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Feb 16, 2017
Nov 8, 2005
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The King has Come!

Hiruma was last seen:
Feb 16, 2017
    1. Koth
      Hello! I'm a huge fan of yours, and I strongly hope you will return to RPing as I have learnt a lot from your writing. Cheers!
    2. Im The Evil Mastermind
      Im The Evil Mastermind
      Im posting in this profile
    3. Shin_Yagami
      You just know that Kai will want a rematch. You will be hearing from me in the future.
    4. Shin_Yagami
      Started on a post, but too tired so I'm gonna call it an early night and continue tomorrow. Not really sure what to do with the rest of the guys but I have the ending pretty much figured pout.
    5. Shin_Yagami
      Loved your post, wanted to give it some time but it looks like I might have to change my plans and make it more of a 1 on 1. I'll contact you again in a couple of days.
    6. Shin_Yagami
      Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on a UC VS Fluck post ATM, having some trouble though considering the Logia thing and I have no idea what people had in mind to have their characters be able to fight on that level.

      Blegh.....Be prepared for something short and underwhelming.
    7. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Thank you so much.
    8. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      If it is not to much to ask, could you please delete this post so my triple posts will be all together? Thank you.
    9. Shin_Yagami
      Alright, good to hear. I'm planning on working on some posts later today, I'll have Alph run into Fluck and Larissa.
    10. Shin_Yagami
      Just wanted to check if I didn't confuse you too much, I'm always afraid that I get a bit carried away with my arcs and that people won't be able to make sense of it anymore.

      I was thinking of setting up a Fluck/Larissa encounter with Alph. With the latter discovering Fluck is on the island, curious about the tower.... Epic conversation takes place:p Etc
    11. Shin_Yagami
      Don't have much to add at this point, I'm still tinkering at the arc design. I was just letting you know:) When I have something notable to share, I'll PM you.
    12. Shin_Yagami
      Just wanted to let you know that next week I was hoping to start working towards that arc we've been discussing.
    13. Noitora
      I replied to your OOC post! My plan is to have the General get freed in the battle to clash with the Vice Admiral, and that the marines were keeping quiet they had someone captured until the last moment. I had hoped to ask you to have Pipehand on call, seeing what the new Revolutionaries are capable of instead of stepping in right away~
    14. Noitora
      Okay, made my Braska Hextor post, whenever you;re free take a look!
    15. Hiruma
      Yeah, go ahead.
    16. Noitora
      Hey mate, I'm going to do one huge post which will pretty be Braskas next arc - at the end your revolutionary will have an open to come in and help.

      Is that okay?
    17. Noitora
      Got a small post up, we can work out whats to happen when you're free!
    18. Noitora
      All thats known about Zarick Ganon is -
      - He is a Vice Admiral
      - An expert Swordsman
      - Well respected by other marines yet is suspected by outside informats to have a more secret and fiendish agenda to get power for himself.

      Writing up a post now, will have Braska wash up on an Island!
    19. Noitora
      Nothing major in mind, he is clashing with a few nameless at the mo just as an excuse for the ship to get destroyed that he is on. He washes up on a island in Grand Line which has the Revolutionaries on it - the reason why isn't overly important but it just allows him to meet the Revo', explain his own goal and join them!
    20. Xelloss
      So we doing the rpg lol?
    21. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
      thanks for the rep
    22. choco bao bao
      choco bao bao
    23. Zabuza
      Finally I'm not the only one who uses Firefox + Chrome :)
    24. Hibari Kyoya
      Hibari Kyoya
      epic name YA-HAA!
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