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Aug 7, 2012
Jul 17, 2011
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And yes you can join!, from Australia

Imamember was last seen:
Aug 7, 2012
    1. Baby Joe
      Baby Joe
      Thank you for the rep.
    2. Gaius Julius Caesar
      Gaius Julius Caesar
      Contradiction ? You obeyed me. You will obey me minion.
    3. Gaius Julius Caesar
      Gaius Julius Caesar
      When I say something, you obey.
    4. Gaius Julius Caesar
      Gaius Julius Caesar
      Looking at your english, yeah you can't be above 12 years old. Keep trying.
    5. Gaius Julius Caesar
      Gaius Julius Caesar
      So you took Itachi out when I said you had him as favorite ? Yeah obey me, minion.
    6. Gaius Julius Caesar
      Gaius Julius Caesar
      Keep using the word fodder when you don't even know the meaning. Still mad?
    7. Gaius Julius Caesar
      Gaius Julius Caesar
      You have Itachi as your favorite character. Lmao try hard son ?
    8. Gaius Julius Caesar
      Gaius Julius Caesar
      Guess who's mad that come crying to my VM. Classic. u mad?
    9. bk00
      Well thank my friends who drew! And I'm glad you don't mind the implications if you happened to picked up on any of them!
    10. bk00
      Thank you! I'm glad you liked the designs!
    11. Kei
      Me as well, I can't swim but I absolutely enjoy the beach even if its just getting my body wet and sitting out in the sun and playing in the sand, its very calming for me. I want to visit new things too :lmao I guess we are the same with that
    12. Kei
      New york is very busy :lmao Its the city that never sleeps, I use to make constant trips there when I was a kid before moving down to the south, Vegas is a gamblers paradise along with other things, and I love the beaches in Miami
    13. Kei
      I always wanted to go to Australia, beautiful place :love But so far I been to London, going again probably this summer
    14. Kei
      America :salute, don't worry I am not the stereotypical american girl:lmao
    15. Kei
      Straving :lmao! Going to be relaxing the whole day actually
    16. Level7N00b
      Why do the Pokemon in your sig look diseased? :wha
    17. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "For normal members, your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your signature (800 x 533) is over the allowed width and height and needs to be removed or resized.
    18. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      "You must use the following format:


      Where it says "review", I want a quick paragraph (can be longer if you desire) to explain what you thought of the thread. This format must be used or your votes will be disregarded."

      At this point, your votes are inadmissible since they do not fit the required format.
    19. luffy no haki
      luffy no haki
      Tsuna is just ike the guy in the middle of this pic

    20. Kei
      Wooooo :glomp
    21. Kei
      Anytime and it shows, I use to do it for my first RPs create things for them because it was my very first RP. So if you need any help with anything, I would love to lend a hand
    22. Gaja
      SIG OFF in the main thread please. :P
    23. Gaja
    24. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Sadly, with activity being so low in the Thread of the Month, adding another contest doesn't seem likely at this point.

      However, if activity were to be picked up...
    25. Itαchi
      thanks for the rep. :blinditachi
    26. Saru
      I appreciate the rep. :noworries
    27. Norngpinky
      Thank you for the rep! ^^
    28. Naruko
      here is a link to your sig img so you don't lose it, just in case, but yeah....no stuff from the latest chapter outside Telegrams, Naruto Translations or certain FCs. Once the chapter wraps around from Telegrams to the Library, you can put the sig up BUT if you post in certain sections (like House of Uzumaki or Konoha TV) you need to disable your sig on posts in that section (it's a box you check at the bottom of the post you're making as you make it). Thanks :)
    29. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Images from the latest chapter are not allowed in avatars or signatures until the respective Telegrams section is cleared.
    30. Esmeray
      About that signature, that was one that i saved and tiny pic'd from Itachis999 profile on DeviantArt, it's no problem I got a different one now anyway, you should take a look at it there is some amazing shit on there !
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    Graphic Designer
    Favorite Character(s):
    Asuma Sarutobi
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Shippuden 162 -"Pain to the world"

    485 - "So close but yet so far"
    Drawing, Soccer
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