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Mar 13, 2017
Feb 23, 2010
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European Union


Relativist, from European Union

Illairen was last seen:
Mar 13, 2017
    1. Mongolia

    2. mr_shadow
      The standard source for pre-Han Chinese history is the Records of the Grand Historian (Shi Ji 史记). It was written by the eunuch Sima Qian in about 100 BC and systematically summarizes virtually all historical information that can be gathered from the literature written up to that point.

      Wiki says it has 4 translations into English. Out of the translators the most notable one is Burton Watson. He translated the Records in 1961, with a second edition in 1993.

      Relevant for your purposes might also be Raymond Stanley Dawson (2007) The first emperor : selections from the Historical records, which apparently contains the Qin-related materials from the Records.

      You may also want to look at the Intrigues of the Warring States (Zhan Guo Ce 战国策). This book is older than the Records and was likely one of Sima's sources. The presentation is however more difficult to follow because the focus is on presenting interesting case studies of diplomacy. There are usually no dates given and it's therefore hard to know if the time that has passed between narrative A and narrative B is days or years. In the Records, Sima tries to clear up this confusion by pinning the Warring States stories onto a timeline he's constructed from some other (now lost) source.

      The Intrigues can be found translated into English by James Crump in 1970 as Chan-kuo ts'e (the different spelling reflects that Western countries did not adopt Pinyin romanization until about 1980).
    3. Alita
      Happy New Year!
    4. ZenithXAbyss
      You really read it?
    5. Francesco.
      Comment this thank you.
    6. Francesco.
      Now Narutoverse after this chapter is strongest verse of the HST :blinditachi
    7. mcdave
      Ich bin ne k?lsche Jung :Y
    8. Francesco.
      It gives me the feeling that in some universes OBD are favorites from the calculations and the results while others suffer, but not as showed in the manga as feats, but for some unknown reason.

      I refuse to believe that the fodder Kirge Opie> Natsu, or Konohmaru being a very interesting fight for Natsu, that was MASSIVE DOWNPLAYER. lol
    9. Francesco.
      There are some things that made me stop wanting to attend OBD:

      - The bullshit speedcalc for Bleach (like mach 28, or mach 100 Monster Aizen and Dangai Ichigo)

      - The bullshit result like LFD Natsu can't defeat fodder like Kirge Opie, a characther with shit feat, and people claim is Hypersonic + with no reason

      - Character like Sanji can kill people with triple digit kiloton level durability like Byakuran

      - Character like Ultear are losing against people weaksauce like Sakura Haruno

      - Character like Mereum or Netero can solo the whole FT-verse at them, wonderfull... how they can bypas the Hades durability? They can't solo.

      - Or a good list of other wrong argument in OBD

      These are examples of things obviously wrong, that made me stop wanting to attend OBD.
    10. Francesco.

      PS: How funny is this image?
    11. Francesco.
    12. Danchou
      Thanks for the link. That's awesome.
    13. DHxCohaco
      yeah now i got it
      actually you put them far away from the lines
      anyway yeah that should increase it
      go for it and make the calc if you want
    14. DHxCohaco
      the height is ok
      but the width isn't because the fact that the second pillar is closer to us
      also the pillars differs in size, for example scaling from PS as chaos suggested i got 340+ m pillars
      but again their sizes differs
    15. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      ask Waka too if you're planning something :hurr
    16. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu

      ^ about Deidaras explosions

      ^ now that I think about it .. not even sure if that is a translation is from the db or jsut something from the translator :hmm

      Kishi himself never said it IIRC
    17. Unknown
      With just 2 billion degrees the atoms are "destroyed".

      With just a few dozens of thousands degrees the air in the atmosphere near the source of the heat will combust and start a nuclear reaction...

      It depends on how do you understand that fiction and outlier are.
    18. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      what Wombat said

      you cannot actually use such a number in a match of course, but it is likely higher then steel melting/boiling temp

      I just go by feats w/o worrying about the temp
    19. DHxCohaco
      well let's say i just hate asking for his help
      i'll PM you why later
    20. DHxCohaco
      i hate to ask flutter for help ... but i think i have no choice
      i'll ask chaos first tought :pek
    21. DHxCohaco
      you say what ?
      especially after the accepted mach 88 EGG :maybe
    22. DHxCohaco
      ok ok i'lll tell you
      seing that the mach 88 for EGG was accepted the mach 94 for BM naruto should be accepted as well
      well the higher part of the body is 40/100 of the total body's height and kakashi's height is 1.7 m so it will be actuall 0.68 m and not 0.85 m like i supposed in the calc making the result mach 94
      proof ? i'll PM it to you
    23. DHxCohaco
      wanna more ? :maybe
    24. DHxCohaco
      proof + mach 93 :maybe
    25. DHxCohaco
      hey illairen i have a HUGE surprise for you
    26. Imback48
      Shut up fag
    27. Darth Xanatos
      Darth Xanatos
      Hey my friend how are you today?

      Check out my hidan thread in the MBD.
    28. DHxCohaco
      well i really put too much effort into it
      and IIRC endless mike was rather okay with it
      not sure tought
      and it's a debate of wether it's a shockwave or not :zaru
      however i hope that my work satisfy other naruto supporters
    29. DHxCohaco
      did you like the calc ?
    30. DHxCohaco
      no don't worry if i'm calcing it then i'm going to do it in a comment
      however do the calc, and i'll correct it if there's a mistake don't worry, however PM me before posting it
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