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Nov 8, 2016
Oct 8, 2006
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Behind You!


House of Win, from Behind You!

Hwon was last seen:
Nov 8, 2016
    1. Golden Circle
      Golden Circle
      You should add transparency to that spoiler button in your sig...

      It's kinda obvious in non-Orange skins.
    2. Bishop
      How in the F...

      Ok, thanks.
    3. Bishop
      How the hell do I say your name?!

      At first I was like "Jaun", then it went to "Huh-won".

      Tell me :pek:gun
    4. Basilikos
      You don't talk much outside of threads. :pek

      Why is that? :hmm
    5. Basilikos
      Sup, Hwon? Still having fun replying to VMs on your own VM wall? :maybe
    6. Hwon
      Not necessarily. There are two tools to address the validity of a proposition, claim, or position. One is burden of proof and the other is its counter opposite falsification. In cases where the counter case is a negative that by nature won't have evidence one need only demonstrate that the other person hasn't satisfied the burden of proof because the negative can only be falsified by evidence to the contrary.

      So demanding evidence where none can exist as an attempt to defend a position that should have evidence if true but none is present is an incredibly weak argument.
    7. Cyphon
      I don't want to stay off topic in the thread. I did want to point out however, that even if you claim an argument is false you still have to prove it is false. Even if it is already pretty much considered to be false it still provides various benefits. In this case specifically after you were called a bad debater it grabbed on certain peoples emotions and made them upset thus compromising their reasoning from a logical standpoint. It could have also worked against your emotions but you kept your head.

      So I think no matter the perspective you view it from it can be a valuable debate tool even if you would call it weak. I am not sure if you are a consistent reader of Naruto but it would be like when Sasuke used a genjutsu on Danzo. It was a weak genjutsu but it did enough to compromise Danzo and cost him the victory.

      So I think instead of focusing on strong vs weak we should put more weight on value. And I don't mean this necessarily as a counterpoint to you but more something as a great discussion point. Like I said, you kept your head better than others so you have gotten my attention on this particular topic.
    8. Hwon
      I have no idea
    9. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      baconbits is a creationist?
    10. Pilaf
      You stalkin', Hwon? -__-

      Grrrr...I am Pilaf the Defiler....and all that good shit...er....despair?
    11. Ech?ux
      mind if I reply here or via private message? The replies are starting to get lengthy and even though it's pretty much still on-topic I don't want to have multiple conversations going at once in the thread, it really throws me off sometimes when they're this long and deep.
    12. Jagon Fox
      Jagon Fox
      noooo not the Evil Chair!
    13. Hwon
    14. Botzu
      "I would actually appreciate it if only one of you takes it upon themselves to debate with me. Hwon imo would be better, but you guys can brawl amongst yourselves to figure that out."
      You can have it Hwon.
    15. No.1Moose
      Yo hwon send me a pm about how you got the answer for Zeta series 3 coz my brain hurts :zaru
    16. Hwon
      We were debating the difference between truth and belief, which extending into a post about the nature of knowledge.

      Everything asserted about reality is an assumption/belief. Its a state of mind that our brain comes to based on persuasive elements we experienced. However, we can differentiate between beliefs based on the criteria of those persuasive elements. That criteria could be logic, emotion, philosophy, etc...

      So when I say I value truth over belief it means that I value criteria that is most reliable in coming closer to truth over criteria that isn't or what the belief is pertaining too.

      Evidence is the most trustworthy of companions on the road to truth. Still no amount of evidence could ever convince me that I couldn't be wrong. There will always be a subjective and bias element in our interpretation of the facts.

      The answer is that I'm never convinced because 100% certainity is unknowable and so it doesn't matter to me what I previously believed. If the evidence suddenly points to something else then I'll accept it.
    17. pfft
      Well; this is also "true", however you may or may not look at it; I suppose the belief you are speaking of is the more logical type; where as earlier I believe we were talking about the more, "faith-based" type of belief.
      (although I am jumping into this convo without checking up on it)

      So your whole philosophy is more objective than subjective right?

      I am really curious about you now; Would you say that, if you could be convinced with concrete proof of something of what you believed was to be correct, and is now incorrect; YOU would doubt what you once believed were true/correct?
    18. Hwon
      The limits of sensory perception leave us with an epistemic problem, which is that we logically can not know if our knowledge is true. Everything we think about the objective world is an assumption/belief.

      This is about "why" we assume/believe. So even though I may only ever hold a belief in the truth of something my point is that I don't believe it because I like the idea, dislike the alternatives, or for whatever emotional reason want my beliefs to be correct. I believe it because it is more likely true then false, but if evidence supported that it was incorrect then its value to me diminishes greatly and I'd appeal whatever explanation was now more then likely true then false based on what I know.
    19. pfft
      well truth and belief are seperate entities you know. having a truth is just acknowledging what you think is correct; and possibly what the majority recognizes as truth. but belief should not be in any way compared to truth in any form or manner. Because belief is just mental state which someone encounters and can use to their advantage. HOwever if i remember correctly ; you and I were speaking on your sig (which you use and made up yourself am i correct?)
    20. Hwon
      I definitely value knowing what is true over caring what I personally believe.
    21. pfft
      lol would you describe yourself as an atheist or merely a 'truth seeker'?
      or something else perhaps?
    22. Hwon
      "Well, technically I could quote anything I say couldn't I." -Me

      I only quoted myself because I ended up repeating that phrase so often in posts about religion that I just thought it easier to put it in my sig so I could just refer to it.
    23. pfft
      do you have any other quotes from yourself?
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    "One cannot make a myth true by developing a more sophisticated argument."
    -Albert Einstein
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