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Last Activity:
Apr 23, 2015
May 7, 2007
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Feb 2, 1993 (Age: 27)


in my mind, in my head, 27

Hope was last seen:
Apr 23, 2015
    1. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Merry Christmas. :}
    2. Alexandra
    3. Alexandra
    4. Edward Cullen
    5. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      what should i call you then :tomato
    6. Choco
      Single rooms are too expensive in my uni :D: Plus, I need a roommate or I'll have a hard time making friends in class because I'm too shy :facepalm

      Really? :wtf :ohpek
    7. Horan
      I'm always out of state. :hurr And they're usually out of state as well :lmao
    8. Adachi
      Lol I was intending to write

      "Well that sucks :(
      Don't worry though, since Yongseo failed their exam also, I'm sure you can do better than them lol"

      But then I accidentally pressed the 'Enter' key and couldn't write the second half =(
    9. Zhariel
      Your sig is hot, I'd love to find a Sunny version.
    10. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      Vix and Alex call me oppa, you can call me that too :tomato
    11. Horan
      That's awesome. :iria I haven't seen my school friends in like over a two months. :sweatdrop
    12. Horan
      I did. I finally saw the beach after a long time. XD.
      How is your summer? :)
    13. Horan
      I'm fine here too, just got back from vacation. :distracted
    14. Horan
      so how are you? :33
    15. Horan
      :brofist you are immediately awesome then . :hurr
    16. rozzalina
      Ah does kpop mean Korean pop? If so, I am such an idiot :facepalm

      I don't like Big Bang myself, someone I talk to on here does so I now know of them :zaru
    17. rozzalina
      Haha fail :lmao

      Eh kpop? What does that mean :huh ?
    18. Horan
      everyone does; that kid is talented. :quite
      you like any other kpop bands ? ;33
    19. rozzalina
      Ah for me it is the opposite - virtually everyone I talk to is older than me :lmao

      You're birthday's in March too? What day :iria?

      Mine's on the 17th :<3
    20. rozzalina
      Yeah I'm 16 in March :p

      Haha how old are you then :lmao ?
    21. rozzalina
      *nods* My mum said that she'd pay for me to go when I turn 16 :33

      You're going to the Leeds fest. too! Gah I want to go to that too - Radiohead always perform there :(
    22. rozzalina
      I would have too in your position :laugh

      Just curious, have you ever been to Glastonbury (as in the festival)? I really want to go :ruri
    23. rozzalina
      Omg really! You're so lucky :ruri

      *nods* I like Breathe too :nod
    24. rozzalina
      I'll see them someday :amuse What's your favourite song of theirs? Mine's either Omen or Firestarter :del
    25. Kelsey
      Thanks Hopey Dear :hurr.
    26. Kelsey
      Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :tomato.
    27. Choco
      Thank you ;A; You give me hope :hehee

      Ugh, good luck to you too. Hope you end up with a nice roommate because that is currently my biggest concern :D: (I'm using the word "hope" too much. You're to be blamed for this :pek)

      You better! :C lol glad to know she's okay. I thought she had some problems but it seems like she's just being a good girl and doing her best in school :del <3
    28. Choco
      Glad to be back :hurr But I'm moving into the dorms for college next year and I don't know if I'll be able to stay so active :scry God, I'm so nervous and scared :argh

      Tell her I said hi and that I miss her :( Is everything okay with her though?
    29. Choco
      School :D: And... school... and school :( :cry

      How have you been? :hlomp

      Euphie sort of vanished as well ;A;
    30. Horan
      don't worry about it :hurr
      Love the ava! ;33
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    Feb 2, 1993 (Age: 27)
    Teenage dirtbag, baby.


    Just surrender yourself to the rhythm,
    with your hands up in the sky.
    Feel the energy deep inside your system,
    and leave this world behind
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