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Last Activity:
Apr 24, 2014
Feb 26, 2007
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Doesn't want a custom title

IDGabrielHM was last seen:
Apr 24, 2014
    1. SAFFF
      thanks for the rep. yeah i try to keep the bleach hentai thread alive.

      Glad to see some other people contributing too.
    2. butcher50
      your comments in the bathhouse always crack me up :ho
    3. Immortal King
      Immortal King
      Thanks for befriending me mate:brofist
    4. Inuhanyou
      Thank you Gabriel, i really appreciate the sentiment :p As you can see, there are plenty of odds to go up against. But hopefully one day common sense will prevail
    5. olehoncho
      I'm glad you approve. Though your rep message has made my user CP look rather messy, I can only suppose that your keyboard is in a similar state. So we're even :p
    6. IDGabrielHM
      Hacking is a lousy way to get a bad reputation.......he had your account for a long time there didn't he.
      I'm sure you can get a mod to pull it off of you.
    7. Feitan Blitzes
      Feitan Blitzes
      I was hacked by a troll.... no need to neg rep :(
    8. Fran
      This is an IOU for green a rep :lmao
    9. DemonDragonJ
      How is your "Whimsical 8-Bit What-If Scenario" progressing? Are you still interested in that, or have you abandoned it?
    10. うずまきナルト
      lol, thanks for the rep. I really did like that thread, but it was getting too out of hand, while people were just pulling out new excuses out of their ass.

      Next time I make a thread about an area that is taboo, I will make sure to notify you. It won't be for a while because those threads take a lot of thought to begin with. LOL Expert Troll... I love it!:laugh
    11. TheAntiAntlion
      This is bfe. Do you have an aim or msn screename? There's things I want you to know.
    12. Mider T
      Mider T
      Here's a link to the volume poems if you're interested.

    13. Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Omaeda Takes It Alone
      Here's a link to the volume poems if you're interested.

    14. Jeαnne
      hey, if you dont have any party in the cafe, could you vote for the rubber chicken party please :B?


      ty <3333 :B
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    Favorite Character(s):
    at the moment....Neji
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    Episode: It's not
    Chapter: Over yet!


    Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez is dead. He died over 5 years ago.
    Spoiler: tributes
    Spoiler: he posted over 100 times, consecutively, in one thread
    Spoiler: and This Tribute Began in the 12th Century!
    All threads locked, you broke my heart.
    To be a Man you must have honor. Honor and a penis.
    Spoiler: a lemon I made
    Exclusive to bath house. Click.
    Question: What is a weapon?
    Answer: Something that gets in the way of your fist.
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