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Sep 18, 2013
Feb 10, 2006
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Active Member

iander was last seen:
Sep 18, 2013
    1. Mider T
      Mider T
      What do you think about Ramush Haradinaj's recent acquittal of war crimes?
    2. drache
      if you like nightwish and epica you need to check out within temptation again I'm insanely jealous the next american tour I think i'll have to go see them
    3. drache
      nice was thinking of choosing 'Never Enough' as well but didn't want to go overboard, ever heard of Within Temptation or Nightwish?
    4. drache
      so you a fan of epica then?
    5. Mael
      American Military History and American Foreign Policy.
    6. Stalin
      What political cartoonists do you recommend then? Really, the insight of filibuster comes from the commentary on them.
    7. Stalin
      What do you have against filibuster cartoons?
    8. Dolohov27
      Forgive me for my foolish comment.
    9. MF NaruSimpson
      MF NaruSimpson
      those are good ones as well. I read this morning about a new free trade agreement between columbia and the US, i could only think that Columbia's elites will now have favor with the US elites, and that's the limit of "free trade".
    10. MF NaruSimpson
      MF NaruSimpson
      were i not banned from the cafe, i would say there's two issues the US is on the wrong side of when it comes to latin america: cuba and the malvinas
    11. Inuhanyou
      I think it was, yes. I said that i agreed with the japanese US bases as long as they were reformed in a way that the Japanese people would adhere to. There are many protests every year in Okinawa about their presence of course :hurr

      Thinking about it now, any kind of fleet stationed in the general area of Japan could reasonably protect them from threats, which was my main draw against actually taking forces out of that country. They don't have to be stationed on Japan's islands themselves.

      Hell, if they felt they were ready, I think it would be timely enough to eliminate the 9th clause of the Japanese constitution, so they could protect themselves :hurr

      I'm not an isolationist at heart(meaning that i think the US can play a positive rolein places whee there is not enough manpower), but i do agree that the US getting its nose inside of other people's business for its own benefit has caused us much more harm than good.

      And as for the GOP debate..i didn't watch the one last night, but i did watch a certain recent Fox hosted event and i shut it off halfway through. Just could not deal with the bullshit personally. We know the answers to these issues, these people are simply there to espouse their backer's ideals.
    12. Inuhanyou
      The "your as bad as the conservatives" line really stuck with me Iander, i hope i don't give off that impression anymore :hurr
    13. The Pink Ninja
      The Pink Ninja
      I should also add the USAs involvement with NATO also helped stop my fellow Europeans killing each other like they have for the past millenia.

      If it had been about how great America was I'd have pointed out genocide in Vietnam or what a pack of hypocites the founding fathers were but it wasn't and nothing I said wasn't true.
    14. The Pink Ninja
      The Pink Ninja
      It did stop the USSR conquering Western Europe. You think they stopped from the goodness of their little hearts or the Western Europe could have defended itself?
    15. The Pink Ninja
      The Pink Ninja

      Hey thar, care to say why my statements or positions aren't at least subjectively correct? Or are you just going to neg and not say anything as usual because you can't defend your position, whatever that may be.

      This shit is getting really old man, exspecially since we seem to hold about 90% of the same political positions. If you did it once I wouldn't care but this is like the 5th or 6th time.
    16. Outlandish
      hows it going dude ? I have friends on the floatilla this year, got another friend visiting gaaza soon!
    17. Shinigami Perv
      Shinigami Perv
      Yep. :brofist It's just fear based on ignorance, same fear that gripped white South Africans when the blacks achieved equal rights. A two state solution is alright with me, but it seems like a solution based on mistrust and hatred from both sides rather than mutual respect. A more bold yet less painful path would be one state, IMO.

      Of course the thread is trolled and becomes pointless by page 3 :tomasulk
    18. Inuhanyou
      There is crime around those bases, and the citizenry are rightly upset at that. That's why there were the plans to relocate the base to a different unpopulated area.

      But there are more than just wartime bases there, U.S. pacific command is there, and they were the closest to the area when the earthquake hit. There were already people on the way the same day it occurred because they were already mobilized for an event such as that in that area.

