freebies too lovely!
      the small panda plushie that says 'i love you' when pressed
    15. Big Fat Panda
      Big Fat Panda
      Well... I guess the box is pretty cool too :wink
    16. Hello Panda
      Hello Panda
      yeah i know, but don't you eat them.
    17. Big Fat Panda
      Big Fat Panda
      Hello Pandas are yummy smile-big
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    Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi ORIGINAL Team 7
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