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Mar 19, 2020
Sep 11, 2012
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Apr 15, 1995 (Age: 25)


&#32, 25

~Howling~ was last seen:
Mar 19, 2020
    1. Takahashi
    2. Sablés
      get back :catflip
      1. ~Howling~
        well, if you insist :maybe
        Mar 18, 2020
    3. Stannis
    4. Sablés
      Last Activity: 06-10-2015 06:14 AM

      Dead :gglife
    5. Sablés

      fuck ubw :catface
    6. Sablés
      I never knew Irisviel could be such an asshole

      poor lancebob :(
    7. Sablés


      my lungs :rotfl
    8. Takahashi
      Well, I'm watching it because I didn't want to read it. A lot of parallels with other sports manga, but it's fun to watch. I've also always liked boxing, but starting it was daunting to say the least.

      Yeah, don't spoil anything, I only have like a dozen or so episodes left :distracted
    9. Takahashi
      I've been hooked on Ippo lately, but I'll get on it :noworries

      I still think the owner's decisions are dumb, but hell, conflict is necessary for proper mind games.
    10. Takahashi
      Ahh, that's good. At the moment, his talent is enough to handle these guys with all the hype, so I assumed they were the best. Actually, I think they were stated to be the best, but it's not unusual to see that used as a hype tool in manga :distracted

      It's true that both are team sports; however, when Tokuchi is pitching perfect games or no-hitters, he's essentially doing it himself. We've seen that in previous years that Hiruma's passing was on-point, but he had inept receivers not catching them. A pitcher definitely has a better result with solo talent than a quarterback. We also saw that when motivated, Tokuchi's teammates are actually quite good (so far anyway) Just him instilling urgency resulted in them pulling tricky shit themselves, like that guy with a triple play.

      So I'd say they're pretty similar to Deimon. Both teams are at the absolute bottom, but they clearly have some talent to work with, it was just up to Hiruma/Tokuchi to bring it out.

      The owner genuinely confuses me though. The old losing team still draws, what? The third biggest attendance ratings in the league? Throw in a dynamic player that creates a winning team, and you could make ticket prices ridiculous and people would still show up. More than enough to cover even a huge salary for Tokuchi (which he clearly doesn't care much about either). The owner is just cartoonishly evil for no real reason :lmao

      Hiruma's method is better though, he'd just blackmail the owner like he does most people in a position of authority, then he doesn't need to bother with him stepping out of line :maybe

      It's true that Tokuchi did a better immediate job motivating his team though. Hiruma had more of a sense of progression when it came to his role as a leader from threats to trust, then again, he wasn't the main character either.
    11. Takahashi
      Let's not go nuts here :pek

      Tokuchi plays mind games, but he utilizes superior ability to use them effectively. He's more like Clifford than Hiruma. The "I win as long as I can make you think I may play a certain card" mentality. When he's throwing exclusively fastballs with varying degrees of spin to adjust the angle, it's something only possible due to his own talent. His mind games wouldn't be effective if he wasn't able to pitch extremely well in the first place.

      Whereas Hiruma is "I win as long as I can make you think I'd never play a certain card". Both of them make their opponents second-guess themselves, Tokuchi with a straight face, and Hiruma with cackling laughter. But I still prefer Hiruma's style, because it really isn't facilitated by his own ability. Tokuchi is able to straight-up handle the best on his own, and that makes the psychological aspect less impressive to me.

      There are a shit-ton of parallels to draw between the two though, I especially liked how Tokuchi stalled for the bad weather to make them think he was trying to force a cancelled game, and used their desperation to get a win out of it. Reminds me of what Hiruma did in the Spiders game.
    12. Takahashi
      I recall that phrasing. Been a little while, but I'll be picking it up again soon :noworries

      I remember you advertising One Outs with the time he smokes a guy in the head to get thrown out because he was "tired". It would have been better if you mentioned that it was a fake reason and he just wanted to help out his teammate who wanted to be a pitcher. Made him seem a little more Hiruma-like :maybe
    13. Takahashi
      I'm on episode 10, dick :pek
    14. Nikushimi
      Oh so you think you're hot shit because you caught that, huh? :lbj

    15. Sablés
      Oi fgt

      Hoping Ufo changes UBW's ending and comes up with one where Gil loses to Saber and not a pigdisgusting human :cat
    16. Sablés
      I'm pretty sure the scene was meant to look unintentional and that mishap was more than made up for by the datniggadry in refusing Caster's offer. Ufo produced that scene much better than in the VN, the latter wasn't nearly as impactful/memorable.

      They've made a few combat errors here and there but its something anime only viewers won't think twice about and I'm pretty sure the anime has been going for is a sequel to the F/Z anime i,e lack of explanation of Kuzuki's snake and CHURCH ON THE HILL :pek

      That aside, its 10/10. Stop hating, powerlevelfag. :disgustedgio
    17. Sablés
      Wait, what does what mean?

      You mean uncensored slut wor-


      I see

      well, my heart goes out to her :lbj
    18. Sablés
      Yeah, Ufo's making Shirou out to be more tsundere than Rin. Those scenes were cringe-worthy tbh but I supposed its rectified by them being extrapolated to make Caster's fucking shit up more impactful :superhiro

      This is why Kojiro is 2nd best Assassin :skully
    19. Sablés
      That episode was perfection.

      The tension
      The feelz
      The zetsubou
      The Disillusion

    20. Sablés
      Kireiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :bury
    21. Sablés
      They couldn't waste their budget on explosions so they need to animate expressions instead :maybe

      Shinji made the right call tho. He retired from the war and 10/10 chance Kirei would've killed him right there.
    22. Sablés
      Ufo really went all out with the expressions. Shirou looked srsly pissed at archer :catblush


      You could just see the keks on his face, lolshinji :skully
    23. Sablés
      Holy shit, Rin's smile :rotfl
    24. isena
      преди известно време се пробвах в търсачката да намеря сънародници и сега, като си видях СР-то се сетих, че в резултатите беше твоето username :edu и така
    25. isena
      Мерси за реп-а : )
    26. Palm Siberia
      Palm Siberia
      Is judged and guilty
    27. Imagine
      One Outs is sports, though. :lbj
    28. Imagine
      I see Stables on mah D even when talking to other people. :catsalute
    29. Sablés
      It was CIS :lbj
    30. Sablés
      Oh good. Thought you were some sort of plebeian like Imagine for a sec :catface

      CHRISTINA vs Rin? :cat
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