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Hyuuga Ichirou
Last Activity:
Dec 26, 2010
Jul 26, 2006
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The hall of fame. And jocks. And cheaters. And me.
Uh... The man? ...yeah. YEAH

Hyuuga Ichirou

Too much smartness does scare, from The hall of fame. And jocks. And cheaters. And me.

Hyuuga Ichirou was last seen:
Dec 26, 2010
    1. Kamioto Furin
    2. Kamioto Furin
      Kamioto Furin
      Hey Ichirou-kun! How have you been? I hope college is treating you well. Btw, I'm graduating this April. :awesome I'm really excited but I'm still working on my thesis... :argh
      Haha. Hope to hear from you soon~ :high
    3. Rakiyo
      Hey Hyuuga i was curious to see if you'd be intrested in joining my stat based rp, give it a look and see if you'd be intrested

    4. Caedus
      Dude, your like confusing me
    5. Serena_Ahnell
      Things of that nature don't work that way, I'm afraid.
    6. OniTasku
      Not a problem; they were good words, and I can relate to tough spots in the past with a troubled relationship. It's not easy to let things go and move on, but in the end, we must (lest we condemn ourselves to eternal sorrow). Best of luck, comrade.
    7. Caedus
      Your da man
    8. Vergil
      Not much - the SW died without you, maybe you'll come back and start it up again. I made one and thats going ok for now. Work is alright, still not sure if I'm cut out for management - I do most things ok but I just can't keep the time and am always late :p
    9. Vergil
      Hey dude hows it goin?
    10. Kamioto Furin
      Kamioto Furin
      I'll be adding you now~ :nuts
    11. Kamioto Furin
      Kamioto Furin
      I have MSN and Yahoo though. :)

      Just got into college? :nuts Good luck and as I always say, do your best! Haha.
      We go back to school on June 8. D:
    12. Kamioto Furin
      Kamioto Furin
      Indeed, it has been a long time.

      University of the Philippines. Taking BS Biochemistry.

      IM? As in Instant Messenger? No, sorry, I don't have one.
    13. Kamioto Furin
      Kamioto Furin
      Haha. I've been inactive for only less than a year. School's kept me busy and it will for one more year. :shakefist Been working really hard. :p

    14. Kamioto Furin
      Kamioto Furin
      Hallllooooo~~~ *waves*
      How are you?
    15. Rakiyo
      Hey i was wondering if i wanted to join the shinobi world was their any arc or rules against characters i should be aware of (Such as they cant be from a certain village or cant be a certain age or rank)
    16. Vergil
      lol. i have zero time for anything. im at work most of the time because both my bastard waiters have gone on bastard holiday leaving me by my bastard self. then i get home and write and play games cos im in such a bastard bad mood. :p i have a 3wk break coming up so ill be back on form soon
    17. Seijun Togiretogire
    18. Seijun Togiretogire
      Seijun Togiretogire
      Actually, I do. They involve Daraku more than Seijun, at least initially.
    19. Seijun Togiretogire
      Seijun Togiretogire
      Unfortunately, no I don't. I have MSN and AIM; never tried Yahoo, but I could probably get it.
    20. Kuno
      Hey sweetie...sorry I missed you. I will try to get on in my morning. Don't go to bed to early! :wink
    21. Kuno
      Okay...so it wasn't just a 'load of crap' it was bigger than that. But, it might be done sooner than I anticipated. I will try to get on and post once a day. Though I can't make any promises....
    22. Kuno
      Well, hey there Hyuuga Ichirou...not much...um...you?
    23. Vergil
      Just got it. :D
    24. Seijun Togiretogire
      Seijun Togiretogire
      Lol, sorry for the wait. Christmas shopping and some last-minute work with my dad.
    25. Shin_Yagami
      I've got my last exam this evening so starting from this night I'll be ready to go, but someone to interact with in the RP to get me started would be nice since I was hesitant to post atfirst since I didn't feel like making just a generic post where Shin will be strolling around.
    26. Shin_Yagami
      The problem is that I'll either have to make some random post where I introduce him and then stroll around or something, or I start by reading some posts and bios so that I know what I'm doing, the latter will require some time since I've got examweek and I'm already busy enough with trying to keep up with OP and other RPs
    27. Vergil
      its long overdue - and yea but I'll need time too
    28. Vergil
      totally fantasy. I'm having loads of weird abilities but my team will always be the underdog as they won't have the strange powers. they will be normal players - but modelled on the best players ever to have graced the game. essentially it will be a fight against those who rely too heavily on their crazy abilities.
    29. Vergil
      Well I'm sort of basing it on how eyesheild 21 did it and focussing on one on one battles with a formidable opponent. Easy enough considering the formations and positions, then shining the spotlight on different players.

      The Goalkeeper is Dante-esque so that's been fun to write. I might ask kunoichirule or yourself to help me with some fans though. You guys can write reactions to good or bad events really well.
    30. Vergil
      not bad mate - the matches are difficult to write but otherwise fine.

      hows the rping going?
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    The hall of fame. And jocks. And cheaters. And me.
    Uh... The man? ...yeah. YEAH
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    A goof that kicks ass. Cool kid in the hall. Everybody heard the name. Guess who it is.

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    Gleaming rays awake the dawn
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