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Hero of Shadows
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Dec 12, 2014
Aug 7, 2008
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Hero of Shadows

Victor over Fate

Hero of Shadows was last seen:
Dec 12, 2014
    1. OodboO
      No problem. Glad to make more friends. :amuse
      And I'll try to fix the pic somehow. :sniff
    2. Luiz
      ... I'd read that.

      And buy the volumes. :LOS
    3. Senzumaki
      Thats good lol
    4. Senzumaki
      Hi how are you?
    5. titantron91
      Thanks for the rep man. Sauce haters have been suffering from anal pain for a while now.
    6. Last Rose of Summer
    7. blackguyinpinksuit
      Woah thanks for the rep dude.

      Yeah KL tend to blow some things out of proportion but it is not as bad as they think :maybe.
    8. Revolution
      Talk to Kenneth. He will show you how. I think it's simple as that; you tell Kennith you want to make a FC, then you submit the first post.
    9. Revolution
      You could always make one

      :smb :yk
    10. Revolution
    11. Last Rose of Summer
      Last Rose of Summer
      You know: work. These aren't days of university anymore. But if something noteworthy happens, I'll post. :) For now it's redutant to replicate what many have already stated: the chapter was terrible.
    12. Last Rose of Summer
      Last Rose of Summer
      Thanks for rep.

      :geg those latest chapters have been simply awful. If this keeps going, the flower that is about to bloom will have Naruto's face instead of Sharinnegan. :geg
    13. Revolution
    14. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      eu sper ca volumul urmator sa apara FV , pt ca volumul asta a fost incredibil de plictisitor cu obito find jinchuuriki si dupa ce moare tipul si madara o sa ii ia locul o sa para ca o mare pierdere de timp..... 30 de capitole degeaba

      :( foarte najpha
    15. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      Pai la cum a fost zisa povestea RS e Adam..... toti se trag din el..... uni sunt mai apropiati iar alti sunt foarte indepartati , banuiesc ca multi in mileniul acela au murit cumva sau au fost omoriti , gen arca lui noe si au ramas doar RS descendenti

      si mie imi suna ciudat numele speream la ceva mai cool , si juubi ca copac e aiurea dar infine... macar e o explicatie....

      ma intrerb daca o sa mai apara un fruct si cumva sasuke in mananca si se transfrorma iar naruto cu ajutorul la bijuu's chakra devine rikudou sennin

      mega zord lupta cu sasuke evil si puteri de la juubi si naruto cu bijuu's care sunt puteri tot de juubi
    16. The Faceless Man
      The Faceless Man
      da sunt roman , nu stiam ca si tu esti roman

      da suna aiurea bagoromo :LOS :)

      Dar un admin deja a clarificat e Hogoromo , iar clanul Hogoromo a avut numele lui , banuiesc ca daia zicea Raikage ca Ginkaku and Kingaku sunt apropiati de Rikudou Sennin
    17. jorge2060 88
      jorge2060 88
      you are welcome nice post
    18. Annabella
      Thank you for the kind rep :hug
    19. morgaine4
      Hehe, yep. That's such a nice, succinct way to put it =)
    20. morgaine4
      I can try but I don't know if I'll do a good job. LOL.

      First, I don't want to deny the connection between Naruto and Nagato. I hate the connections that Kishi brings into the story is ignored to prove a point. Lots of characters can have similar traits, but those similarities aren't significant unless the author focuses on them. So I think the primary similarities between Nagato and Naruto were in their both being Uzumaki, their relationships with Jiraiya, that they're both potential children of prophecy. But I don't think that their personalities are similar, I don't think that they're driven by the same things, but while they have some largely superficial similarities they're not parallels or foils for each other --their roles are very different. Like you, I find that Naruto and Yahiko were more similar and that the similarities were intended (they both wanted to change things about the world because of their experiences, they were drawn similarly).

      It seems that the generation three-person teams that are used to draw parallels tend to have a pattern of quiet genius, loud underestimated dreamer, and the girl (that's so annoying Kishi!). The quiet genius and the girl are both supposed to be protectors, the genius should be a physical protector, and the girl an emotional protector so that the dreamers' dreams can be realized. That doesn't mean that the dreamer isn't protective, he is but he's motivated by his own dreams, while the other two in the ideal scenario would also be motivated by the dreamer's dreams.

      Kakashi and Nagato are both protectors, they don't have their own dreams that they want to further, they want(ed) to protect the dreams of others. On some level it seems that Nagato has his own dreams, but once analyzed it's clear that he doesn't. Through his...madness...he's furthering and protecting a bastardized version of Yahiko's ambitions. Nagato seems to be dark Kakashi in the sense that, after the loss of Yahiko he couldn't find someone else to protect, he wasn't inspired by anything enough in order to move on --that is until he met Naruto (If one really thinks about it Nagato didn't have a chance to come out as the victor in the meeting of the two children of prophecy, not just because of PnJ but also because as a protector Nagato couldn't win against the dreamer...Nagato vs Naruto wasn't Naruto vs Naruto in the way Naruto's fight against Obito is, but it was Kakashi vs Naruto, it was a simplistic version, an view into the future battle between Sasuke vs Naruto). Kakashi on the other hand was always able to find things to protect (also I'm sure it helped that Kakshi only realized his role as protector after/during Obito's death), first it was Rin, after he failed in that he probably focused on protecting Minato (though I don't recall if that was clearly indicated at any time) but even after Minato's death Kakashi would have had all of Konoha to protect, he had the Will of Fire to protect, and then eventually he had Naruto and Naruto's dream to protect. In many ways, this is another indication of the difference of being a part of a large, powerful village vs. a smaller, poorer, more war torn village --the fact that Kakashi was a part of a large community, protected him from falling into madness and from making the wrong choices, because it was easier for him to find other things to protect.

