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Last Activity:
Jun 17, 2019 at 5:04 PM
Apr 5, 2011
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Fuck Itachi.
Hating Itachi


Da Sage, from Fuck Itachi.

IchLiebe was last seen:
Jun 17, 2019 at 5:04 PM
    1. Mongolia
      Why that avatar.
    2. Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      Munboy Dracule O'Brian
      That's a very interesting avatar.
      1. IchLiebe
        No doubt fitting for a Confederate. And rustles jimmies. No offense. It's no pro-#slavery position by any means or racist. Purely rebellious in nature
        Dec 12, 2017
    3. Benedict Cumberzatch
      Benedict Cumberzatch
      What happened to you?


      The Cafe
      1. Itachі
        rest in peace young ^ (use bro) there's a heaven for a g
        Dec 5, 2017
      2. IchLiebe
        Been being busy working, hunting and trapping.
        Dec 5, 2017
      3. IchLiebe
        I have been lurking
        Dec 5, 2017
    4. Itachі
      u getting brave wearing that avatar son
      1. Samael likes this.
      2. IchLiebe
        Brave? I asked permission...child
        Nov 21, 2017
      3. Mouten
        @Itachi why ; thats an american flag
        Dec 5, 2017
    5. Darkmatter
      You're certainly doing whatever you can to tap various nerves from those you're tagging. From the Cafe to the Nigerian Embassy/CF section and the Konoha Country. I just curious about what's up with that.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. IchLiebe
        Nothing but annoyance.
        Oct 13, 2017
      3. Jeroen
        Coward. :maybe
        Oct 13, 2017
      4. Darkmatter
        Eh, honestly, even if you were to include me, it wouldn't really bother me.
        Just wanted to know why you're doing it, but it looks like being annoying is what you're looking for.
        Thanks for the answer.
        Oct 13, 2017
    6. Monty Burns
      Monty Burns
      Comeback to the BD bro!
    7. UchihaX28
      Just noticed you were in Konoha Library and I just wanted to drop in to say "Hi". Good to see that you're still lurking NarutoForums whenever possible. :)
      1. IchLiebe
        Got to every now and then. Im the ich that cant be scratched
        Apr 19, 2017
    8. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Our match is up in the Davy Back. good luck.
    9. UchihaX28
      Wow, it's nice to see your back. I've been wondering where you've been for the past 2 months or so. So, how's life treating you?
    10. raizen28
      Come back you!
    11. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      One Piece tournament up in the Davy if interested.
    12. Last Rose of Summer
      Last Rose of Summer
      Nah, it's not Jesus it's Kaiza from Land of Water. Thanks for rep!
    13. Donquixote Doflamingo
      Donquixote Doflamingo
      My post was not Anti-War bro. But its cool
    14. Bloo
      You know damn well the context of both of the images I provided. I don't know what the difference is. Maybe if I included something more vague, but the context in that case was clear as day.

      I know he hadn't coughed blood before Susano'o. I claimed that he was coughing and showing massive fatigue. I never once claimed that he coughed blood before the use of Susano'o.

      Because he later spat blood into his hand...

      Not really. My argument is still grounded in the fact that the manga canonically states that he was sick. Until you can prove that essential point in my argument wrong, somehow, then my argument still stands. Could it have been from MS use? Maybe. However, I find it odd Sasuke or Madara didn't get sick as well (especially since Sasuke since we can prove he used his MS a hell of a lot more than Itachi).

      No one can prove to you that Itachi had a terminal illness? The manga fucking says he did in a revealing context (there isn't even a logical reason for Obito to lie about that). You cannot provide any stipulating evidence, implications, or anything else directly from the manga to suggest anything else. Go argue with Kishimoto on this. I'm not arguing Itachi with you on something so basic and commonplace.
    15. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I locked the first one, but the second one has gone on for a bit too long at this point. I didn't lock it the first time around because I thought the two of you were legitimately friends. :p
    16. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Sorry, my insomniac days are behind me now and I tend to be asleep by 3 AM. :p Which thread are you referring to?
    17. Kanga
      Oh so, like when you combine honey flavored cereal with milk? I can see your reasoning for that one. Yeah, I've learned my lesson. I also avoid cappuccino or coffee flavored yogurt as well because they get way too sweet.

      I don't think it should have lactate because my sis drinks it all the time (hence my unfortunate experience with soy milk) and she's lactose intolerant. Maybe it's the almonds itself that has your stomach feeling queasy? I sometimes get that way with certain foods like cantaloupe.
    18. Kanga
      I'll have to try it out one of these days.

      Haha. I won't. Honey flavored anything could be a hit or miss. I tried honey flavored greek yogurt once and it was pretty bad.
    19. Kanga
      No I haven't. :(

      The stuff I did try was some kind of organic unsweetened crap that tasted like wet paper towels.
    20. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Stop stereotyping :skully
    21. rocconorth
      Thanks for the rep mate. Always good to see another person who appreciates the cultured things in life...:laugh BTW...as of this moment I have a new one...but it's still features the finer things in life
    22. StrawHat4Life
      Sorry. I'll get on that.
    23. Millón Vasto
      Millón Vasto
      lol epic math error, thanx
    24. Invictus-Kun
      Hey, dude, please edit your strat in you match against POW, you dont have Neji in your team, it's Hinata.

    25. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Misleading designation:ignoramus
    26. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Kuck dir das mal an.
    27. StrawHat4Life
      I'll get to it today. Sorry for the delay.
    28. Cord
    29. Nikushimi
      Kaguya matched current Naruto's attack with her own, indicating that their speed is at least pretty close. Wait, why am I arguing with you over the feats of the strongest character in the series? :lmao

      Hell, even Juubito could blitz EMS Sasuke and BM Naruto.

      So fuck off.
    30. Nikushimi
      You're an idiot. I literally said Amaterasu could be avoided, escaped, dispersed, or sealed.

      But anyone who can't do any of that (or stop the caster before the Jutsu is used) dies--even Kaguya, apparently, because she had to absorb it.
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    Fuck Itachi.
    Hating Itachi
    • Sokovia
    Favorite Character(s):
    NOT Itachi
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    One where Itachi died of chakra exhaustion
    I was once a young man, blinded by peace and love but no more am I blind

    Drinking Hatorade


    "Dear Frederick, thank you for your nice letter. But I'm actually a U.S. Marine who was born to kill, where you have clearly mistaken me for some sort of wine-sipping communist dick suck. And although peace probably appeals to tree-loving bisexuals like you and your parents, I happen to be a death-dealing, blood-crazed warrior who wakes up everyday just hoping for the chance to dismember my enemies and defile their civilizations. Peace sucks a hairy asshole, Freddie. War is the motherfucking answer."

    ? Cpl. Josh Ray Person​
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