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Sep 8, 2018
Aug 3, 2006
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professional cynic: design, arrange and sell shurb


Kwisatz Haderach, from Virginia

HOOfan_1 was last seen:
Sep 8, 2018
    1. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      I know you forgot your picks but if you send me your Sunday and Monday picks I will just add it myself for you.
    2. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Pick day. Don't forget :)
    3. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Yea my mind as been all over the place, but I think I know who to pick this week.
    4. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Thanks I totally forgot.
    5. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Oh no you didn't pull the cats out on me lol. You just wait now all I want is to take your title from you and then you will be coming for me.
    6. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      You know what I mean:hoho. Your title will be mine.
    7. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Nooo:cry. I was 179-88. Well Congrats on your win. I will be coming for you next year.
    8. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Well New Orleans have gone through alot and I think it was good to see them really have something to celebrate. I don't think the Colts were not a great team but it looks like the stars were all lined up for the Saints this year.
    9. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Yea I know I may change it later but at part of me wants the Saints to win since they hadn't won one.
    10. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      I lost 3 games so far. Not bad because most people pick the same teams to win.
    11. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Yea it is that's why I need you to lose. Denver better win for me:hurr
    12. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      I need Denver to bounce back and win. I see you picked Pitt so we would be tied but I would have you with the Monday record:nod
    13. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      All the prizes only last a month. Unless we win again and then we get another month.
    14. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      lol. Sparkles are love:ohpek. I think you should go with the sparkles.
    15. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Hello lizard king:hoho. Hope your trip was cool. Yea we won. I already got my sparkles:ohpek. This week looks like it can be another crazy week for picks. I bet the teams that should win will end up losing:hurr
    16. T7 Bateman
      T7 Bateman
      Looks like we won. Don't get to comfort I still plan on winning the season:hurr
    17. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      OK. Thanks for doing that.
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  • About

    professional cynic: design, arrange and sell shurb
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto of course
    Itachi is probably my favorite
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode:62-Naruto beats down Neji and 84 Sasuke's flashback
    Chapter:296-Naruto 4 Tails and Orochima
    I am who I am

    College Football(UVA), Video Games


    "There is no way you can be Harvard Monday through Friday, and try to be Alabama on Saturday" -Art Guepe former University of Virginia head football coach
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