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Aug 25, 2019 at 10:47 AM
Jun 25, 2013
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Jan 16, 1995 (Age: 24)


A Perv, 24, from Canada

Went to log in on PC, forgot my password, now locked my account there. Welp. I guess mobile it is. Apr 14, 2019

IdioticGamer was last seen:
Viewing thread Fate/Grand Order, Aug 25, 2019 at 10:47 AM
    1. Jakers
      correction on the Buggy vs T-1000 thread... a weakened T-800 was the one who got busted by a home made pipe bomb (and even then still kept on moving).

      Not the T-1000, nothing harmed/stopped a T-1000 except for liquid nitrogen or molten steel.
    2. CM Pope
      CM Pope

      Every time I see footage from this game I want it more.
    3. Delsin
    4. PoinT_BlanK
      you only get concrete during the final fight

      the upgrades are triple lift (jumping), infinite boulder dash (running in rock form), strength of granite (which allows you to take more damage), concrete barrage (projectiles) and concrete shrapnel (which is like shootin rocks real quick kinda like a machine gun)

      overall concrete is not that impressive tbh
    5. PoinT_BlanK
      no there wasn't

      i'm tryna think about it and nah
    6. RedSurvivor
      I can see yours. I think it should be in the signature section on your CP.
    7. Linkofone
      Happy New Year dude.
    8. Araragi
      It's from Beyond the Boundary.
    9. Nidave
      Not really a fan of Infamous because I have an Xbox Circle, but Second son is one of my anticipated games on the PS4.
    10. IdioticGamer
      To Sir CM Pope.
      It is InFamous Second Son
    11. Scizor
      Don't worry about it man :brofist
    12. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      What game is it in your signature?
    13. Scizor
      You're welcome :brofist
    14. Scizor
      [ YMP3 ][ /YMP3 ] (without the spaces) with the part of the youtube link of the song you want that's after the '=' sign (in the url) in between these tags.

      That'll net you a youtube bar which plays the music when you press play.
    15. Deidara02
      I welcome you, too. Most of my province doesn't
      Iike anime.... But I am huge fan. :p
    16. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      Wait now I dont know if you mean laugh out loud or league of legends...

      We're confusing ourselves

    17. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      League of Legends has clearly passed me by, LOL :maybe
    18. RedSurvivor
      Da, noticed it just now. Decent match-up, but Touma doesn't do so well against guns. He's handled them in-series, but he mainly focuses on stealth against them, which doesn't work in this match-up with Dresden's omniscience.
    19. Elric of Melniboné
      Elric of Melniboné
      Who is that lady in your signature?
    20. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      go to the meta convo and ask them about a version of raiden adam jensen can beat
    21. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      But you can make a thread and Call Is there a version of Raiden Adam jensen can beat? It will be more objective and avoid some flaming and stuff. Also, Full ammo/upgrade/augment Jensen
    22. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      Raiden wins from MG4 and onwards
      IDK about MGS2 but Raiden would possibly take
      Raiden is a bullshit speed ninja :LOS
    23. RedSurvivor
      In a debate, no. Take Saitama for example. He's only Island+ in debates even though all of his showings are with him holding back and it's implied he can go much higher. So an attack that hurts a city-level being is only City+, even if it's done while holding back. Not really sure what you mean by regular attack or whatever though.
    24. RedSurvivor
      NLF means No Limits Fallacy. Basically it means if there's an attack that can "pierce through anything" or a shield that can "block anything", it can't actually do these things in a versus debate. You take the highest feat it has. So say if the shield blocked a planetbuster, it'd have Planet+ defense, but it can't block a galaxy buster because it doesn't have the feats for it.

      And no, Gae Bolg is all offense.
    25. RedSurvivor
      It has some good fight scenes but the plot just kind of...goes. It doesn't really draw you in the way S1 did. I never finished it though so maybe it works better from looking at it as a whole.

      The Nasuverse and Toaruverse are at about the same level, with comparable levels of hax. It's got alot of "conceptual" abilities, which are sometimes NLF but tend to be pretty hard to beat when they apply. An example of their hax is Gae Bolg, which reverses cause and effect so hitting the heart becomes the cause and thrusting the spear becomes the effect, meaning it always hits the enemy's heart.

      I think the blue eyes might just be an artistic effect, but who knows?
    26. RedSurvivor
      I watched all of S1. S2 isn't as good imo, and I never finished it.

      Yeah, i've watched it all and i'm caught up in the manga. It's really freaking good, even if Eren is a little psychopathic.

      Yes, along with less well-know parts like Angel Notes and Kara.

      Aren't there a ton of those? And the Misaka vs. Cole match has degenerated into a discussion of shitty filler arcs and Misaka's shorts. As expected. ;33
    27. RedSurvivor
      Heh, think you posted on your own profile that time like I did.

      Anyways, i'm also a fan of Dresden Files, Alera, Wheel of Time, AoT, Black Lagoon, Darker than Black, Supernatural, Smallville, Tower of God, Dexter, Stargate, and a bunch of other books and shows I suppose. I'm also a bit of a Nasu guy, though I haven't read as much of his stuff as i'd like.
    28. IdioticGamer
      I'll take your word for it then.

      Now to start on the fanfic I've been planning for awhile and leave the debating for awhile.

      Question though, what fandoms are you part of? Or at least a fan of? Aside from to aru I mean.
    29. RedSurvivor
      I don't know how I managed to post that on my own profile...Anyways.

      Character profiles for active series can change pretty often, so it's generally a good idea to give it a look-over when they're in a match to make sure nothing's changed.

      It is. Tis anime-only, though the Misaka network did something similar to Last Order once I think.
    30. RedSurvivor
      Ah wait, I think that's something Misaka Worst did. She can detonate the air around her to slow her falls and propel herself at high speed. I don't think Mikoto has ever done that though.
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    Jan 16, 1995 (Age: 24)
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    In a godless relationship with multiple waifus and husbandos
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    Shikamaru Nara
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    A perv

    Shitty hobbies, shitty fanfics, music


    Not owned by me
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