      Ahh, sorry about the wall of text.
    21. NaruSaku4Life
      That's cool. Thanks for telling me.
    22. butcher50
      I'm gonna preach it rill their ears bleed.....
    23. zuul
      Those exist but they aren't that common...
      But yeah, NH shouldn't really complain for it isn't exactly mainstream, and Sasusaku is still number one when it comes to cuckold Naruto kink.
    24. zuul
      To be fair, the hate posts started because some dude was saying he could see SH hapening. You know those fanbois who want Hinata turn into a nun if Naruto never returns her feelings. :hurr

      I hate those people. They could at least have the decency to let the girl move on ...
    25. zuul
      I don't post on French forums.
      Also I'm not much of a troll. I'm counting solely on Kishimoto to piss people off.:hurr

      I can see much more trolling on NH to come. Just imagine the delicious butthurt if Hinata and Sasuke were to just communicate. Kishimoto is having Hinata there (after having been friendzoned hard) for a reason. And it is to shit on NH further. And what better mean than having Hinata and Sasuke acknowledge each other existence...:p

      Seriously I can't see Kishi go the NH/SS way after all that jazz. Especially not SS.
    26. Last Rose of Summer
    27. butcher50
      one of the most..........uncomfortable things i immediately noticed about Itachi's POV flashbacks about the the prelude to Uchihan massacre is how lightning quick the demand for physical destruction of every uchihan man, woman and child was issued by the old farts in the council.

      no conditions to meet first.

      no let's talk this painful shit between us out like civilized people first, identify the ills and work on fixing them.

      just genocide them all, racially inferior fuckers NOW !.

      no one is like (except for me and some other readers)...................WOHHHHHAAAAAAA ! just wait a fucking minute right there, i understand that you are still stuck in the mentality of a medieval inquisitions (what with all the schizophrenic bits and pieces of modern-day tech and clothing clashing with mostly medieval period stuff and environment, what with all of Danzo's henchmen dressing-up like a cross between the the usually expected Konoha Anbu and the Nazi Gestapo) and as a consequence your value of for any human life is below zero (despite all the happy-go-lucky WOF propaganda blasting around) but the Uchihans aren't some kind of a free-loading, crime-making and parasitically useless bunch of illegal gypsies encroaching on your sovereign territory so you can just grab em all and throw them into the incinerator.

      1: the Uchihans are a permanent, major chunk of your military might (up including the border patrol/police duties), they have been so far in your service for over 50/60 years now, every conflict and war you and your grand kids got into ? an Uchihan was always present nearby to back you up and even sacrifice their lives so if the situation demanded it so you and your future kids can survive.

      2: they are militarily economical by default (on the cheaper prices), think back about how much money and resources goes into raising all these random Konoha kids into capable frontline soldiers and super-soldiers all the time (a seriously hot economic-political issue for most of the major and minor countries who live separately from their military-contractor cities yet have to pay hefty taxes to keep them strong and competent in Naruto's current period), thanks to their proud soldier/warrior-culture dominating in their ethnic collective, most Uchihans will not require all these financially draining efforts to succeeded in the military/police business, the other local warrior cult-oriented clans cannot compete due to lack of sheer numbers on their side or even those who are interested to be on the direct frontlines to begin with (the Uchihans got that covered on both fronts), so not only your economy is in much better condition then it could have been, you also free up a whole lot alternative (non-military/police) career opportunities for other kids to grow up and apply to.

      all we got instead is itachi making a slight expression of being quite uncomfortable with the elder's responses over his snitching about his ethnic wide rebellions and Hiruzen being like "nah, a massacre is too extreme, uchihans are our bros, i'm gonna solve this problem by a good and civilized diplomatic talks..........as soon as i pick my lazy ass from this chair" (which he never does until Orochimaru smashes into him, 5.5 years later)

      then we run into an example where not only Kishi cannot keep a piece of story or it's detail simple and straight, but he also ends up making it mind-bogglingly contradictory:

      when danzo was close to performing the Highlander chop on sasuke, he first insults sasuke about how it's completely unbelievable to him that Itachi would commit genocide on his whole tribe in the name of peace and stability but would leave his little beloved brother out to survive, when it was him himself all along who tricked and convinced itachi to do the dirty work by using sasuke's exclusive survival as both the bargaining and motivating chip for Itachi's compliance.

      no sasuke ? no covered-up genocide job.

      i mean this kind of behavior is expected from Danzo (what not with his exploitations and manipulations of kabuto and his mother's entire lives via threats of physical violence upon their close relatives and friends which is a whole another story) but these acts by the council elders is an evidence that:

      they are so drunk on power offered by their position (plus supremely paranoid to self-destructive degrees), not only are they willing to openly go into conflict with Konoha's pop culture/religion of passing on the torch to every next generation, they will sabotage (massively so) the strength of their own home's infrastructure to keep these positions as they are......it's about time to remove these old addicts from office.
    28. butcher50
      i mean, Oro's and Suna's forces were pushed off but they still dealt a serious dent in Konoha's infrastructure and population (including Hiruzen being taken out of the balancing picture), if the other nations were true to their description then they will be incredibly lazy and foolish not to launch an all-out attack to rape and pillage whatever was left of Konoha as soon as possible.............yet none of that happened.

      seems like these nations were a whole lot more civilized then the WOF preachers give them the credit for.
    29. butcher50
      once this war is over, it will remain to be seen what becomes of Konoha.
    30. Mael
      The rest don't see the blessing Sasuke's VA has been given now that he is Bruno. :pek
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