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Jun 30, 2013
Mar 22, 2010
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Jan 8, 1993 (Age: 27)


Active Member, 27, from U.S.

Heretic was last seen:
Jun 30, 2013
    1. Scizor
      Thanks for the info.
    2. Scizor
      Which manga is your sig from?
    3. Lycka
      this is an online forum for gods sake. "negs are for lessons" serously?

      get a life.
    4. kenjitr
      thanks for the reputation :)
    5. Araragi
      you should join our FC. You'd make a great member

      would be nice if you mentioned my recommendation :distracted
    6. Random Member
      Random Member
      It's been unlocked. Sorry about that.
    7. Roƅ
      Thanks for Rep Kazan! :D

      Dat Sabo :datass
    8. vanhellsing
      how pretty sucker :zaru
    9. DarkingReYliegh
      Hey Nice to Meet you. i would like to invite you to my new for Forum. If you have time you can join i would really appreciate If you join and there Are Staff Positions that need to be filled. thank you for hearing me out http://thetruth.eu.nu/forum.php
    10. Trafalgar D. Law
      Trafalgar D. Law
      Have some courage to debate or dont get in the way , its that simple .
    11. Roƅ
      Watch Naruto/OP
      Watched Death Note
      Reading Bleach.
    12. Roƅ
      Kishido-What do you mean, :lmao

      PoP-What? The sad thing is, he is dead serious when he says crap like "Knife Mihawk can beat Kuma"....

      Me-:datass Some good buds on here are ViperxRockewave, Doflamihawk, jNdee and some others. I think i'm on good terms w/ everyone.

      Well, now atleast. I got mass negged when I joined cus I was stupid :p
    13. Roƅ
      I also like Law, he's pretty good, and backs up his stuff, unlike the other idiots who say dumb shit like "Knife Mihawk>Admirals"

      DBZ is alright. I don't see him being serious a lot.

      Cry is pretty good IMO. We've had our fun debates :lmao But we don't agree much.

      PoP is the one who thinks Knife Mihawk can solo the fucking OPverse (Exagerrated). You get my point :p

      I like interactions like this, ahaha! You might have some really good friends on NF, but they are like the worst enemies to other friends.

      Haahh! It's like OP interactions. They are just so epic (When two chars meet that you think have no realationship whatsoever. For example, who would have thought that Kuma and Moria knew eachother like that. I was shitting bricks)
    14. Roƅ
      I think you're one of the better posters around here.

      Some other good ones are Coruscation and Pacifista.

      But yea, I also seem to get into arguements with PoP and Cry a lot. But I think we are on good terms :p
    15. Roƅ
      I was on the BD archive page, and I saw the Kuma vs. Vistat thread. So I thought'd I'd take a look and see what it turned into.

      Good shit.

      Seems like every poster here has their one/two enemies, yous begin Halaros :lmao

      Me and him have had our arguements. People I just can't stand are Lord Buggy (Posts here like once a month, lol), and Marcele B. (Gotta' give him credit for the Jolly Rogers though :quite)
    16. DoflaMihawk
      Yes, so it wasn't a fruit advantage, just Logia Hax.

      Unless you consider all Logias > all Paramecias because of intangibility.
    17. Roƅ
      Responses in bold. By the way, I reported and negged you for your language.

      :lmao That thread man.
    18. DoflaMihawk
      That was only because of Logia intangibility. If Enel didn't have that, Zoro would've cut him to pieces.
    19. DoflaMihawk
      How am I supposed to prove it when the only fruit disadvantage we've seen is Magma > Fire?

      I suppose Enel vs Luffy is a good exmaple. Luffy had the fruit advantage, yet Enel was keeping up with him and even knocked him off the Maxim at one point. How's that?
    20. DoflaMihawk
      No, it wouldn't matter. Just like it wouldn't matter for Ace if he was at Aokiji's level when he fought Akainu. And the equality of the island being split shows how equal the two were.
    21. DoflaMihawk
      It's pretty clear Oda was trying to portray that Aokiji and Akainu were equals, or damn near it. Hell, that would be further emphasised if one had a ''starting advantage''.
    22. DoflaMihawk
      Roger level and War WB level aren't that far apart.

      Uh, yes. I don't see why not. There might have been a fruit advantage in that match for all we know.
    23. DoflaMihawk
      That's ridiculous. How much stronger would Ace have to be for you to see he would beat Akainu?

      This is relevant, I'm trying to show you that fruit match-ups don't matter between two equal fighters.
    24. DoflaMihawk
      So if Ace had lived on to become as strong as Whitebeard (which he had the potential to do), you think he would still lose to Akainu just because of an inferior fruit?
    25. DoflaMihawk
      You think fruit advantages/disadvantages really matter in Top Tier fights? Of course not, but it mattered here because Ace isn't Top Tier. And even before Akainu went after Luffy, Ace was already getting his ass kicked.
    26. DoflaMihawk
      You think fruit advantages/disadvantages really matter in Top Tier fights? Of course not, but it mattered here because Ace isn't Top Tier. And even before Akainu went after Luffy, Ace was already getting his ass kicked.
    27. DoflaMihawk
      Did you miss the start of the fight? Akainu taunted Ace, who then turned back to fight and got his ass handed to him in seconds. THEN Akainu went for Luffy since Ace was already on his knees.
    28. DoflaMihawk
      Yeah, and I countered that. They've failed to respond.

      I don't see how it wasn't fair. Ace didn't appear injured or weakened in any way, and if he was strong enough, then Magma > Fire wouldn't really matter. But he couldn't fight an Admiral evenly. Simple.
    29. DoflaMihawk
      So instead of actually countering my argument, you neg me? Nice.

      How did I underplay the fight?
    30. DoflaMihawk
      Come on dude, don't neg me without reason. You're supposed to be one of the sensible ones.
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    Jan 8, 1993 (Age: 27)
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