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Last Activity:
Apr 25, 2020
Apr 8, 2012
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&#32, Male

Hozukimaru was last seen:
Apr 25, 2020
    1. ThatGreekLady
      Χεχε, τι κανεις;
      1. Hozukimaru
        Μια χαρά :) Εσύ; Σπουδάζεις; Είμαι δεκαοκτώ και σπουδάζω Θεσσαλονίκη
        Jan 30, 2017
      2. ThatGreekLady
        Κι εγω ειμαι 21 και σπουδαζω Αθηνα.
        Jan 31, 2017
    2. DemonDragonJ
      I really like that image in your signature, but I shall admit that I am displeased by the lack of any characters from Bleach in it; did you draw that image, yourself, or merely find it on the internet?
      1. Hozukimaru likes this.
      2. Hozukimaru
        Thank you. :) I'm happy that you like it because as a matter of fact I did create this image myself a few years ago using Sony Vegas Pro software. By "create" I don't mean that I drew every single detail of course, I searched online for individual photos of the characters, put them together and adjusted the coloring, saturation etc.
        Jan 29, 2017
      3. Hozukimaru
        Leaving Ichigo out of my signature was a conscious choice because I decided to only use the main characters of anime that I was watching at the time. It was simply the fact that I had already finished watching the entire Bleach anime that kept me from adding Ichigo. Bleach was my favorite anime (and pretty much the only one I watched) for quite a long time. It still is one of my favorites of course. :)
        Jan 29, 2017
      4. DemonDragonJ
        I see; I am very glad to know that you are a fan of Bleach, as it is one of my favorite manga and anime series, and I cannot understand how it is not as popular as many other classic shonen series.
        Jan 29, 2017
    3. Amanda
      You're probably right, everyone will be hit by the recession. Take care...

      Yes, from Finland, a country whose econony is spiralling into the vortex as well, even if on slower pace.
    4. Amanda
      At least Finnish tourists are taking this calmly and continuing with their travelling plans as usual. As long as there's no riots in the tourist areas I think that cash flow should stay secured.
    5. Amanda
      I know we haven't talked that much sans in the Ukraine thread back then, so this may sound a bit creepy, but... how are you? The situation in Greece seems worrying.
    6. Kagekatsu
      So how do you foresee the whole Greece/Germany/EU thing panning out? Personally, since it seems all three sides refuse to budge, Grexit is looking increasingly likely.
    7. dynasaur
      Hozukimaru <3

      Happy Holidays
    8. dynasaur
      It's alright you can always go any other time. Also drivers license for a scooter?(as in a motorcycle or something?) :ruri

      I have a drivers license, I just don't have a car or can afford at the moment, I must go through public transport. :skysun

      I'd choose the exact sciences(mostly physics and chemistry) over humanities too. But the choice is up to you, as long as you're having fun and keeping what you wanna do in mind. :33
    9. dynasaur
      Nice to see you're alright, also you should go and have some fun. :ruri

      My day was okay, thank you. :hug

      I'm not sure for now, I just like having my options open just in case.
    10. dynasaur
      how are you? :catblush

      it's just general atm but i'm going for a physics degree
    11. dynasaur
      Hozukimaru <3
    12. dynasaur
      haha lmao

      I finished in June, I'm in first year university now.
    13. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      Pretty much a full-time couch potato. I dropped out of college, but I never formally left so a student I guess...
    14. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      I'm mostly discontent with waking up at 6:20 in the morning when it's nowhere near daybreak yet. Was thinking of getting a haircut, picking up one of my cards at the bank, boring real life stuff.
    15. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      We've posted on the same threads before but never really talked to ya. Sup?
    16. dynasaur
      nah I'm only 18, I'll be 19 in January tho. lol
    17. dynasaur
      Younger than me? If so you're really smart and mature for your age.

      Also I kind of nominated you for cafe mod. :catblush

      I'm guessing you're 16-17? This is going by your picture :catbed

      but then now that makes me feel bad like I'm a pedo. :catsupine
    18. dynasaur
      Hozukimaru how old are you?

      *my such random question.* :redface
    19. Saishin
    20. LesExit
      Well you guys need to get it together :yell

      :0 :0 :0 a weird one :3

      I'm 17 so I can't legally drink, but I know people still do. I do not though :0
    21. LesExit
      It is good :33

      :0 WHAAAAT!?!?! What kind of human are you???
      I had nutella once...I don't see the big deal :0
    22. LesExit
      uhhh....both!?!? I'll sometimes eat chocolate if it's paired with peanut butter or caramel though :3
    23. LesExit
      yes...but it makes me feel sick too D:
      don't like chocolate though
    24. LesExit
      I believe so D: but....I still sometimes eat it...
    25. LesExit
      So then it's just sweet enough :33!!!

      Especially on a hot day! They make my stomach hurt though...I'm not supposed to eat a lot of dairy...but sometimes I just can't help it!
    26. LesExit
      Oooo so you like cold coffee :)!? But...isn't it still very bitter D:?

      Oh ya I like milkshakes! Vanilla though...
    27. LesExit
      Do you put anything in your coffee?

      Well....I really like grape juice...and orange juice...and mango juice....or water XD I don't know...I just drink juice I suppose.
    28. Dangai Ichigo
      Dangai Ichigo
      Your Bleach God is here, you low tier shinigami.

      No need to thank me.
    29. Jersey Shore Jesus
      Jersey Shore Jesus
      Not really...

      They put in power who they want in power.
    30. Jersey Shore Jesus
      Jersey Shore Jesus
      Watched this doc on Masons. Pretty good if you get a chance. Btw its so like 3 hours like be ready. :lmao

      I also don't vote sorry I never answered you.
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