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Infinite Xero
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Sep 24, 2020 at 11:22 AM
Jan 21, 2009
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Infinite Xero

I/O, from Unknown

Infinite Xero was last seen:
Sep 24, 2020 at 11:22 AM
    1. Yuki
    2. SaiST

      I hope I'm correct in my assumption that you're being sarcastic, and completely understand why your post was deleted though.
    3. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      You basically make a team from the tier list and make a strategy to beat the other team.

      It really is simple.
    4. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      The Konoha Colosseum is a sub-section of the Naruto Battledome. In here, you formulate a team of Ninja using the Tier List (link to it is within my signature and is also a sticky in the section) that add up to 76 points or less. Each character is worth a specific amount of points, and those up at the higher tiers have certain restrictions (such as Amaterasu for the Uchiha brothers). In tournaments, you are matched up against another user, and are set in a certain location (such as the Valley of the End) and each user creates a strategy using the teams they made to defeat the enemy team. Afterwards, other users join in the match and vote on who they think wins.
    5. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      Yo KB, why don't you join KC? Konoha Colloseum.
    6. Olivia
      Hey Killer Bee. http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/3316/blinditachixk5.gif
    7. Bucket
      Bee sucks breh.
    8. animeguy91
      im a sasuke fan so turst me I know about double standards....it sucks being the fan of the most hated character on furoms
    9. animeguy91
      lol it must be fun being a fan of a character that its impossible to deny his feats
    10. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      moderator with bias,
    11. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      is Shadar_Haran sabotage You? he sabotaging me so i decided to gather few people he sabotages and write complain about him to all moderators..
    12. Mongolia
      Your sig is real good mang.
    13. Shark
      Kisame don't need that whore. :hurr
    14. Shark
      Evidence? :hurr
    15. Shark
      Kisame > You.
    16. Scorpion
      Killer Bee is pure win :cool
    17. 321zigzag
      To be actually serious you are correct.

      Although it is unintentional error.
    18. 321zigzag
      From what I know the Official name is body flicker. Sort of different but whatever. I blame Kishimoto for the confusion. :hmpf
    19. 321zigzag
      From what I know. That was a mistranslation.

      What Sakura asked I heard was it Shunshin no jutsu.

      Strictly speaking teleportation is S/T. But in the latest Madara did say Minato teleporting to escape Madara's warping.
    20. Marco
      Thats the best thing you can come up with?

      Everything I've said is contained in the manga. You choose to ignore it because you don't like it and you choose to call me a tard.
    21. Marco
      1) I never said that the Raikage must not have to be faster than the Amaterasu to dodge it. I don't see how a nomal shunshin isn't fast enough to dodge Amaterasu. The real problem is a shinobi won't KNOW when the Amaterasu is going to appear on him so he doesn't know the time at which he has to dodge. Raikage however due to his super reflexes can anticipate the Amaterasu and then dodge. What makes you think that a normal shunshin won't be enough to dodge Amaterasu as long as the shinobi can anticipate it?

      2) Minato was known for his speed. We've only seen one real shinobi come in contact with Minato. And thats Tobi. He did seem pretty impressed with Minato's speed.

      Raiton Shroud Raikage couldn't speedblitz Tobi. Minato did when he saved Naruto. And then Minato even outran an explosion from point blank distance. And Minato also saved Kushina before the Kyuubi's hand could come down. These are the instances that really highlight Minato's speed.

      You could argue that Tobi meant Minato to speedblitz him but I don't think so. If he did, we'd have had a panel of him stating or thinking so. Thats how it always works in shounen manga. Kishi choosing to show us Minato speedblitzing Tobi was a direct compliment to Minato's speed. That yes, Minato is capable of speedblitzing Tobi. Not always, but sometimes.

      You could argue Sasuke outran an explosion about the second one. But he was at the periphery for all we know. We know Minato outran the explosion which was ON him. Point blank distance.

      3) There's nothing that shows Raikage's shunshin speed is faster than normal shunshin. The only thing that makes you think so is that he is covered by Raiton Armor. But there's nothing that suggests it increases his Shunshin speed. The Raiton Shroud is chakra that has ALREADY been USED for a jutsu, i.e. sustaining the Raiton Shroud. To Shunshin, a ninja has to build up fresh chakra. He can't just use chakra he's already naturally altered to Raiton.

      4) Dodging Amaterasu would be possible for any Shunshin as long as the user can predict or anticipate it. There's nothing to suggest otherwise. After images have nothing to do with how fast the person moved. It has to do with their color and how LONG we were looking at them. If we view a contrasting colored object for too long and someone removes it suddenly, then we see an after image. Raikage just uses his black skin color contrasted with his Lightning Shroud to create the after image. He stands still for a while. And then moves suddenly. The contrasting and bright colors along with the fact that he was there for a while and suddenly moved creates an after image.

      Leaving Sasuke's sight isn't a very big feat either. Itachi has done it. Killerbee has done it. Shunshins are just that. Sasuke is too hot headed. He hasn't even been thinking properly in battles. Shunshins go unnoticed if the person isn't vigilant.

      Finally, I already told you. I believe Raikage > Minato w/o Hiraishin in speed. My "ignorance" and "downplaying" isn't a proof of it. I already believe Raikage is faster overall.

      And, I'm glad about no future problems. I've had discussions with people where I THOUGHT the other person had an unreasonable stand but later I've had very good discussions with them.
    22. Marco
      I'm not doing anything like that all.

      I do believe Raikage is faster than Minato w/o Hiraishin.

      You're just taking things a bit too far by assuming things that manga doesn't state.

      Not like a tard, I admit. But I do believe you're being very stubborn about something without trying to see the event from other angles.

      I respect your opinion but I do not respect the way you put it forth.

      Either way, I do respect you because I've seen a lot of worthwhile posts of yours in other topics before.

      I got a little too caught up in trying to prove you wrong rather than proving myself right. Even though those two things go together, I strongly believe one should aim for the latter rather than the former.

      I don't want there to be feelings of antagonism between us over an internet debate and hence I'm just going to agree to disagree with you.

      I'll just end with telling you my opinion again. And you can tell me yours if you wish to spend time doing so and we'll agree to disagree.

      I believe discounting Shunshin, base Minato is faster than base Raikage. And their shunshin speeds are roughly the same.

      However, once Raikage activates his Raiton shroud, his reflexes surpass Minato's and hence he's able to activate his shunshin earlier and hence be faster overall. Same w/o shunshin. Since Raiton Shroud Raikage can react to stimuli faster than Minato, his overall speed at least becomes equal to Minato if not more.

      In a nutshell, Base Minato speed > Base Raikage speed
      Shunshin Minato speed = Shunshin Raikage speed
      Base Minato w/ Shunshin < Raiton Shroud Raikage w/ Shunshin

      Minato w/ Hiraishin > Raikage but thats technically not really a matter of speed since its a Space Time jutsu.
    23. Marco
      I'm very stupid. Stupid enough to be wasting time trying to reason with you.
    24. Time Expired
      Time Expired
      Badass set is badass. Have some rep.
    25. Euraj
      Nope. It was on my home computer and I'm all the way across the country from it now.
    26. Undead
      Love the avatar Bee. :lmao
    27. Euraj
      Oh, my bad. I made it. The sig itself links back to my shop.
    28. Euraj
      It's from the manhwa, Veritas. A friend of mine sent me a bunch of good stocks yesterday.
    29. Plot Hole
      Plot Hole
      I am not disagreeing Bee is win also.
    30. Plot Hole
      Plot Hole
      Kisame-sama. :dupe
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