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Jul 12, 2015
Jul 2, 2010
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♥♥♥ strawberry ♥♥♥, from chilling in a tea party whit aizen ♪♫♪

ichigeau was last seen:
Jul 12, 2015
    1. Kraker2k
      Oh right, I accidentally sent you a messed up message, the second message should be much easier to follow:sweatdrop
    2. Kraker2k
      Hey did you get a chance to read my PM? =]
    3. Tsukuyo
      Nice, a bit annoyed, but good as well. :wtf
      The moment I saw your username I instantly recognized you. XDD
    4. Tsukuyo
      Hey. :LOS How are you?:iria
    5. kelechimaster
      how do you use that kubo emoticon
    6. Esura
      Who is that voluptuous woman in your sig? :druul
    7. Vladimir Lenin
      Vladimir Lenin
      Don't worry, I don't. I was surprised to get around 5 Negs with "Go and learn, dumbass" though, when all I had done was correct someone who was obviously not paying attention to the storyline. I thought Negs were supposed to be used on people who did terrible or disgusting and shunned acts on this forum. O_o

      But hey, hate's gon' hate :ichigo
    8. Gowi
      Even though it seems we disagree on some points on gaming, yeah GTA IV was not this huge fail that people assume.
    9. ghostswordsman
      How so? That's a pretty general statement.
    10. Psi Factor
      Psi Factor
      Ello ichigeau. :iria

      Yep read Claymore regularly. Miria survived and looks more badass than ever! tbh I always knew she'll survive. One of the prominent protagonist, she couldn't have died like this, besides we needed a new number #1 even if she's unofficial. More surprised I am about the turnabout that all the claymores did, so exciting, Miria has some freakin charismatic personality :argh

      Also reading that chapter, I revise my earlier statement and say we are reaching the beginning to the end. All the chess pieces are getting ready in their places for the third act...unless the writer plans for another timeskip that is, or to explore the other world in its entirety. Either way it'll still take years to reach conclusion. I'm not that aware of any internal news regarding the manga. Any Mangaka's interview or something by which we can get hint of whats coming?
    11. Meia
      Thank you for the rep :3. I like your avatar.
    12. C-No
      O, thanks. No wonder I haven't seen her before.
    13. C-No
      Must know who your set is of.
    14. Esura
      I so love your new sig.
    15. Esura
    16. Esura
      How the hell you get your sig like that with the wavvy reflection and all that? :wtf

      You must tell me pleeeeease!
    17. Bubyrd Ratcatcher
      Bubyrd Ratcatcher
      sure ^^ it's from Alive - the final evolution, great shounen :datass
    18. Oceania
      Thanks once agian.:) Wow those are really good and yes it would hard 2 edit the site.:maybe
    19. rs claymore
      rs claymore
      well if u say that then u havnt gotten out of tutorial yet and it takes along time 2 work on it
      besides a friend of mine made an account that looks exactly like miria
    20. rs claymore
      rs claymore
      hey check out my first album its good sofar
    21. tsunadefan
      thank you for your reccomendation ichigeau, but i must warn you that i am a picky guy. i like women who have superpowers in relations to strenght (like tsunade), high speed melee fighting (like soi fon and yorouichi), and telepathic or control, ranged powers (like orihime, storm and invisible woman).
    22. Olivia
      I'm going to guess it was in the Naruto and Jiraiya training episodes, thanks :)
    23. Olivia
      What episode is the New Sexy Jutsu used in?
    24. Psi Factor
      Psi Factor
      Yeh she is :hurr Actually Anastasia is a bit like Flora, I think its the curly hair that reminds me of Flora.
    25. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      MH season 2 :X3
    26. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      you remind me of my friend Maris with her gifs and images :sniff
      Kanako :ohpek
    27. Psi Factor
      Psi Factor
      Hell yeah chapter 110! :dance
      Off to reading.
    28. Psi Factor
      Psi Factor
      The fanart is so amazing :ohpek

      I had no idea about the extra chapters. Off to reading more, right now reading Teresa & Rosemery and one reaction = :eek

      How strong is Teresa suppose to be? Shouldn't this awakened Rosemery kinda rival Abysal ones? You think she can defeat one of the three?
    29. Psi Factor
      Psi Factor
      I did, I've read all the chapter :LOS

      Can't say which one is the kindest since they all showed great concern for people around them when required, but Galatea sure is a strong contender. Most of the characters in claymore are likable, the only one i disliked was the latest number 5 trying to show "current power standards" to an Abyssal One. My fav are Miria, Isley (a single powerful guy among so many kickass women automatically raises his value :lmao) and also fond of Teresa, Galatea and Rafaela (her story is interesting). Yours? I know Flora, Clarice & Glatea are few :p

      Also disappoint that Raki haven't met Clare yet, :( but he's grown into a fine young man. I liked he developed a playful personality.

      How much longer do you think the manga will continue? As I see it has an infinite potential for length if the writer wants.
    30. Psi Factor
      Psi Factor
      I know, have already read that chapter :hurr She looks better blind don't ya think? Seems freaky but she rapidly climbed my fav meter after timeskip.
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    chilling in a tea party whit aizen ♪♫♪
    Favorite Character(s):
    this is hard to say :/ kakashi is cool
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    i liked the sauce vs itachi arc :hurr
    HI, welcome to my profile :3

    well alot of things and stuff


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