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hustler's ambition
Feb 10, 2008
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Atlanta, GA
    1. Sayaka
      i might of lied of the ever thing...
    2. Sayaka
    3. Indra
      Yo. I saw that you posted about someone targeting you in my FC, I would like to apologize if this was the case.

      Also feel free to post there if you want. I would love to see you more active there! You can also voice your concerns about the Anime/Manga in regards to Boruto's character, as I do time from time.
      1. hustler's ambition likes this.
    4. Zef
      Who's that in your sig? Is it a YouTuber?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Platypus
        Jun 6, 2017
      3. Klue
        Platypus hit the mark!

        Jun 7, 2017
      4. hustler's ambition
        hustler's ambition
        I'll check that video out when I'm not feeling lazy. It's nice knowing there are other female non-feminists out there.
        Jun 16, 2017
    5. LesExit
      Your sig....im rolling
      1. hustler's ambition likes this.
    6. LesExit
      Your avatar is photoshopped
      1. View previous comments...
      2. LesExit
        (っ◔◡◔)っ Ho♥
        Jul 4, 2016
      3. hustler's ambition
        hustler's ambition
        So I've been told.
        Jul 4, 2016
      4. LesExit
        Your sig tho... sad af
        Jul 11, 2016
    7. Indra
      That avatar :bookerskully
      1. hustler's ambition
        hustler's ambition
        It's practically canon. :LOS
        Jun 13, 2016
      2. Indra
        It really is. Poor Salad :catskully
        Jun 13, 2016
    8. GamerGreg
      I gotta say, what Kishimoto did... misleading people and then slapping them in the face. Honestly, some of the anger and hate he received for how he handled the pairings was justified and many said they would never support him again.. honestly I don't blame them and he will never get that back.
    9. GamerGreg
      Hey, I gotta say... I feel absolutely nothing about Naruto anymore. I have no interest in the new manga. Don't you wish Kishi and all parties had just ended the final chapter with Naruto's Hokage Ceremony with no pairings confirmed or denied? They probably would've kept a lot of business that way.
      1. hustler's ambition
        hustler's ambition
        I also wished Kishi ended it at Naruto's Hokage inauguration. No pairings. No stupid pairing fandom wars or crap. The Konoha 11 could've become jounin sensei to their students if Kishi was just hell-bent on having a new generation. But the ending wasn't that great, unless you're a hardcore shipper.
        Apr 29, 2016
      2. hustler's ambition
        hustler's ambition
        But I understand you feeling. I've also grown apathetic towards everything Naruto. I neither like or dislike any characters/pairings. I didn't read the Mitsuki one-shot, and I'm not excited about the upcoming Boruto manga.
        Apr 29, 2016
    10. Zyrax
    11. -Ziltoid-
      It would've been better if Kishi resolved the pairings himself, rather than leaving it to a bunch of proven incompetents like SP :defeat
    12. Hustler
      You have to be. Even if I give up on my dreams.

      Be the Sasuke to my Nardo, Al to Edward, Ishida to my Ichigo, Kyoukai to my Shin and Koon to Bam.
    13. -Ziltoid-
      The irony of the whole thing is that NH always thrived on the fact that it was slowly developing in the story. Naruto 'liked' Sakura at the beginning, as he could relate to her struggle at wanting to be acknowledged. He didn't really notice Hinata at first, but all that changed during the chunin exams. When he saw her fight Neji, Naruto was awed by who she really was. iirc he even stated that he thought she was incredible. The hospital scene, as you said, already broke his character away from NS. He accepted that Sakura loved another, and the entire NarSak thing afterward became a running gag. At the same time, Naruto did something he'd never done before. He quit acting, stopped pretending to be tough, and showed his real self to Hinata. Before fighting Neji, he voiced his true doubts, ones which he didn't even utter to Iruka or Hiruzen, but shared with her. He trusted her completely, and her words... well, it's safe to say that they made quite the impression. After all, he 'really liked' people like her, right?

      And yes... Naruto has shown on many accounts that he has a firm understanding of emotions. He had to face his darker self at the waterfall to get rid of his doubts and distrust, things which kept him from really getting close to others, but after that there was nothing in his way. The war ended, he became accepted and even admired in the village, and Hinata was at his side (Neji's funeral). It irked me how long he waited to respond after she confessed her love, but with his inner turmoil and the chaos that unfolded due to Sasuke joining Akatsuki, I could at least tolerate it. Their interaction during the war were more steps towards NH, holding hands, his words and actions, but also her promise to walk by his side after it ended. All the cards were in place for NH to develop after the war.

      The Last may be Canon, but I think it shits on Naruto as a character. But not just him, it also shits on the resolve and development Hinata had during the war arc. But apparently NH fans don't care if her promises are made void. Apparently NH fans don't bother if Naruto can understand love with other characters, yet compares Hinata to food (although, was it him who said this, or Sakura?)

      The Last was a clusterfuck in several points, and yet I liked the movie. As long as one doesn't connect it to the manga, it is kinda cute. But the timeskip is inexcusable. The way both character regressed was inexcusable. Like I said in the NH fc: if Kishi insisted on a timeskip, why couldn't SP think of anything else? It is simply an insult to NH that the ship needed an outside force (Toneri) to develop, as it implies that Naruto and Hinata apparently weren't capable of getting close on their own. Sakura's retarded ideology of how people should love only made things worse. I didn't like TL's indecisive Hinata, nor did I like the emotionally retarded Naruto. Both were out of character.

