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Aug 21, 2019 at 12:01 AM
Jun 25, 2013
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Jan 16, 1995 (Age: 24)


A Perv, 24, from Canada

Went to log in on PC, forgot my password, now locked my account there. Welp. I guess mobile it is. Apr 14, 2019

IdioticGamer was last seen:
Aug 21, 2019 at 12:01 AM
    1. RedSurvivor
      You know Misaka has an OBD profile if you want to know what she can do. Though it's missing her new ability, which allows her to take control of her muscles and nerves and force herself to move.


      I can't remember her ever using something like that, unless it's in a side story I haven't read.
    2. RedSurvivor
      Here's the quote from the LN.

      "She greatly switched out the direction her power was headed effectively ?grabbing? the huge amount of water molecules drifting through the air. By taking her equations for creating the iron sand sword as a base and switching out some of the values and symbols, she newly built up equations to use static electricity to control the water molecules in the air. The water vapor in the 10 kilometer area the downpour of light had hit all compressed toward Misaka Mikoto."

      Math = Power for Espers basically.
    3. RedSurvivor
      He's actually albino specifically because his powers blocks any unnecessary light from reaching him.

      And you mean those water wings? She can only do that when there's alot of atomized water vapor around. Basically she'd have to constantly vaporize the water if she wanted to fly, which would probably exhaust her very quickly. She could only dogfight with some jets that one time because something else vaporized alot of water.
    4. RedSurvivor
      His powers work on gravity, though he has no feats of resisting anything as strong as the singularity at least. His powers protect him from radiation.

      She'd probably know exactly what it is once she sees it. She can literally see electrical and magnetic field lines with her eyes.
    5. RedSurvivor
      Gah, didn't see your comment. :maybe
    6. RedSurvivor
      Looking it up the ionic vortex is just made of electricity. She's redirected other electron-based attacks before.

      Accel doesn't have soulfuck resistance as far as I know, though his Angel Form might hypothetically.

      Kuroko would probably be a bad target, since teleportation is explicitly the most calculation-intensive power in the city, besides Accelerator's. Something less intensive like Offense Armor or your standard TK to start off with might work better, unless gaining those memories would make him that much smarter.
    7. RedSurvivor
      Teleportation is something he specifically in-series can defend against, as Toaru teleporation has vectors. It basically works by pushing something into the 11th dimension then pulling it back out somewhere else, so it's still movement. Apparently something really freaky happens when he reflects a teleporation attack though.

      Jedi lift is basically just TK, which he can definitely defend against.

      Hypnosis would depend on what kind of hypnosis it is. If it's something that sends something into his mind to control him, he can block it. If it's something that just happens somehow, then it can work on him, though he can control the electrical signals of his own mind so he shouldn't have any trouble breaking out. He also resisted Aiwass's mindfuck that knocked out everyone else near him, which probably qualifies as a feat.

      Delsin is the power copier right? That could be cool, though Esper abilities rely on calculation ability so he'd need to be supercomputer-level smart to use high-level stuff. Even low-level teleportation is incredibly complicated. If he can copy a Saint he could potentially be pretty strong though.
    8. RedSurvivor
      Ah, Terra? He didn't really stand out to me, but the following volumes are really good.

      Ollerus is a fair bit out of Misaka's pay grade. She's a mid tier tbh. This chart is a pretty good tier list, mostly accurate anyways. Base Accel is ranked far too low though.

    9. November
      I don?t remember it, but i?m sure i?ve seen that guy of your sig before.
      And the episode... i?m not sure... but there?s like 13 episodes of that season... it should be on the last 3 or 4 episodes. :hmm
    10. RedSurvivor
      Currently he's Island + with mach 23 movement, mach 73.5 reactions, and a host of interesting spells. There are rumors of him launching millions of attacks in a very short time frame in this volume though, which would bump up his speed a fair bit, and may also bump up his DC depending on the strength of the individual attacks.

      Greed is very excited about calcing it ;33

      And you can't access the wiki? Strange. So this link doesn't work?

    11. November
      Mary?s butt from Kyoukai Senjo no Horizon (season 2) :datass
    12. RedSurvivor
      Fiamma is definitely in my top 5, yeah. Ollerus is a pretty cool dude but a little creepy. He's apparently about to get a huge power-up in this volume though, so he's probably going to be used in alot of debates coming up, most of the stats we have for him now are just scaling.
    13. RedSurvivor
      Ah wait, you mean over at Spacebattles? That's Mjolnir, also from Toaru.
    14. RedSurvivor
      It's some characters from Toaru. In the forefront is Fiamma while in the back there's Ollerus and Silvia. Ollerus and Fiamma are top tiers always being serious in the series, so a picture where they're just hanging out appeals to me.

    15. November
      Your sig is cool dude :maybe
    16. RedSurvivor
      Yes, i'm Redsurv over on Spacebattles. I remember seeing your avatar over on there I think, can't remember your name over there though.
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    Jan 16, 1995 (Age: 24)
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    In a godless relationship with multiple waifus and husbandos
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    Shikamaru Nara
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    A perv

    Shitty hobbies, shitty fanfics, music


    Not owned by me
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