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Hououin Kyouma
Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2013
Feb 18, 2012
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Hououin Kyouma

Mad Scientist

Hououin Kyouma was last seen:
Jul 13, 2013
    1. Killerqueen
      No problem btw nice sig
    2. Calamity
      hey, how are you?

      I watched the first episode of Stein. Didn't get a thing. :maybe
    3. Asune
      Pretty good of course.

      Btw did you knew about the movie in april?
    4. Asune
      El Psy Congroo.

      Reading the novel xD
    5. Zeromaru X
      Zeromaru X
      Can I ask you something? How I do to give someone some rep?
    6. Zeromaru X
      Zeromaru X
      Thank you. This is a big forum :p
    7. Calamity
      Yeah...that reminds me? Has FAA left OBD or what?
    8. Waking Dreamer
      Waking Dreamer
      Eh, its been a week and FFA hasnt posted since then. Not to mention there are at least 2 active threads with Tamers in it.

      After that FTL Vortex Debunk looks like he's lost the nerve to post in these forums anymore...:lmao
    9. Rivers
      Thanks, didnt respond earlier since I started talking to you via PM.

      I would be interested in seeing the meta digimon thread's results about TFL Vortex punch...

    10. Zeromaru
      I've just finished watching it and while it's not as good as Fate/Zero I still really enjoyed it.

      When Gilgamesh showed up, I was like "Fuck Yeah!"

      Also, who's your favourite Master/Servant(Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night)? Mine would be ...

      Fate/Zero: Waver and Rider. I also love Kariya and Gilgamesh though.
      Fate/Stay Night: Shiro and Archer(Emiya). Sasaki Kojirou was pretty cool as well.
    11. Zeromaru
      I'm currently on episode six, and am enjoying it. Although it is noticeably worse than Fate/Zero.

      I haven't seen any other Type-Moon media(Excluding Fate/Zero) so I can't call it a let down.
    12. Zeromaru
      Really? 'cause I'm about to watch Fate/Stay Night. (I've already seen Fate/Zero)
    13. Zeromaru
      I'm currently torrenting Fate/Stay Night having watched Fate/Zero already. What do you think of them/Which do you think is better?
    14. Zeromaru
      Hey, have you seen Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night?
    15. Calamity
      Oh, you've enjoyed F/Z I can see. :ho
    16. Asune
      <GOOD>, Btw did you watched Kara no Kyoukai or Tsukihime?, both are from the same creator.
      Well Kara no Kyoukai is good to watch. Tsukihime's anime sucks, is better to read it
    17. Zeromaru
      Do you think you'll buy the game though?
    18. Zeromaru
      The game looks very good though.
    19. Zeromaru
      Yeah. I find it funny because every other manga was made to promote V-Pets.
    20. Zeromaru
      I heard Re:Digitize was getting a two chapter Manga. I wish they'd make it a series though.
    21. Zeromaru
      Yeah but the Pokemon anime is a cash cow. Same with Young Hunters they only made it because Xros Wars toys sold well.
    22. Zeromaru
      That would be awesome but they probably won't because of the different Taichi Yagami. Next or D-Cyber would also make great series.
    23. Zeromaru
      V-Tamer was awesome! I liked it more than Next.
    24. Zeromaru
      Omegamon is a complete boss! I don't have a favourite but some would be Devimon and his evolution line, Ulforceveedramon and Metalgarurumon.
    25. Zeromaru
      Officially though it is one season. Who's you're favourite Digimon?
    26. Zeromaru
      I would agree with you but Xros Wars is all one season.
    27. Zeromaru
      I know 12 straight episodes of "Monster of the Week" Kurata was such an awesome villain though. What's the worst season in your opinion? I would say 02 it had no character development and an okay plot.
    28. Zeromaru
      I grew up with it too. What do you think of Savers?
    29. Zeromaru
      Tough one. Adventure is classic and very good, Tamers is just all round amazing and Savers is a mix of both.
    30. Zeromaru
      Thank you! :brofist
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