      Canon or not, I simply think it way below anything NH deserved to get. The irony is that people even suggest I'm anti-NH for thinking such. Simple minded people always have issues interpreting criticisms, I suppose? I mean, Naruto called Obito 'the coolest guy' in canon, but what kind of moron would like that statement? It was the worst like Naruto uttered in the entire manga! The Last is simply forced drama, just like Gaiden, where both main characters were pushed OOC so that it would serve the mediocre plot of the movie. It wasn't that the put much effort to fit the plot to the established characters, but rather the other way around.

      But many NH people can't seem to accept that 'The Last' simply is too little. Like a kid whose proud of selling something for 15 dollars, while they deserved 45...
    14. Hustler
      I'm not that ambitious
    15. -Ziltoid-
      I honestly don't see the point of why the fandom should lie about The Last. The movie in itself wasn't too bad, but the poor way it connects to the manga is simply an inescapable fact imho. And not too surprising either, considering the number of things which SP has screwed up so far. But there are simply things in the movie which no NH fan should be too pleased about, I think. Damage control seems rather futile, it is better to just accept the flaws and like the movie for what it is.

      I mean, NaruHina got more than most pairings already, so why should any NH fan be insecure? :hm
    16. -Ziltoid-
      Yeah. 'The Last' has some pretty neat moments, but I still think that the timeskip was a rather big insult to the ship. But the fandom doesn't seem to be able to look past the good parts of the movie and realize that it isn't all perfect. Ah well. If criticism equals hating, I suppose I'm a NH-hater for not completely liking The Last. In the blind eyes of the fanatics, at least :lmao
    17. Zyrax
      Your from Atlanta?
    18. Zyrax
    19. Zyrax
      Nice Album :hoho
    20. Zyrax
      Nice avatar
    21. Zyrax
    22. Balalaika
      I hope you're doing well! Just wanted to wish you happy holidays!
    23. minniehyunnie
      Aww that's a sad thing to hear. But I respect your decision. :) It's like I can change it anyway.

      But I do hope that you'll change your mind one day. Even though your fondness over NH has already died down, I do hope that you'll find it within you that those weeaboos did not have to necessarily affect your interests and decisions as a person.

      Anywayssss, I guess I have already said what I really want to say to you so I won't be bothering you from here. Thanks for your time and for the works that you have shared to us! :)
    24. minniehyunnie
      Hi there Nesha! I know it's odd for you to see my name suddenly popping up on your screen but I just want you to know that I'm an avid fan of your works and that I'm looking forward to more. For the hate you're getting right now from the other dumb and hypocrite NH fans, please ignore them. You're awesome and you don't need that amount of negativity in your life.

      Fuck, I'm a virgin myself but I do enjoy the kinky stuff you write. In fact, I have read all of your works and I can say that you're my most favorite NH smut writer out there. You never fail to give me what I want and need to read. Your boldness to write these kind really amaze me. Please continue with your stuff. Sending you good vibes.

      Lovelots minniehyunnie <3
    25. Zensuki
      I'm glad to hear that you will continue your hobby.

      Remember, these people who are too scared to even have the responsibility of facing you with their real name or resort to pathetic bully tactics, really don't know you as a person. In fact, they have a clear motive to vilify you (due to your opinions hurting their fanon) and so will try and twist anything into a negative. Please don't let such meaningless people have an impact on your character. If you need a place to vent than I don't think anyone will object to you posting here :)
    26. Balalaika
      Mangais here, the anime is really well done too. It's an adventure story with a heavy dose of middle eastern influence. The characters are really lovable though and they have good chemistry together.
    27. Balalaika
      You have to hurry and love Magi so we can share tumblr smut together! :brolmesJ/K but it would be awesome!
    28. Balalaika
      She's not the worst person in the world, but you can tell that she's coming from a position of privilege, and it can get annoying when famous folks start sharing their opinions. :p

      She probably didn't know, but the reaction is the funniest part. Instead of saying "Oh Shit!" and starting damage control, people tend to try to justify their actions. People. Yarg. :arg

      Phelyeg is my tumblr. So far I'm just follow my randomness on there though. :hurr
    29. Balalaika
      Nesha, I noticed this on my tumblr and thought you would get a rage/kick out of it.

      Also, a Nicki Minaj remix of "body beautiful" by Salt&Peppa would make my life complete. :WOW
    30. Bishamon
      Hmmm, well I'll reserve my more detailed thoughts for when you're not on mobile and you can go on detail, so the convo is less one-sided, but to make it short, it looks like, to me, what you truly need is to start over - With the pair, I mean. It seems it could be useful - Distance yourself, look at everything from a different angle and make sure the people you don't near you stay away while keeping the ones that you do want near close, and try to find your own little world within the fandom, one that's totally unrelated to the one that's supposedly everyone else's.

      What I'm saying doesn't make much sense as of now I'm sure, but I hope once we can go into detail that you'll understand what I mean.
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