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Hidden Nin
Mar 31, 2008
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Package Engineer
    1. Atlantic Storm
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Hidden Nin
        Hidden Nin
        I don't know. Install Discord and add me or go away.
        May 24, 2017
      3. Atlantic Storm
        Atlantic Storm
        I already have Discord, baka.
        May 24, 2017
      4. Hidden Nin
        Hidden Nin
        Then add me and stop using profile comments like this is 2010 or some shit.

        May 24, 2017
    2. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      Join my damn generic game nin.
    3. BringerOfChaos
      Not as such? Mind being a little clearer :sweat
    4. BringerOfChaos
      You still interested in the Pokemon game?
    5. Vergil
      Hey dude, in keeping with wanting to RP with Hayao a bit more, I, coincidentally, came across this Magus class


      So, I reckon Dunc will have Hayao attempt to teach him, which will be fun(!), He won't get the really cool shit until the level after next (max dmg and bigger crit multiplier) so that gives them a lot of time. Also Dunc owes Rin his life and he always pays off debts
    6. BringerOfChaos

      The Pokemon sign up thread is up.
    7. BringerOfChaos
      Hey HN, would you be interested in a Pokemon roleplay? I so far have Island and Atlantic interested.
    8. Olivia
      I honestly don't have much of an idea :p

      Do you have anything that just springs up in your mind? If not I'll try to come up with something.
    9. Olivia
      Was just wondering if you were still interested in doing the Christmas event.
    10. Unlosing Ranger
    11. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
    12. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      You are a honk jockey.
    13. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I am your father.
    14. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Hue hue hue hue.
    15. soulnova
      The demon people are talking to Hayao.
    16. soulnova
      If I wasn't very clear, just so you know, Tassara wanted to have dinner and discuss things with Hayao.
    17. Hero
      That's really busy. Get those grades man. They're everything these days. Just checking in.
    18. Hero
      HN it's your turn to post :lalala. Just let us know how you want us to proceed
    19. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Are you dead?
    20. Advocate
      Good good. (Starts planning a spy mission.)
    21. Advocate
      Can't find it here naturally. Is it huge?

      Though I suppose that huge or not, it is: a) not very subtle, generally bad for sneaking missions, b) very scary, great for shock missions against normal enemies.
    22. Advocate
      I was thinking it might refer to itself as Gaffgarion and always talk in third person. Just a notion though.
    23. Advocate
      You sure it prefers to be called Gaff?

      Also, is it the same basic size and shape as your average WWI biplane, or is it different?
    24. Advocate
      What are Gaffgarion's specs? Could you give me the write up here please?
    25. Advocate
      I remember, thought you might want to do preludes differently though. Since they're... Different.

      Please remind me, what was your stance on the party splitting up again?
    26. Advocate
      Heard it before though... I guess we'll see. We need Fed to come back too after all.

      Did you run any preludes yet or are you waiting for the whole gaggle to assemble?
    27. Advocate
      Good. I was afraid I was going to need to do some shanking on my return and I have enough chores to see to as it is. Shika better not run off without me either...
    28. Advocate
      Is Changeling still on?
    29. Advocate
      Getting himself ready for his cannibal overlords?
    30. Advocate
      I return on Saturn's day.
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    Package Engineer
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    Was well, would be better, took physics, and died.



    Konoha Colosseum
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