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Jan 1, 2013
Apr 19, 2007
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impersonal was last seen:
Jan 1, 2013
    1. Coteaz
      I suggest you start lowering your expectations. I'm a disinterested engineer with a cursory knowledge of politics. I rarely have anything of substance to add, and when I do it is typically lifted from another source.

      I don't know why you thought I would be a valuable contributor, but you were wrong. Sorry about that, I guess.
    2. On and On
      On and On
      ""Uncivil" and "uncivilized" are two different words."

      They have the same meaning, different usages. Besides, you used both. And this is the lamest talking point I've ever seen in any sort of argument.

      "I posted the goddamn definition."

      synonym =/= definition, derpina

      "Seriously, you have issues."
      a) this means nothing coming from you
      b) everyone does

      Now go away.
    3. On and On
      On and On
      "Firstly, calling someone a toddler is not "uncivilized", it's impolite and unmannerly (cf. the definition of "uncivil" that I posted), reflecting a poor level of education, of which you may not be responsible;"

      impolite and unmannerly =/= uncivilized :sag Oh how people bend the rules~

      "As a sidenote you really ought to learn formal English, or at least to stop pretending that you have the vocabulary for it (I think you're American; how comes a Frenchman has to give you English lessons?)"

      first of all "how comes". Comes? Please step the fuck off of lecturing people about language when you're not even flawless yourself.

      And I could careless about proper English in conversation. The only time I'm worried about that shit is in work or school which is pretty much the only place it matters. Grammar/spelling nazism is the refuge of losers.

      "Secondly, revenge negs are against the rules. You should learn to take my negs like a man."

      You think I give a fuck? Tell the mods, :lmao Besides, I can and will just say I negged you because I didn't like what you had to say :lalala Who can prove or disprove that? Besides, it's true

      And "take it like a man" is an entirely patriarchal term, once again, step the fuck off :lalala
    4. On and On
      On and On
      gtfo, the only one uncivilized is you for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong

      calling someone a toddler = uncivilized

      step the fuck off :rotfl
    5. Revolution
      Your signature discription can explain almost any extreme political view (to someone).
    6. mr_shadow
      Yeah, I've been here a month now. It's not my first time to visit China (more like 6th...), but these two years will be the longest stay I've done so far. The previous record was when I did a one-semester exchange in Beijing as part of my bachelor's degree.
    7. Alicia
      You live up to your username, Mr. Cobb.
    8. Alicia
      That explains your keen ability of debating.
    9. Alicia
      What did you study/are you studying in college?
    10. Stalin
      Yes, indeed.
    11. Stalin
      What are good news sources for french politics?
    12. Stalin
      What good sources for news about france politics?
    13. Nechku Chan
      Nechku Chan
      lol wow,and nope.
    14. wes
      u mad?
    15. Megaharrison
      Lost interest in our little discussion. I'm not an economics guy and am especially tired of ending up having to defend Libertarians (which I dislike with a passion, though not as much as Communism). To summarize: Double standards exist with Communism in certain ways but also vice versa despite US political culture leaning towards the right, I find undergraduate social science academia suffocating to ones ability to think freely/out of touch with reality, I hope Chomsky gets his commie ass hit by a bus, Ryan says stupid shit but I don't think he'll actually do anything besides make rich people pay less taxes.

      Go and start ranting about Israel/Military shit/Mickey Mouse > Bugs Bunny/Warhammer 40,000 to get my blood boiling. Otherwise my anti-intellectualist-inspired indifference takes over.
    16. Stalin
      How is it going?
    17. Detective
      But I'm the Batman of this forum.

    18. Basilikos

      Even though I was mostly just being facetious and fucking around, I still brought up some fair points that Sauf merely dismissed or replied to with faulty counter examples. Pretty sad how I could do that to him even when not being serious. :lmao Not surprising really, since I've debated him before and have backed him into a corner many times.

      Sophistry is the guy's modus operandi, just like it is for nigh everyone in that cancer of a section. The goal of Sauf and others like him is just to reinforce beliefs they already hold to and to humiliate or as you like to say "own" their debate opponent rather than honestly approach the situation to work with the other person to discover the truth. The fact that anyone is deceived and spellbound by such an arrogant faux-intellectualist front is pretty damn pathetic.

      That said, the cancerfe is absolutely a joke and anyone who expects irenic and civil discussion where everyone is respected and given fair hearing is unfortunately in for a rude awakening. For that reason, I treat the place like it's the plaza/lounge nowadays.
    19. Basilikos
      >expecting me to debate Sauf of all people seriously
      >negs me for not doing so
      >implies Sauf can or ever has owned anyone

    20. Mael
      Shame on your confusion. :pek
    21. Stalin
      What do you do for a living?
    22. Mael
      Yeah honestly I hope so too. He loves to apparently flame others like Sauf and anyone who dares mock libertarianism despite its glaring flaws.
    23. Mael
      Jam packed with fallacy and lulz.
    24. Mael
      RP thread in the Debate Corner is an outright hoot. :awesome
    25. Goobatsu
      Every single thing you wrote is wrong. Go and be wrong some other place, not in my vms.
    26. Goobatsu
      Yes they do. There is nothing wrong with videos. Write the words down yourself if you have trouble keeping up with it.

      I didn't say women have it better. Learn to read. I said men aren't treated well either.

      Now go away because you are a moron. Who can't even understand spoken words.
    27. baconbits
      I'm bitter about the fact that I debated you on this issue before and was proven wrong.

      Guess you live and you learn.
    28. baconbits
      ...Did I mention that now I agree with you about the Cafe being taken over by stupid news?
    29. On and On
      On and On
      Pro-tip: I don't gives a fuck :zaru
    30. Mikaveli
      Hey I think I negged you, and it was out of anger. It turns out that you and I have more or less the similar viewpoints when it comes to abortion.
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