      In that type of situation, where the SDF needs backup, i support their presence.
      If necessary, they should be relocated to an air carrier off island, if its truly that bad.

      I'm sorry that you think of my foreign policy as a typical neocon. I was not for the war in Iraq. I thought that the war in Afghanistan was justified initially to catch the perpetrators of 9/11 before we found out that it was simply a front for an expansion of US forces under the name of "creating democracy". I do believe that we do not have to solve every problem the world faces, i believe that the military should be cut down and refocused into other areas of defense that are not related to launching attacks every minute.

      I believe that we should be focused at home and use a lot of the money we spend annually to improve our own country.

      Does that really make me a Neocon on foreign policy Iander?
    19. Inuhanyou
      Am i really just as bad as the conservatives, even though i hate everything they stand for? :hurr

      Yes, i believe that there are certain bases around the world are stationed in areas for protecting the US's allies. I do not believe that every single base that we have around the world is bad. That hardly means i'm for the military machine, an expansion for war, or far anything of that nature. It means i'm for those allies. :hurr

      I'm sorry that you felt to insulted by my statement that you had to fly off the handle like that, but i understand that these things can get the better of us sometimes.
    20. Stalin
      Can you recommend me some news sources?
    21. Mael
      Yep...Scylla and Charybdis.
    22. Mael
      I think public attention, with all due respect, keeps that fucking place open and even worse to try to close down. The second it does get more public, Fox News and every other swinging dick is complaining about it.

      I've grown callous to Gitmo, despite half of what I was saying more or less trolling because quite frankly I stopped caring with the OP commentary. Gitmo wasn't going to be closed so easily as long as there are still crazy assholes trying to fly shit into buildings, nor will it just up and shut down like everyone actually believed. And oddly enough, there are a lot of funny situations where people there actually have intel. It's just that the US puts itself on such a moral pedestal that it becomes bogged down in bullshit. It uses stories of the past instead of direct questioning used now to have it be some Afghan prison, which honestly it is not after reviewing DIA reports of it.
    23. IBU
      All that upset me was that Blair's comment was not a blanket statement about Mubarek, and a defense of him in totality, but a defense of his role in a particular context.

      Therefore, whether Blair is right or wrong it is simply not accurate to paint him as being an unapologetic and unqualified cheerleader for Mubarek.
    24. Tyrannos
      Man Iander, you have such a thin skin. And on top of it you're too cowardly to even respond to my PM.

      At no time did I ever support Rush Limbaugh's making fun of the Chinese. You sir, are so full of hate that you see things aren't there. So enjoy your counter-rep for stupidity.
    25. strongarm85
      Sorry if your butt hurt over something I said, but everything I mentioned in the Vietnam thread actually happened.

      Years of social discord in the United States brought an end to the war. A riot in Chicago actually ended with over 150 people dead. There were many thousands dead American Soldiers over the course of the war, and when the US left, the Vietcong killed thousands of South Vietnamese when they took over the country.

      It isn't revisionist. It's factual. The only thing revisionist is your bullshit version of what happened.
    26. Toroxus
      You don't.
    27. Petenshi
      Actually it was a ninja :lmao. Only miliseconds behind me.
    28. IBU
      Just out of curiosity, what is your area of research in Political Science? You seem like you know alot about real politics, unlike myself, who is really just a philosopher hiding in the political science department.
    29. IBU
      I just have two essays left to finish in the next week and a half, and then I am done my BA (Hons) in Political Science. I am currently applying to MA programs. Beyond MA, I am not sure though because the job situation for Political Science PhDs is abysmal in Canada. Also, I really am not a fan of alot of the trends in Academic Political Theory/Philosophy. There is still some great work being done, but the overload foucauldian stuff is something that irks me a little bit.

      So I am considering either policy formation in the Civil Service after the MA or the PhD, or Law.

      I really should volunteer politically, but (a) I find very causes adequate, and (b) composing music and my general love of music is a strong distraction.
    30. IBU
      You are cool, and I have never really talked to you on this site. What do you do? Are you a university student? What are you taking?
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