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    Naruto Vs Dragon Ball

    You should actually link what you're talking about? Also i should go outside and see people playing yu-gi-oh and talking about it on the streets? Lmao. Also maybe the mobile game of yu-gi-oh,a popular tcg, would translate well over to mobile. Who would've thunk. Also the money maker of the...
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    Naruto Vs Dragon Ball

    The Yu-gi-oh anime ... What rock have you been living on the past 10 years that the yu-gi-oh anime is more popular than naruto. Conflating the revenue of the franchise to the popularity of the anime lol. Also link the revenue stats you're talking about so these stats actually have context and...
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    Naruto Vs Dragon Ball

    Why the fuck are people talking about balloon in a thanksgiving parade as if its the end all, be all as to what's popular and what's influential. Only Americans and Canadians celebrate thanks giving. Also looking at the character balloons on its Wikipedia page, it's hardly indicative as to...
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